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  1. Big Div starts tonight. Interesting.
  2. Rather pissed off I decided to veg out on the sofa and watch twitch rather than the Palace vs Spurs match. Who were the better team before the sending off?
  3. Well it was that or let them go and then have to isolate for 10 days in their return. A no win situation.
  4. Henderson has signed a contract until 2025.
  5. Edouard to Palace is an interesting move, I've read a few opinions suggesting he could make the step up to the Premier League. Palace definitely needed the added goal threat too.
  6. Hwang looked very good for RB Salzburg a couple of years ago, not sure what happened at Leipzig but it seems he didn't get many games there. How much have Wolves paid for him?
  7. Unless it's Ederson, it's worth him having a mistake once or twice a season because he is so good distributing the ball.
  8. Danny Ings is such a good striker, such a shame he has glass knees. Brilliant overhead kick.
  9. I'm liking this light touch refereeing, a lot. Excellent cross by Tsimikas and headed goal by Jota. Robertson might have some competition.
  10. Sadly not, back to January.
  11. Elliott to start against Burnley this afternoon. Quite happy about that, at home in front of the returning fans. Burnley will offer him continuity from the Championship experience he had last season.
  12. Ornstein reporting Henderson has agreed a 3 year extension with a 4th year dependent on appearances. Klopp was pivotal to it.
  13. These hot takes about Grealish are crazy, the dude is clearly top notch. City would have studied all of the stats and performances before sticking all that dosh down. It is the first game of the season, people need to let it percolate a bit before drawing conclusions.
  14. Is that what he said? Looks to me like he celebrated with Saint Maximin when he got to see him. Why don't you like him?
  15. The flat was much better than my last attempt but it pales in comparison to the point. Everything I've read suggests the grass fed stuff we eat is far too lean to achieve what our American grain fed friend's produce with the flat. I wrapped it when it reached about 80c, well past the stall but I was concerned about how long it was taking and the flat drying out too much. The bark wasn't crispy, which is a shame. I think I might stick to just using the point from now on, it was heavenly. Used apple wood, which isn't a very strong flavour but it produced a smoke ring that was nice and definitely a smokier flavour than the cocoshell briquettes. The slow n sear was brilliant in helping to maintain temperature through the night, one full chimney lasted over 9 hours. Next week I'm going to see how a full slow cooked chuck as an alternative to the brisket. I'll post that, if I remember.
  16. Approaching the 94c, almost there.
  17. @Art Vandelay Jamie Carragher wasn't the tallest either. He had a decent enough career.
  18. Bit early on the Ben White conclusions, I think he'll be a decent enough signing.
  19. Brisket no.2 went into the barbecue at around 10pm this evening. Tried a different method with the slow n sear and in struggling to get the temperature to stay below 140, it should be nearer 110 according to amazing ribs. No.2 is 5kg, compared with the 2kg original, which is why I'm going for the longer overnight cook.
  20. It's done! The point is bloody gorgeous and I'm very happy with the crunchy bark, definitely not going to cover it next time either. The extra time is well worth it. The flat, on the other hand, is dry. Very tender but dry, just not enough fat in the meat. I'm going to have to try and counter that some how. No real smoke ring to speak of either, the cocoshell supposedly burns quite clean, I can taste some smoke though. I may have to add some wood to get a smokier flavour, however.
  21. Still waiting. Hopefully over the stall now as it's hit 78c and risen a couple of degrees in a relatively short period. Had to replenish the coals about 45 minutes to an hour ago.
  22. Tottenham looking to sign Martinez? Kane replacement?
  23. Decided to do a bit of brisket today, Sainsbury began selling a point end recently. Rushed out to Waitrose this morning and bought some cocoshell briquettes and now have it sitting in the barbecue cooking away, simple Dalmatian rub is what I've gone for. Got the Weber sitting at a stable temperature but a little bit higher than amazingribs suggests but I've also read as it's grass fed British meat it won't have as much fat as US beef so benefits from a higher temperature. I'll report back later as to how it turns out. Not sure if I'm going to cover it or not.
  24. I wasn't too interested in this until my daughter was an extra in one of the episodes for season 2 so I was going to track that episode down but it sounds like it's very good. Think I'll start from the beginning.
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