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  1. Probably this one is the least worst since they're literally a company focused on motorsport with a lot of cloud (I don't like their websites but they are very influential). I am more worried about Codemasters under EA. Let's take some bets... who will buy iRacing next?
  2. Dirt 5 is also EA And NBA2K1 is not an EA game and neither is Football Manager. It's funny how one fortnightly announcement suddenly has everyone on their toes... they're going to be good and bad fortnightly updates, just like with PS Plus and Xbox Live. Yakuza 6 is coming end of March and I bet a bunch of Bethesda stuff too once the deal is approved by the regulators later this week. I am in the camp that already massively struggles with the Game Pass backlog so I am actually happy with some off periods.
  3. White because I hate the ABXY buttons that aren't colored on the non-standard controllers.
  4. Mostly last-generation pick-ups so far this year... with the exception of Yakuza: Like a Dragon: March (5 EURO) Stardew Valley February (41 EURO): The Disney Afternoon Collection Super Bomberman R Yakuza: Like A Dragon Sine Mora EX Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition January (68 EURO): Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition Lumines Remastered Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Hitman GOTY Edition Hitman 2 Gold Edition NieR:Automata™ BECOME AS GODS Edition
  5. They said every few weeks new games would drop. I hope Dishonored 2, Prey, Origins, Odyssey, Crash Team Racing and RDR2 are among the first drops.
  6. https://www.polygon.com/2021/2/24/22299337/bomb-rush-cyberfunk-release-date-jet-set-radio-team-reptile HINT FOR SEGA: If you don't respect your legacy, someone else will (or at least try to as we have seen with Taxi Chaos).
  7. Likely all depends on the games you play, how many hours a day, and the force you use. Also some controllers are manufactured and quality checked on Monday morning. I personally never had issues with any controller I have ever owned from every system from the first Game Boy till the Series X today except the Switch joycons which are literal cons.
  8. True but For me, Dirt 5 simply isn’t a great and tight game. It’s mediocre at best.
  9. Under this narrative the great U S A is rapidly becoming a 3rd world authoritarian banana country. Right under their noses and they all fail to see it let even act on it. Look at the astronomical rise of China which can be directly link to the collapse of the American dream (and they are actively fueling it by moving all their production there). American's misunderstanding of the world "Freedom" will be their demise. All of this is no surprise... and the irony is that China and Russia are using America's own weapons against them: mass media, social media and micro-targeting/adverti
  10. Better wait for that sweet (60) FPS Boost compatibility that AC Origins and Odyssey are very likely getting (since Watch Dogs 2 is a launch game for it). And meanwhile play this game in 60fps.
  11. Sony's Jim Ryan already said they were working on a response to Game Pass a while back. You can bet it's coming. "The best deal in gaming" narrative is something they probably not too happy with it. I believe they will settle for an EA Play type of model with 1> year old 1st party games in the subscription... and maybe some newer 3rd party games. Also PS Now is already close to that service, just not really marketed heavily by Sony.
  12. I am having lots of funs with the current Wales Rally challenge. Those 3 stages are spectacular.... I absolutely love the last power stage. I am also making around 3 barrel rolls per stage so I am back to practice... 13"30 is not a result I am happy with. What a blast this game... when you hit a few corners in a row right in a perfect flow you get such a dopamine boost.
  13. Problem is that the software and SDK side simply isn't finished. Look at the botched PlayStation UI and store redesign. And also some of the RDNA 2 features from AMD aren't ready, like the machine-learning based upscaling that AMD and Microsoft are collaborating on. If you see how much of a difference DLSS makes on the PC side for many games, you can figure out how important this is and the reality is that today, this feature is not activated/implemented. Every single game will run smoother and look better once it is implemented. But yes I bought a Series X knowing th
  14. This looks and plays fantastically on Series X after the latest patch. It basically runs 60fps in performance mode while looking better than Quality mode before the update. I am glad I let this one cook. It is a weird game... but Respawn did a good job. A mix of Dark Souls, Tomb Raider and Titanfall with a bit of Metroid Prime thrown in. Hope they will still release a sequel before they lose the license (or will they keep it as Disney seems to follow the Disney Plus strategy of having 30 Star Wars spin-off series coming out, so why not do the same with games and recover some of that lost reven
  15. New Wolfenstein game is practically finished according to some rumors We don't know what one Arkane studio has been working on (the one that is not doing Deathloop) TES 6 maybe a Fable like teaser Starfield (some say it is close to finished) Fallout 5, probably better done by one of the "fallout clone" studios like Obsidian or InExile I personally hope for a Quake 2 spiritual successor And, wait for it, I hope all Bethesda's previous games will be patched/remastered for Xbox Series: Dishonored 1&2, both Evil Within games, all Wolfenstein ga es, both Do
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