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  1. Can we please all start taking every fart that comes out of Jeff Grubb's mouth with a grain of salt? Almost nothing he predicts comes out. I am still waiting for that major unannounced AAA game that Microsoft would drop very early in 2021.
  2. Codemasters gets the license in 2023. So WRC 11 will still be published by Nacon unless they skip a year.
  3. For me it's the other way around: Codemasters games like Dirt 2.0 lack the polish and focused presentation of WRC 9. I also think the physics are not as bad as you make them, on some surfaces WRC 9 is actually the better game physics wise (but I am playing on a controller, and I understand wheel support isn't as good in WRC). The fact that both F1 2020 and Dirt 2.0 where never updated for the new consoles also bothers me. And while this game gets all the new tracks of the 2021 season, I highly doubt that F1 2021 will even include half of them which would be a shame. I guess we'll
  4. You just have to observe Sony’s actions, this article just provides some more information examples from what’s going on. It’s not about this one project. It’s about the obsessive focus that every studio/game has to produce AAA blockbusters targeted at western audiences.
  5. It seems Sony is trying too hard to build their own MCU with their franchises, as well as trying to become the HBO of videogames but that quality level is hard to keep up over time. Not every game they make from now on should have to become a movie or TV series. I personally don’t think this focus is the right one and the recent talent exodus and developments at Japan Studio isn’t a reassuring sign of things to come. What they achieved the last decade is amazing but the question is how much of that was down to luck and how much it is easily repeatable this generation. The
  6. Does anyone know the frame rate of Yakuza 6 on Series X? Is it 60fps?
  7. MNFRMTMRRW 21’24”705 some errors here and there but overall a solid ride with focus on staying on track
  8. Present... have been practicing a bit already. Love the New Zealand Rally stages.
  9. He quit the company to go freelance
  10. Ah, like that. Curious if/how they will check that though.
  11. Easy to circumvent with an account in another region I suppose?
  12. Because our friends at Sony bought limited exclusivity (till Summer) and by then this will probably launch on Game Pass. This will likely be the new reality... I expect Hades to follow a similar route.
  13. To be honest Forza lost me a while ago with it's endless bloat. First I hate this whole festival millennial storyline that is going on. Second the menu design is also absolutely terrible. Actually the whole game has a problem with bloat... it's like the racing equivalent of Windows Vista. Under all of that is still a very enjoyable game, but I just think it should be rebuilt from the ground with a more focused presentation. I don't want to spend time in menu's, I want to spend time racing and a stupid music festival has absolutely nothing to do with it. Base it on Goodwood Festiva
  14. Nah it is utter shite.
  15. But just as we saw with Disney Plus, there is a huge incentive to have most of that content back catalog available in a subscription service. There was no real financial incentive for them to launch Disney Plus, especially in the short-term, but here we are, and it is booming and rewriting the rules of the game. But, there are two major outliers with regard to "losing stuff": Steam doesn't suffer from this loss of content since they do respect their customers, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Piracy comes to the rescue in most of these cases. For this reaso
  16. Everyone should stop making excuses for Sony (and Nintendo). There is no reason at all why I shouldn't be able to play my digital PSX 1 classics that worked on a PS3 and Vita but not on PS4 or PS5. They simply don't care. The reasons for the mistakes they include: No proper long-term planning, and thus forward-compatibility, for their infrastructure (all these stores run on their old infrastructure back-end) Thinking people don't care, and they will get away with it (this might be true to some extent) Simple money/business reasons e.g. sell old stuf
  17. Not true. Internal disk is 3500mbps, while the theoretical speed of the Sabrent Rocket Pro is 1000mbps. However, the Xbox uses a USB 3.1 connection which maxes out at 600mbps so the extra 400mbps of your drive goes wasted. Only the official Seagate SSD Card has the same 3500mbps speed as the internal drive. In practice you won't notice it that much though... it is the difference between 15 seconds loading time versus 7 seconds loading time. Most of us all still conditioned with last-generation's huge loading times.
  18. It will absolutely be sustainable. Just like Spotify and Netflix, but from a company with infinitely more resources. Jim Ryan is also on record saying Sony will come with some answer to Game Pass. Play at home is a great initiative. Wonder what made Sony so generous suddenly.
  19. Games are on offer for like 50-80% discount all the time. Especially after a year on Game Pass.
  20. This to me is very strange. FPS Boost was presented as DirectX level injection similar to PC tools. But now they have to "tune" the game and change the resolution (probably meaning that they are they running the One S version instead of the One X version for these games???) makes it less magical. Still great that we get 60fps in these titles, even at lower resolution. Hope to see AC Odyssey-Origins and RDR2 in the near future (but the last one seems unlikely).
  21. So we're talking about a lot of money for AAA publishers.
  22. Or more likely a paid GOTY remaster next year at £70/€80. It is not locked on PC so nothing to do with artistic choices.
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