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  1. The lack of confidence is really causing this team grief. When they go a goal ahead they seem to invite the pressure on, very strange situation.
  2. Yeah that's fine, it takes what it takes. I waited a month to reply to your original message
  3. Send me your details for payment. If my wife likes it as much as I do I'll buy a couple of bowls and maybe another mug or two.
  4. I pointed out what I thought and you've done the same, that's the beauty of this forum. I post in this thread and the main football thread and disagree with many people and have plenty of back and forth about it. The same goes for any part of the forum, that's exactly what we're here for, isn't it? I'd rather you posted your opinion in here though. I've made my opinion known and I won't mention it again. I'd still like to talk about actual football though, whether we agree or disagree.
  5. The rumours have been around for over a year. I think you've made it something in your head that it isn't. You've spent the last few years being negative at every turn and it's getting pretty boring. Newspapers and websites will always fabricate rumours regarding the bigger clubs because it drives traffic/sales. Just ignore them.
  6. It was never a penalty but that didn't change the result. The team didn't create enough.
  7. There is that too but he still hasn't been as consistent as he was last season. With the kind of ability he possesses he should be able to beat players and adapt what he does from there. The entire team is struggling with the lack of Jimenez, Silva isn't anywhere near the level and you wouldn't expect him to be either because he is young.
  8. In lieu of a Wolves fan answering later today, he has had, at best, a very streaky season up until now. Though recently he has picked up a bit of form. When he isn't playing well he can be painful to watch, all that raw physical ability but no end product.
  9. I very rarely browse the creative folder and you didn't quote or @ me so I completely forgot about it until this morning. How much for a mug like I described?
  10. You didn't clarify which Williams but both are young and have a decent future at the club if they can progress in my opinion. The others I agree with, they'll end up surplus to requirements. Wijnaldum will also be leaving so central midfield definitely requires a signing or two. As for the front three, I'm not sure it's a big issue whether they stay or not. I think at least one of Salah or Mane will leave and there isn't much the club can do about it other than find a young replacement who will also appreciate in value. If anything a big sale will create the opportunity
  11. I like Sean Dyche because, many years ago, he offered to give me a hand carting my steps and materials about. (I'm aware I've told this story before, maybe on multiple occasions).
  12. Rodriguez sold the Fulham defender that dummy beautifully. Excellent work on his part, I quite enjoyed watching him a few years back but the knee injury he had limited what he achieved.
  13. I think your argument is absolute rubbish. Guardiola can manage anyone who is willing to work under his system and put the work in to change if he requires it. Just like any manager really, but he is the best manager in the world. What marks Guardiola out compared with a lot of managers is the fact he is willing to cut adrift supposed stars who aren't willing to work his way. He isn't unique in that aspect by any means.
  14. That reflects on the player more than anything else. It's players being inflexible to consider changing, which again plays to the personality of players.
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