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  1. Best striker in the world? You having a laugh? Lewandoski has been the best for a good few years now, none better than he.
  2. @Gabe I chose a few high profile examples. I wasn't going to spend the time evaluating every single player who may fit into the front three and are younger than Salah, Mane and Firmino. @bradigoralready mentioned Elliott and I'm sure all the youngsters who haven't worked out weren't just used to make up numbers. The club, like almost every club, is constantly trying to get talent into the first team squad from the youth ranks. The difference between Liverpool and the other top clubs (City, Chelsea and United) is spending power. That's just a matter of fact.
  3. Isn't buying those players and trying you develop them but then cashing out when it becomes clear they don't fit in the very definition of planning for succession? Jota is younger than the incumbent front 3. Curtis Jones has been nurtured through to becoming a first team regular. Konate has just been signed. I don't understand the logic that the club aren't trying to improve or develop. They are just operating in the economic reality of the club, that was always going to be the way.
  4. Ben White, £50 million? Is he that good? I haven't really seen him play enough to evaluate him. I've read the hype about him though.
  5. I was pretty confident earlier today but as kick off has approached the worry is setting in.
  6. Bale and Ramsey have had crap tournaments. Especially Bale. The notion that Wales were the better team before kick off is laughable.
  7. Favre to Palace? How do you feel about that @skadupuk?
  8. Nice. I made about £200 profit at one point. The Spain vs Germany game ruined me, took all my profit.
  9. It'd be interesting to look at average positions, Henderson was seemingly pushing everyone 10 yards further up the pitch and seemed to be a lot further forward when compared with Rice. It looked like he was brought on to drive the forwards further forward at points and lead the press, he was furthest forward at points. Phillips became the single deep lying midfielder with Henderson working up and down the pitch. Nothing stuck to Kane all night and after the goal pretty much nothing came off up top. Saka was the big positive in the match.
  10. It's a foul. It was in the box. It's a penalty.
  11. Potter has shown he is trying to cultivate a football playing system at Brighton that could transfer well to a team with better players. Howe didn't.
  12. Arsenal, from a comparison between the two squads, are clearly in a worse position than Tottenham. This summer might change that, however. It's laughable to even consider Arsenal being better that Tottenham right now. As for Tottenham managers, they could do a lot worse than looking at Graham Potter, especially considering they haven't managed to attract anyone else.
  13. Oh Jesus, not the semi pro again! And he is a real football fan to boot
  14. The central midfield didn't work today, need someone to get forward. Either Southgate isn't giving Phillips or Rice the freedom to get forward or they need another option.
  15. I laid over 2.5 goals for a nice profit before half time and then laid Spain. Cashed out and backed the draw with the profit. Up to £305, from a start of £150. Not spectacular but I'm not risking it all at the same time either.
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