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  1. I watched that trailer with the sound off and this comment still made complete sense.
  2. I'm assuming a lot of games don't have actual UI designers because a lot of them have that overly hierarchical feel that a programmer feels is very structured, but in real life is fussy and unintuitive. I quite like the Divinity OS interface, radial menus followed by tabbed. Tried playing Desperados 3 with a joypad the other day and that was really hard work, although not solely down to the UI.
  3. To Die For (4/5) I'm quite partial to films that do the semi-documentary style of interviews interspersed in the main story so this was right up my street. Some good performances and an all round enjoyable black comedy. My memory might be failing me but has a similar feel to the likes of Heathers or Election (both great as well).
  4. Check out the people who bought their DE10's a while ago! It's currently £150 inc. VAT for the DE10 on Digikey so you're looking at somewhere between £200 and £350 depending how many addons you go with.
  5. I don't particularly like roguelikes and love this. It rarely feels like a grind as there is a lot of variety between weapon and boon combinations that make most playthroughs feel quite different.
  6. Galaxy Trucker - 2/5. Might have given it a 3 but a really tenuous grip on how gravity works knocked it down. Superfly - 4/5. Elevated by an incredible soundtrack but still feel this holds up well. Great shots of New York, a reasonable story, even if it tails off a bit, and some seriously tight fashion. Stick it to whitey! The Apartment - 3/5. A really clever premise which does a lot of the legwork, although there is some great dialogue too.
  7. The one counterpoint to this would be - four joypad ports. I know the PS games were playable in 4P with a multitap, but it always relied on the one mate who had one to a)remember it and b)be at the house you were playing at. Even writing that it seems like such a minor thing but the N64 removed all the hassle of it. I imagine there are probably a lot of amazing games on other platforms that would have been much better with the N64's 4 player split screen. Also, did it lack a lot of the gimmick matches? Not a criticism, i'm struggling to remember a lot of the WWE output at the time. It had ladder, cage, TLC (I think?), Ironman, hardcore rules options. I suppose it lacked any hell in a cell matches.
  8. Mame does get updated regularly, I’d be surprised if a romset that old was compatible on most games, and I really wouldn’t want to run a version of Mame that old. I would just suck it up and download the latest merged set which will run you about 50GB and then download CHD’s as needed. Keep in mind that updates to Mame are in no way geared towards increasing support for newer games, if you look through the changelogs an awful lot of resource is invested in supporting or improving the accuracy of games way before 2005. Configuration isn’t too bad really, as long as you aren’t doing anything too obtuse. There are a few quirks and some performance tweaks but I’d say it’s considerably easier than most console emulators these days.
  9. My ultimate sugar filled pudding comprises of; 1 x supermarket baked cheesecake 1 x Princes black cherry pie filling (not the syrup garbage, needs to be the really thick stuff) Pour item 2 over item 1, and done. Beautiful.
  10. Compared to all the dodgy hentai games and other provocative garbage it's pretty tame. Like most emulators it doesn't actually do anything illegal as they don't normally contain proprietary code and you need to supply bios and games yourself. Personally i've gone off it, I find it considerably easier to configure separate emulators and use a frontend like launchbox, if trying to do this on a PC.
  11. Thrashin' - 2/5 A young Josh Brolin stars in a skateboard turf war following a very generic 80's storyline. Starts off at a decent pace but tails off in the last half. Soundtrack isn't all that bad though, and an early-ish performance from RHCP in a club may be of mild interest.
  12. I started with the US only machine then picked up a switched version and sold my mate the original (after a couple of years I expect). At some point I seem to vaguely remember having 3 cubes, a PAL, Switched and then something else, possibly a chipped one. Had a pile of separate memory cards and everything . I think I must have got the switched cube to play F-Zero GX (even thought it came out in the US not long after) and then picked up a few Japanese releases over the years (Wario, Viewtiful Joe, Mr Driller, Donkey Konga 1-3 and a few others). I really should get round to buying a GC Loader and one of the HDMI solutions.
  13. My first import console, which also means I missed out on the discount (and paid customs fees). I get bent over so hard I can still feel it in my vertebrae on a cold day. No regrets though, best console ever and reaped the rewards of the 2$=£1 exchange rate getting new releases from vgp for less than £30 delivered, plus the trading forums on NTSC-UK and then here. My first foray into RGB cables too, the modded saurian cable was just stunning, then a few years later coupled with a 480p Panasonic PD30 via component it would still look beautiful by todays standards. I have a vague feeling that the guy I bought it off sent me the wrong games too, Rogue Leader and Monkey Ball (I assume I wanted Luigi's Mansion and something else, which I picked up not long after) but god those games were so good.
  14. Finished this at the weekend with most of the map done (>95%) but a fair few items missing (<80%), although some of that was done after completing it. It feels so close to a really great game but just doesn't quite get there. Pros The atmosphere and music are both outstanding Love that the breach is done at a lower / more pixel-y resolution so it's easy to remember which one you are in Collecting upgrades and extending the map feels really organic so you never get stuck for long* Gameplay is really tight, switching between main character/drone while you are moving seems so simple but makes moving around and switching fun Cons The story seemed a bit overcomplicated, to the point where I was just skipping over it towards the end. I barely used the main character for the last third of the game, which seemed a bit of a waste *There is still that one area that you miss for whatever reason and gets frustrating until you hunt through a guide, which isn't entirely straightforward due to the relatively non-linear nature of the game.
  15. Spent a bit of time (well maybe a lot) adding the smokemonster rom packs onto the SD card but flattening some of the directory structure to make stuff a bit easier to find. I dislike splitting stuff out by letter, especially as you can page up/down using left/right and wanted to put Genres and Multiplayer at the top level. All done now though! I assume it will get added eventually but it could really do with some playlist functionality, especially cross system playlists. Was going to print a case but there are some decent looking ITX cases on Aliexpress so going to go down that route I think.
  16. I remember trying to set them up years ago and it could be described as awkward at best. A lot of newer setups use Launchbox (I used it on the arcade machine I built) as it's a lot easier to setup, albeit with less flexibility. The emulator scripts in RL do a lot of the heavy lifting, although the fullscreen setting will probably be in PJ64. Like most post 16bit console emulators you can have different plugins for each core feature (i.e. graphics, sound, controls) so you might have to hunt around a bit to find the setting. Be very careful changing any global settings (or overriding global settings) in RL though, these things tend to work well with one very specific group of settings and one change can have all sorts of unknown knock on effects. I would backup any/all config files before delving into it to much so you have a restore point of sorts. The multi monitor issue is an emulator/windows thing. The emulators you already use, which are probably just MAME and retroarch, have, I believe, the ability to target a second (or third etc.) monitor, whereas a lot of fullscreen software will simply default to the primary/main screen and you would then have to manually move it. For N64 I think you can use the Mupen64 core in retroarch, i'm sure i've used it previously with some success but don't quote me on that! If the other retroarch cores work on the right screen then I don't see why this one wouldn't either. I'd suggest you start here first before going any further with PJ64. Teknoparrot and Steam (or any other windows games) will all need configuring individually (more or less) in RL. I'd suggest you pick and choose stuff you really want to play or you'll spend forever configuring games for the sake of it.
  17. None of those things are going to be as easy as you probably want unfortunately. Hyperspin and rl aren’t the easiest to configure, although I would expect their to be guides for most emulators on one of their forums. If you don’t want to use a separate controller then an N64 emulator isn’t much use though as you won’t have enough controls for almost all of the games on it. Steam games are a bit of a mare on these front ends, as almost all the settings are game specific. Do you know what controller board the machine uses? You might be able to use ‘borderless windows’ to sort out your screen problem but I’m not 100% on that. Some games let you map keyboard controls, some don’t, it’s the latter that then require an additional piece of software, which may already be installed, to work.
  18. That would have been my preference, we'll pick it up before too long anyway. As others have said it evokes much older games, but regardless of that the art style is so specific, and well suited to the game. The two work in perfect harmony.
  19. I think these might be available at National Trust cafes, or at least something almost identical is. I've had a few in two different places (Gloucester and near Exeter) and they were incredible, maybe a bit sweet for some but really tasty.
  20. Played a few new games while on holiday; Exit : Abandoned Cabin - We were a bit unsure on this, not so much on price but throwing a game away after one play through doesn't feel right (i've actually kept the riddles for some simple D&D inspiration). Saying that we really enjoyed it, rifling through the first few sections and then getting stuck on a few later riddles. Only used a couple of help cards though so happy with that and took us a shade under 90 mins in total. Will definitely look at some of the others in the series. Escape the Dark Castle - One of the best looking games of all time, quick and simple to play as well. We probably didn't bring enough TTRPG to the table to get the most entertainment out of it, and I think it probably benefits from a full house, but really enjoyed the 3 or 4 playthroughs we had. Did I say how great it looks? Detective : A Modern Crime Board Game - The best way to describe this is as a more structured version of Sherlock Holmes, with cards replacing book entries. We have only played the first scenario so far (and didn't do very well, so will be replaying - with the proper rules as well!). I think if you like the idea of the Sherlock games but struggle a bit with how obtuse they can be at times, as we do, then this would be a great alternative to try. One Deck Dungeon - Absolutely smashing little game. The rulebook seems a bit complex for small box game which had put me off initially but having had a crack at both single and coop it's a really well put together and clever game. The dice mechanics work really well and keep you thinking throughout. For anyone looking for a simple dungeon crawler i'd happily recommend this. Setup takes a few minutes and you're off.
  21. I was tempted to wait for that but I don't think it looks any better than the cases already available, albeit it should be a slightly easier build. Going to try and design a case once I get the 3D printer back up and running, fancy something a bit N64-esque.
  22. Set mine up last night and was pleased with how easy it was to get up and running. If you have the addons the physical build is a bit more involved that a retropi but was still a piece of piss. I've dabbled in emulation forever but have come to hate how bloated retroarch is so it was great to see so few options (presumably because they simply aren't required). I can't say the menus are particularly intuitive, and i'm not entirely sure i'm actually saving or changing things in the exact right way, but everything has worked so far, and that applies to all emulation software generally. The console emulation feels amazing, much more responsive (and this is on an IPS screen with a usb 360 pad, so not targeting ultra low latency). I played a bit of dodonpachi and that felt very similar to my Windows based arcade machine (not to say it isn't lower latency, it just felt the same to play). Regardless of that though, the games look beautiful, just insanely good, especially on integer scaling, which I need to make sure is setup correctly. Really interested to see how it develops, and part of the reason for getting this was based on the progress in PS1 & Saturn cores. I love it already and would happily recommend it to someone who would get the value out of it.
  23. At the moment the mainboard alone will cost £150, so even just the smaller RAM module, case etc. will probably tip that over £200.
  24. There are always some on ebay for between £300 and £500 depending on spec.
  25. This is great, what I love is how the instructions are (generally) so obvious, and so literal, yet my brain still can't work it out sometimes. "Collect 3" - jump through the middle, failing instantly.
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