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  1. Would be perfect for Palace.
  2. Missed the game today, had it on the radio though whilst I was working on the house. Was it as bad as it sounded?
  3. Watching it again on Match of the Day 2. Beautiful game 😍
  4. Fabinho needs plaudits today, with him at the base of the midfield everyone else is free to play their game. This is lovely.
  5. They are outperforming their xg, which is just under 1 per game, by scoring 2.5 per game. (https://footystats.org/clubs/nottingham-forest-fc-211) I think there are teams who are worse than Forest though. Everton, Bournemouth, West Ham, Southampton and Leeds are all struggling and regardless of new managers, with the exception of West Ham, I think they're all going to continue their poor form.
  6. He was signed at the end of the Rodgers era, I wonder if Klopp was already lined up. As for Jones, he isn't physical enough to be part of the central midfield, isn't fast enough to be a wide forward and doesn't have the work ethic of Firmino. He just isn't good enough, sadly.
  7. He is going to be extremely difficult to replace like for like, I'm not aware of a player who can do what he did and I'm not sure the club are aware, hence the Gakpo signing. I'd be very surprised if the conversation between Klopp and Firmino was after the January transfer window closed. It's probably been released now because his agent has almost finalised the next move and they don't want it leaking.
  8. I suspect Salah goes this summer as well, that'll bump up the war chest to allow a big midfield name to come in.
  9. Looked to me like Jota was buffeted by the Wolves defender when he fell down, strange to think that was a clear and obvious error to allow it from the ref.
  10. Fabinho has actually been pretty good tonight. Nunez is wonderful.
  11. Apologies for the multiple posts, as for tonight's game. The team seemed to set up slightly differently in attack with Salah and Jota playing narrow at times with Gakpo dropping deep. It never really worked and without energy and pace in both wide areas the team can look stunted, Nunez was a big miss. When defending they reverted to the 4-3-3, Keita on the right of the three was horrendous. Henderson seemed to be doing the central sitting role, that has never been his strongest position. Everything looked very laboured throughout, midweek football for a team lacking confidence who just got a hiding is never conducive to a good performance at the weekend.
  12. Try watching the games to understand a bit more about what's going on. Henderson looked pretty good the last couple of league games before tonight. Confidence, when it is low, is a very fragile thing. When was Fabinho losing it a known thing? Off the back of a season with 3 finals and a chance to win the league until the last match?
  13. It's nowhere near Hodgson bad. And Carvalho, really? He hasn't set the world alight and I think he is a massive confidence player who would sink quickly the way the team are playing right now. Today was really bad but considering the away form so far this season avoiding a loss is a big positive. It's about building confidence again and that will take time. Keita is well and truly done at the club, that has to be one of his worst performances in his time there.
  14. Joe Gomez is the worst defender in the first team squad. Terrible.
  15. The declaration has been a very long time coming, seems to me the club couldn't attract the offer the owners valued the Liverpool at and some 4 or 5 months later have ruled the sale out.
  16. I think my point, which I should have been clearer with, is that despite such a poor season by recent standards the team aren't that far behind a potential Champion's League place.
  17. It's not even likely but a Liverpool win at the weekend would leave them 6 points behind Newcastle with a game in hand. Not insurmountable, but I think it's important not to get carried away.
  18. Maybe Thiago was the problem. Henderson is playing better than I've seen for a long while and the team are winning the midfield battle which hasn't been the case for a long time.
  19. @Len, until you've actually installed the 4090 you purchased 6 months ago you're banned from posting in here.
  20. I quite like the look of that, the building superficially looks a bit Fortnite to me but it's implementation looks like a selection of a preset element and press a button to build the entire thing, which would be better. Might have to give this a look if it reviews well, the feel of the fighting will be very important.
  21. Rhy Williams returns from Blackpool with the expectation that Phillips will be hawked around potential clubs. That suggests the funds to rebuild the ageing squad won't be forthcoming any time soon. It was good fun whilst it lasted.
  22. Missed the game today, first I've missed for a good while and I'm not sure I'll bother to catch up with what I missed either.
  23. Bajcetic was my man of the match, brilliant performance.
  24. The only manager in my life time to continue being successful at a single club for a prolonged period was Ferguson at United and the way he achieved it was constant renewal, either of the playing or coaching staff. It feels like that is what is required at Liverpool right now.
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