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  1. My wife is an absolute fucking arsehole. Broke one of my mugs, not happy at all. @beakbeak can you update me with what you have left? Pink sounds interesting too.
  2. Adrock

    The Boxing Thread

    Mayweather is all about the fame. Being in the public eye and staying relevant is most important to him, I reckon. Like @Naysonymous says he isn't capable of fighting at a high level anymore so these chumps are exactly what he needs to keep the flame alive.
  3. Adrock


    5 year anniversary of Prince's death passed us by last week. BBC Radio 2 Sounds of the 80s did a special celebrating his most prolific and successful period. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/brand/b03c936z
  4. I think that's correct, sadly Coady for me has been found wanting this season. They need to replace him if he can't perform at the required level. With Nevez in the team they need someone who will break the game down and give it to him. Could Coady push further up and do the destructive role, reprise his old position.
  5. Mourinho is available. Perfectly suited to the club, isn't he?
  6. Brewster is playing in one of the worst Premier League teams in recent years, the only concern is he can't even get in the starting line up. Perhaps they'll regroup in the summer and have a tilt at promotion. He could definitely do a job in the Championship, he showed that at Swansea.
  7. Callum Wilson to come on and score, a decent striker would have put a few of the chances away for Newcastle.
  8. Equal TV revenue is definitely what the Premier League should push for. No more domestic shares based on number of televised matches. Gate receipt sharing isn't a starter though.
  9. He was clear that his opinion hadn't changed from the 2019 opinions. Which were pretty unambiguous. He didn't like it.
  10. Comparatively there are plenty of rich clubs in the Premier League, by European standards. Tottenham aren't particularly well supported around the world either.
  11. Just to state, Tottenham fucking Hot Spur are a part of Europe's "elite"! Absolute joke.
  12. Anyone else feel Sky are giving air to all of the ESL stuff not only because it's obviously headline news but because it clearly degrades exactly what they've built their success on? It's a decent watch and everything Neville and Carragher said so far is correct but don't forget it benefits Sky to amplify all is this.
  13. Splatoon 2. My son has been playing it this weekend after well over a year off, still enough players to get games.
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