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  1. I won't miss them and am of the opinion that they have gone down the drain years ago already. I hardly miss any videogame journalism from the last 10 years or so... except Kill Screen / Kill Screen Daily which was leagues ahead of anyone else, unfortunately they didn't succeed. For me, the Dreamcast days were the golden days of my gaming life. Maybe I am just getting old.
  2. And it's live. Looking forward to the online challenges again.
  3. Out today. First reviews are in (Xbox) https://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-series-x/wrc-10 Pre-ordered anyway. Really enjoyed the last game and just want this one for the new rallies and legendary rally cars.
  4. Pre-ordered The Deluxe Edition on Xbox. When is this shipping digitally? September 3 I believe (2 days early)?
  5. Everyone still having high hopes for Halo Infinite should reconsider. Ever since 343i took over this franchise has been an absolute sh*tshow. The only way to save Halo is to pry it out of the hands of 343i and give it to a more capable developer, which Microsoft has plenty. ID Games, Machine Games, The Coalition, Arkane Studios.... all these studios know how to deliver... on time. The whole building 343i around Halo has been a clusterf*** since day one. Microsoft just has to own it and take drastic measures. The way they revealed it, the last-minute delay, the overall lack of meaningful progress/presentations, the announcement that there won't be co-op at launch... all show that 343i still is as incapable as ever as the custodian of the Halo franchise. What a gigantic waste of time, money and resources. Prepare for another Halo 5 type of release.... maybe even worse this time. They should have just bought Bungie back in the day.
  6. True. But most of them will likely be on Game Pass within a year or two e.g. Axiom Verge 2, Disco Elysium.
  7. Forza Horizon 5, now with Biomes: https://www.theverge.com/22586277/forza-horizon-5-biomes-playground-games-microsoft-xbox https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/07/26/exploring-the-biomes-and-seasons-of-forza-horizon-5/
  8. Now go look up which companies have gotten a serious investment from Tencent. Just a matter of time.
  9. Is this an answer to the lukewarm reception of the game or was this update always planned?
  10. Next-gen upgrade apparently available with no guidance by EA whatsoever.
  11. F1 Ultimate Team has arrived. Ugh.
  12. Probably some issues that need to be resolved, I believe it will come. Although I actually prefer the 2016 and later Bethesda games to get Series S|X patches since they weren't a commercial success (for the most part) but still pretty rough diamonds. So I believe a proper patch would be worth the effort.
  13. I have it on PC but greatly prefer WRC 9 (on pad). I rather save my money for WRC 10 or Dirt Rally 3.0 which can't be too far off.
  14. Two DNFs. I haven't driven this rally a lot and the narrow roads, slippery asphalt and wet track conditions didn't do me any good. Probably trying to go too fast given the conditions.
  15. Can we please all start taking every fart that comes out of Jeff Grubb's mouth with a grain of salt? Almost nothing he predicts comes out. I am still waiting for that major unannounced AAA game that Microsoft would drop very early in 2021.
  16. Codemasters gets the license in 2023. So WRC 11 will still be published by Nacon unless they skip a year.
  17. For me it's the other way around: Codemasters games like Dirt 2.0 lack the polish and focused presentation of WRC 9. I also think the physics are not as bad as you make them, on some surfaces WRC 9 is actually the better game physics wise (but I am playing on a controller, and I understand wheel support isn't as good in WRC). The fact that both F1 2020 and Dirt 2.0 where never updated for the new consoles also bothers me. And while this game gets all the new tracks of the 2021 season, I highly doubt that F1 2021 will even include half of them which would be a shame. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  18. You just have to observe Sony’s actions, this article just provides some more information examples from what’s going on. It’s not about this one project. It’s about the obsessive focus that every studio/game has to produce AAA blockbusters targeted at western audiences.
  19. It seems Sony is trying too hard to build their own MCU with their franchises, as well as trying to become the HBO of videogames but that quality level is hard to keep up over time. Not every game they make from now on should have to become a movie or TV series. I personally don’t think this focus is the right one and the recent talent exodus and developments at Japan Studio isn’t a reassuring sign of things to come. What they achieved the last decade is amazing but the question is how much of that was down to luck and how much it is easily repeatable this generation. They might get complacent. I believe 2020 - 2030 is going to be extremely disruptive for the entire gaming industry and some giants might fall.
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