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  1. I was pretty confident earlier today but as kick off has approached the worry is setting in.
  2. Bale and Ramsey have had crap tournaments. Especially Bale. The notion that Wales were the better team before kick off is laughable.
  3. Favre to Palace? How do you feel about that @skadupuk?
  4. Adrock

    The Bookies

    Nice. I made about £200 profit at one point. The Spain vs Germany game ruined me, took all my profit.
  5. It'd be interesting to look at average positions, Henderson was seemingly pushing everyone 10 yards further up the pitch and seemed to be a lot further forward when compared with Rice. It looked like he was brought on to drive the forwards further forward at points and lead the press, he was furthest forward at points. Phillips became the single deep lying midfielder with Henderson working up and down the pitch. Nothing stuck to Kane all night and after the goal pretty much nothing came off up top. Saka was the big positive in the match.
  6. It's a foul. It was in the box. It's a penalty.
  7. Potter has shown he is trying to cultivate a football playing system at Brighton that could transfer well to a team with better players. Howe didn't.
  8. Arsenal, from a comparison between the two squads, are clearly in a worse position than Tottenham. This summer might change that, however. It's laughable to even consider Arsenal being better that Tottenham right now. As for Tottenham managers, they could do a lot worse than looking at Graham Potter, especially considering they haven't managed to attract anyone else.
  9. Oh Jesus, not the semi pro again! And he is a real football fan to boot
  10. The central midfield didn't work today, need someone to get forward. Either Southgate isn't giving Phillips or Rice the freedom to get forward or they need another option.
  11. Adrock

    The Bookies

    I laid over 2.5 goals for a nice profit before half time and then laid Spain. Cashed out and backed the draw with the profit. Up to £305, from a start of £150. Not spectacular but I'm not risking it all at the same time either.
  12. Adrock

    The Bookies

    Managed a few bets today, made just under £100 profit. Scotland were similar odds to the Czech Republic, so stuck £50 on the Czechs. Cashed out when they scored their first. Spain's profligacy in front of goal paid dividends too.
  13. Must have been deerokus, apologies.
  14. That the same captain, that at the time of his joining Liverpool, you said was nowhere near as good as Tierney?
  15. @Gabeyou've been saying exactly the same about Liverpool recently. Sounds like you're finished with football.
  16. Yeah I agree @Orion, Croatia have an abundance of top class midfielders and England set up today to ensure they could break up the Croatian midfield's possession. It was an excellent game plan and it was well executed.
  17. He definitely has the pace to trouble pretty much every defender in the tournament, he just doesn't have the consistent final ball needed at the pointier end of the tournament. Easily Wales' best player today, I was surprised at the lack of urgency amongst the team and Morrell was miles behind the required standard.
  18. Adrock

    The Bookies

    Started my tournament Betfair affair today. Laid Italy about 6 hours before kick off, thinking they'd drift as they were already very short. They didn't. Started the game on the back foot but managed to get out without a loss. Laid the draw for a small amount just before the first goal then staked that profit on Turkey. Ended up with a tiny profit. Hopefully tomorrow is more productive.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jun/07/ben-white-called-into-england-euro-2020-squad-in-place-of-alexander-arnold That's one source. I haven't looked anywhere else but I think that covers it. It's really disappointing that supposed well adjusted adults can't discuss football without resorting to the playground bullshit this thread descends into every few days. That isn't a dig at you @Pants McSkilland it isn't aimed at anyone in particular, it's a general observation of probably 6 or 7 idiots who support various clubs.
  20. Why is that a problem?
  21. Blackpool promoted to the Championship. Excellent work by Critchley, very happy for him having taken the opportunity after being the under 23 manager at Liverpool.
  22. Tuchel has had the beating of Guardiola all season, beat them twice recently before tonight didn't they? Absolutely brilliant. Kante is an absolute machine.
  23. What would Wenger have to do with the UEFA committee? He works for FIFA.
  24. Just need a Wijnaldum replacement at the very least, could do with someone to challenge Firmino too
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