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  1. Is a anyone still hunting for a Ps5? I've got a Curry's VIP code if anyone wants it. Gone
  2. Plums

    Yeah it's a profile big whoop you wanna fight about it?

  3. If it's comedy you're looking for then it has to be Trailer Park Boys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evCj25UtfLM...feature=related
  4. Me

    The Spurs Thread

    what is best in life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. http://tottenhamblog.blogishness.com/uncat...-the-destroyer/
  5. Me

    Trials HD (XBLA)

    apologies if this has already been posted but this is AMAZING! http://www.goodwood.co.uk/Site/Content/Fes...pkin_Video.aspx
  6. drunknbaker looking forward to realising just how rubbish i am!
  7. Great games last night but slient the whole way through was it because I wasn't in a squad?
  8. That's my point, it was a meant to be a compliment of his style of interviewing, I love the fact that he doesn't seem like he's a journo who's there to film a shock piece for the $$$. Instead he comes across as an intelligent and disarming guy who is interested in what's going on around him and isn't going to judge them. When he films the freaks and psychos he gives a cheeky look to the camera to ensure that we know that he knows what's going on. I haven't seen one of his films that didn't educate and entertain me, even if all I learnt was that Jimmy Saville owns one pair of pants! One of the few respectable journalists in my eyes.
  9. Its cheap, highly addictive and ultra-powerful. "Ice", or crystal methamphetamine, is now more popular than heroin. It plays havoc with the minds and the bodies of addicts, filling emergency wards with dangerous, psychotic patients. But little is known about the long term effects of the drug or even how to treat the addiction. And health services are not prepared for the chaos ice has just started to unleash. This weeks documentary reports on the hidden epidemic. “These are the most out of control, most violent human beings I’ve seen in my whole life and I've been around a long time”, despairs Dr Gordian Fulde, Head of the Emergency Unit at St Vincents hospital. “It makes heroin seem like the good old days. http://www.babelgum.com/121548/australia-ice-age.html
  10. random thoughts A fairly lightweight show on a heavy subject. Louis was his usual disarming and engaging self. It is really something to see how people trust him to portray them honestly. Meth is the flithiest drug i've come across. When I lived in Sydney (from 2003-08) )it was rife to say the least. I've had friends stay awake for days at a time so I can well believe the woman who said she was awake for seven days. Imagine not sleeping for that long would do to you and then add being banged out of your mind on the strongest speed around. EVERY one of my friends who tried it more than litrally a couple of times ended up with a major problem including one tried to kill himself, another is in jail In my book there's recreational drugs and then there's DRUGS and meth is the worse of the DRUGS. I saw an ABC documentary on the A&E ward in a Sydney hospital and the frontline doctor said he yearned for the good old days of heroin. Whilst looking for that one I found this http://www.sbs.com.au/dateline/story/watch...n/The-Ice-Storm In short unpleasant shit
  11. Has voice chat been turned off?
  12. I picked this up on Sunday along with Broken Steel. Can't wait to play with people who talk and will put up with my ineptitude Please add me I'm 'drunknbaker' I'll add the 'muk tag when I get in only 20 mins of work to go!
  13. Once again Bad Boy Bubby, When I moved to Sydney in 2003 I spent my second night in the country watching it and was massivly disturbed to say the least! Check out Suburban Mayhem it didn't get the best reviews but it I and all my Aussie mates who lived inthe burbs loved it. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450506/
  14. It fells like Resident Evil 4.5 to me which is no bad thing considering I got the handcannon on both the GC and Wii versions of Resi 4. The graphics are great the sound is great and they've added strafing without losing the panicy controls that we love. Can't beat the axe guy on scenerio one or the chainsaw fella on two (love the sack on his head with the eye looking through the hole).
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