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  1. Straight to Game Pass probably.
  2. Konami is not Sony. This could have been done by Sony's in-house Japan studio for example... but eh, they destroyed that. But as many said... Konami is dead creative wise. It's just a money game for them now. There's no heart and soul in any of this.
  3. So at least 10 more years of waiting for you. Won’t happen with Nintendo. My main wish ia full BC with current gen Switch, game progress etc. But likely won’t happen because Nintendo wants all out money and gets away with it. No way they bin console “generations”. Their business model is endless remakes and remasters. Not even a value line of games this gen.
  4. 01/10 Titanfall 2 One of the best FPS single-player campaigns. Also gorgeous on Series X... running at 5K/60fps with Dolby Vision. Hope this franchise gets some love in the future.
  5. Still having a blast with this game. I expected not to like it but yet I do. It's cheesy in the right ways and the way they set up the rivalries actually makes you care more on track. And the races are also not boring.... engines blowing, crashes etc. It's all a bit over the top but it adds grit and emotion unlike the fake influencer vibe in Forza Horizon. Now doing the Pro Series Touring Cars and especially on the legendary difficulty setting providing quite the challenges. Especially the "Nemesis" drivers won't hesitate to push you off so caution is required. It's on GamePass by the way for the Xbox/PC folks.
  6. Or play it on Series X with VRR fixing the framerate for you with much improved graphics. But I get your point.
  7. This is why I like it quite a bit. I can find 100 reasons not to like this game, but at the end I spun it up quite a bit this last week and have been enjoying it. I like the soundtracks, a lot of the track design and the racing at times is quite good with the "nemesis" system. Of course this causes a bit of rubber banding (your nemesis closing in on you faster relative to the other AIs) but I actually like it that way. It doesn't result in me driving 1st place for 80% of the race with no competition. And the "cinematic" bits are actually more enjoyable than those in the Formula 1 game.
  8. And I let mine lapse for the second time. Still not convinced if it's the right device for my gaming use although I like the premise of it.
  9. There is a new one out on Gamepass since Friday. Also Peppa the Pig game.
  10. You all realize that the UK is an absolute outlier in terms of physical game sales? Many countries already took that turn over a decade ago. Having lived in the UK, I get the appeal with lots of good launch day deals from retailers and high trade in prices. But I am happy to have my libraries fully digital nowadays. In the past I sold many consoles with physical game libraries. But nowadays I am always happy that whenever I decide to buy a gaming PC or switch console brands, there is a library waiting for me, often with upgraded and patched remasters included for free.
  11. I find their presentation bloated and the F1 Life intro cringey as hell. They’re clearly taking a page from the Forza Horizon playbook.
  12. Exactly this. Dirt Rally 3.0 WRC edition will be a a MTX fest just like F1 22. My favorite modern game is still WRC 9 though, I don't know why, but I feel like WRC 10 changed somethings for the worst... it just feels more off and looks weirder at times. But I love the focused presentation of the Kylotonn WRC games. Hopefully they continue with some Rally X spin off series since I don't think the WRC license adds much, it might even be more detrimental to doing cooler things or locations.
  13. No 40fps default please for the upcoming next gen games. We have finally reached solid 60fps support this gen and it needs to stay like that and be the main focus of studios. That and VRR has arrived.

    F1 22

    Project Cars studio Slightly Mad?
  15. No that’s mostly a manual action in the game management section. You get better versions of BC games and in general more performance in games in terms of fps. what is wasted in most cases depending on the TV is HDR, VRR, 120fps, Dolby Vision etc. Having said that, just having bought a LG OLED C1 you won’t see everything the Series X offers which is a shame really.
  16. Hollow Knight Silksong Forza Motorsport 8 Resident Evil 4 Remake F1 2023 Stalker 2 Grounded Also: Titanfall 3 Half-Life 3 Dirt Rally 3
  17. So where was the RPG part of that trailer? I can't remember a single meaningful dialogue except a narrator voice.
  18. Curious why Strikers is missing from this announcement. I actually expected that to be the first game to come over to Xbox.
  19. Probably rumours from 5-years ago I don't think that game will be cancelled. Maybe scrapped and start over at a new studio but cancelled? Hard time believing that! But I always thought that Playground was a bit of an odd choice as the home for the project.
  20. The only right follow-up question is: so how many do you release this year? I find this statement discomforting. Like already digging themselves in. Also 5 would be piss poor with all their 30+ studios and games they already delayed.
  21. I just cannot stand this festival social influencer vibe that is ruining the entire experience for me. Even GTA had a better car fanatic vibe going on than the cheesy US EDM hipster festival vibe that Horizon has been doing for 3 iterations now. A Fast & Furious car tuning theme would be more fun (or better: a Japan setting with it's car tuning scene and none of that hipster stuff). Secondly it's like the Uncharted for race games... scripted scenes with rubber banding (decelerate while you're in a scripted scene and the AI will do the same so you stay close enough) that is also ruining the fun. If Forza Motorsport does the same I am done with the series for good. We will find out soon enough I think.
  22. True. I hope this won't be the last game we see from the team.
  23. You have to frame it from the technology developments. 80s: 2D sprites and pseudo 3D (but good frame rates Mid-90s: 3D push (Mario 64, Tomb Raider etc.) Early 2000s: Online push (Sega Online, Xbox Live, Second Life), live service games 2010s - now: VR/AR push... but no mainstream appeal yet due to hardware/price To come back to the topic: So yes, since the 90s we're already in 3D... only the fidelity has gone up Since the early 2000s we have been online on consoles... nothing has fundamentally changed there in terms of interactions So indeed, nothing has fundamentally changed If you look at the patterns, there are two main axes along which things are moving in gaming: Fidelity (graphic fidelity, 2D/3D/4D??, spatial sound) Interaction (eye tracking, motion sensing, touch controls) Social (online, co-operative play, co-creation e.g. Minecraft) So the next frontiers and breakthroughs will move along these axes. Therefore I believe that the next frontier will indeed be VR/AR games on good hardware and all the new opportunities they will open. It's the frontier that is moving things forward across all 3 of the axes that have traditionally propelled gaming forward.
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