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  1. Jota definitely angled his run toward the Atletico player, stupidly. It didn't take much for him to go down but that just gave the referee a decision to make. Liverpool need to do much better.
  2. Having watched him a few times he'd be an excellent recruit for the Klopp style of play, especially considering Salah could move on in the summer if the club aren't willing to give him the contract he deserves.
  3. Supporting a club doesn't mean you support the owners or their actions.
  4. Zaha was nonexistent in that half, a big positive that they can still perform without him because in the last couple of years they've needed him to be up for it to get anything out of most games. Things are looking positive, from the outside anyway, for this Palace team under Viera.
  5. Managed to start watching the second half of the Palace vs Leicester game and there is only one team in it. Edouard looks like a decent striker.
  6. It's a worry, considering City are up at the weekend. It's a very strong team.
  7. I agree with that but we all know what Tottenham fans are like. It was definitely to be expected.
  8. Only if you're measuring progress over 6 games. I think it best to probably wait until the season is at least a third of the way through before concluding anything.
  9. Adrock

    The Boxing Thread

    Totally agree with that. Complete bullshit. Like the British judge who only had it for Usyk by two rounds, I think.
  10. Adrock

    The Boxing Thread

    Usyk easily, 8 or 9 rounds to him at least.
  11. He didn't miss, it was an excellent save.
  12. On the two occasions I've been to a rugby match it was infuriating having to move throughout the match for people to go and get their drinks. It ensured I won't be going back any time soon.
  13. Big Div starts tonight. Interesting.
  14. Rather pissed off I decided to veg out on the sofa and watch twitch rather than the Palace vs Spurs match. Who were the better team before the sending off?
  15. Well it was that or let them go and then have to isolate for 10 days in their return. A no win situation.
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