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  1. The Barbarians (1987) - A pretty fun sword & sorcery film. The acting is pretty hammy, to the point where it feels alike a bit of a spoof at times, but that probably enhances it rather than being another Deathstalker (or similar). It looks great too, some really decent set design, and the costumes are well done, as are the handful of monsters they meet. If you approach it from the point of view that it doesn't take itself too seriously then there is a lot of fun to be had form this film. 4/5
  2. Crime Story (1993) - Decent enough Jackie Chan flick, but the fight choreography doesn't live up to some of his earlier films. 3/5 Mighty Peking Man (1977) - Only watched this after someone on the previous page mentioned it. A really good take on King Kong! The effects are genuinely excellent and avoids the labouring pace that ruins the king kong movies. 4/5, or at least it would be if it wasn't for the animal cruelty in act 1. I won't go into details but it's unpleasant and does sour the experience.
  3. The Long Arm of the Law (1984) - A heist-gone-wrong set in Hong Kong. Really enjoyed this, the pacing is a bit off at times and the acting is nothing to write home about, but some really great scenes. It does a really good job of veering from the almost slapstick into violence (and back again) which keeps you on your toes. Easily stands against a lot of more popular hong kong action films. 4/5 Blood and Black Lace (1964) - The premise is a bit basic, but I like it. Kept me guessing just long enough and didn't need a lot of thought. Utterly beautiful though, the colour, the lighting, just incredibly well done and stands up so well. 4/5
  4. We're playing it coop with a single character each and it works really well with two the way it balances the number of enemies. I think playing four characters, which then increases the number of enemies would become more of a burden (as one person, if you had four people who could each control one of the monsters it would be fine).
  5. Devil's Honey - Another Fulci, and another ropey film. The problem with 80's films is that like 80's tape games, the covers (or posters) offer a glimpse into something that never quite materialises. It starts going down hill after the initial scene where a saxophonist semi-consensually plays his saxophone into his partners hairy fanny. 2/5
  6. phresh

    Disco Elysium

    Completed this last night, it's such a unique experience yet I can't help feeling a tiny bit empty about it still. It's absolutely gripping in places, and the most well written story i've ever experienced in a video game bar none. It's better than most movies in that regard. I ended the game with a good few incomplete white checks, and didn't take on every last side quest, although a 25 hour play time seems about average so I don't think I missed all that much. When starting the playthrough the possibilities felt endless and I was constantly thinking about how differently it might play with a different character build, but by the time I was about 4 days in it started to become apparent, having to go back and dig through conversations to just try and progress or get a bit of xp, that it's a lot more linear than it maybe let's on. With the options available in terms of build it's a shame that a second playthrough isn't particularly appealing (I think i'll have another crack in 12 months), maybe that's not a bad thing, I mean how many games do you complete where you really want to be able to play through it again straight after? Phresh : This post comes across a bit negative, it's absolutely a 9/10 for me and i'd recommend it to anyone who I think would like the story driven dynamics of it. Electrochemistry : Maybe you should have drank more while playing! Volition : Maybe you are just H**** in disguise! Interfacing : Load a different game!
  7. It should perform better, yeah - although it won't work miracles. I don't think there are any official ARM versions of MAME.
  8. FBNeo is optimised for a subset of MAME roms basically, you see it used a lot on Raspberry Pi based setups where the raw power wasn't always there (pre pi 4 at least). In theory every FBNeo rom should work, but it won't include every rom that works in MAME, so it doesn't have equal coverage . On any PC with enough processing power i'm not sure FBNeo really adds anything. Are there particular games that aren't working in MAME?
  9. Lord of the Rings (Animated, 1978) - The obvious shortcoming is that they never made the second one to complete the story, so this stops after Helm's Deep. I think it does benefit from a greater sense of whimsy and otherworldliness than the later films get across. I also think the red-eyed rotoscoped orcs have an edge that the Jackson ones don't quite have. (Slightly obscure but if anyone has read the Mork Borg TTRPG book then they look perfect for that setting). It also feels like a slightly lower-fantasy setting, with all of the people a bit more 'normal', reminded me a bit of The Buried Giant book even if some of the settings themselves are a bit less so. 4/5
  10. phresh

    Disco Elysium

    It can be a bit annoying to fail an easy white check, especially one that seems to block off progress but for the most part just roll with the 'failures' and move on. Embrace failure, it's what makes most TTRPG's fun. I now try and keep a skill point in reserve so I can always improve a skill to reopen any white check I think might be important. I did have a section where I kept failing an increasingly easy white check and just reloaded a couple of times until it succeeded, but that's the only time i've done it and I must be 15 hours in.
  11. phresh

    Disco Elysium

    Just quick save reasonably regularly when you have one health or morale at the start, then just keep stocked up on healing meds.
  12. The L button normally did the same as the Z button but yeah, that sounds like how your elderly relatives might hold the joypad.
  13. I've always assumed it was under the assumption that there might still be a significant amount of 2D gaming and as such the dpad was still really important. I think the N64 joypad feels a lot weirder now when compared to modern pads, at the time it was pretty amazing - we used to play hour after hour of Goldeneye and I never remember it being uncomfortable at all. And the resistance on the stick is something that a lot of modern games could benefit from.
  14. The Dualshocks, all of them. A plank old wood with two nails randomly poking out for analogue sticks would feel nicer to use.
  15. I don't have much confidence in England if i'm honest, i'm travelling up to Murrayfield for the first game and I think it's going to be really tough. Saying that, the English league has been decent so far this year so I expect a few of the players will be coming in with confidence. I think most England fans will be waiting for the squad announcement before making any predictions though. Has Wales performance ever been closely pegged to the regions? I just don't think you can write them off - although I agree that France and Ireland are probably the favourites. Could be some belting games though!
  16. Conquest - 2/5 - Fulci fantasy, something about a magical bow and a woman with a mask. Can't say I was concentrating too much. Assuming it was filmed in Italy so nice to have a slightly different fantasy landscape to your usual stuff but that's about it. Ghostbusters Afterlife - 3/5 - Don't get the hate at all, good fun all round. Biggest issue is not enough Paul Rudd. Warriors of the Year 2072 - 2/5 - A sort of Running Man style attempt, but motorbikes. Doesn't really work. Matrix Resurrection - 3/5 - Poor start but felt it got a lot better as it went on. A Better Tomorrow - 3/5 - Always get a bit mixed up which John Woo film is which in my head, predominantly because none of them end up being Hard Boiled, other than Hard Boiled of course. Would be better if Ho's brother wasn't such a whinge bag. Delicatessen - 4/5 - Such a good film, some of the best sets ever.
  17. We really enjoyed My City, a great simple implementation of a legacy game. Played a few new games last week - Zombie 15 - Inspired by Escape the Curse of the Temple you have to escape a series of scenarios in 15 minutes each. This was enjoyable in giving a more fast paced zombie game, but doesn't quite capture what make Escape the Temple so good (you still take turns and no dice). Setting up the maps was a bit fiddly for the play time as well. Only played the first 3 scenarios, looking forward to seeing how it pans out. Diamante - A simple push your luck game about delving into mines and collecting gems. Really enjoyed this, very simple mechanics and felt quick and fun to play. Great filler game.
  18. I was 3D printing test parts for my consolised attempt earlier, bloody handy machines when your trying things like this! I've stopped tallying the costs of consolising it now, it was about £100 (£55 case, £45 components) but it's probably heading towards £150 (I might be able to recoup £30 of that. More than I wanted to spend initially but it's surprising how cramped it gets when you're trying to cram a power supply and port extenders into a case. In the end i've got Nat @ misterfpga to supply a USB hub without USB connectors so I can solder in some JST connectors instead (I could modify my existing board but i'd rather have a backup in case anything goes wrong). Does anyone have a 'spare' Pi Zero W 2? I'd love to get MT32pi installed along with the rest of the components but don't fancy paying £30+ for one, not that it will have a significant impact on the overall budget
  19. Probably the Ultimarc U-Trak - https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/products/UTrak-Trackball.html. Comes with a USB interface, but no case unfortunately. You can get cheaper, smaller ones but they aren't great for the more 'aggressive' trackball games like Golden Tee. You can adjust the sensitivity on MAME to reduce the amount of force required though. I could probably knock up a wooden box for one of these while i'm working on some other projects in the spring if you did want to go for one.
  20. phresh

    Disco Elysium

    I do think it does a poor job of explaining some of the mechanics at the start (or at all in some cases). The developers must know this as you can press the 'Y' button on the title screen for a few small tips, but this isn't immediately obvious you can do so. The mechanics are pretty simple though and it it doesn't require a constant introduction to new skills and abilities. @cowfields With the conversations I think you have to focus on 'progress' rather than whether a particular interaction was positive or negative. It can be annoying when something doesn't go your way or you get a negative modifier on a check but in most instances this doesn't halt progress, it maybe just delays it or requires an alternative solution.
  21. phresh

    Disco Elysium

    It's such a well written game, even if it can be a bit heavy at times. It has some really great characters, even though I don't trust him remotely, Evart (Evert?) is just brilliant. The weirdness is great too, and isn't framed as being weird which makes it even more unsettling. I'm only on Day 4 so if you're beyond that you've probably/possibly seen these;
  22. Ron's Gone Wrong - 3/5 - Some good gags and good fun overall, all these animated films start to roll into one amorphous lump though. Sorcerer (1977) - 4/5 - Only watched after some recommendations in this thread. Really fucking great, only marked down because the notion of all the characters ending up in this one location seems a bit of a stretch, even if the setup and the rest of the film are amazing. I feel like this might be a 5/5 after a second watch though. Banging soundtrack. The Wraith (1986) - 4/5 - Enjoyable 80's flick with a suitably ridiculous story. Heavy Metal (1981) - 5/5 - Watch this at least twice a year, will put a 5/5 in here whenever I do.
  23. While it might be overkill, Dolphin can work directly with the GC multi tap released for the Wii U, removing any need for controller config etc. Required the multi tap and GC pads though so may not be the cheapest option if you don’t have some of the bits already.
  24. USB enumeration is a pain as there is no fixed order it happens in. MAME can do it using device id’s, don’t know if retroarch can too. Translating any input devices into key presses can work to an extent, but not sure it will fix all the issues.
  25. It varies by game really, some are fine like that, some are better with lb -x -rb y -b -a Stuff like f-zero where the shoulder buttons have symmetrical usage works better with the above. I would stick with yours and just change any games that need it.
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