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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/jun/07/ben-white-called-into-england-euro-2020-squad-in-place-of-alexander-arnold That's one source. I haven't looked anywhere else but I think that covers it. It's really disappointing that supposed well adjusted adults can't discuss football without resorting to the playground bullshit this thread descends into every few days. That isn't a dig at you @Pants McSkilland it isn't aimed at anyone in particular, it's a general observation of probably 6 or 7 idiots who support various clubs.
  2. Why is that a problem?
  3. Blackpool promoted to the Championship. Excellent work by Critchley, very happy for him having taken the opportunity after being the under 23 manager at Liverpool.
  4. Tuchel has had the beating of Guardiola all season, beat them twice recently before tonight didn't they? Absolutely brilliant. Kante is an absolute machine.
  5. What would Wenger have to do with the UEFA committee? He works for FIFA.
  6. Just need a Wijnaldum replacement at the very least, could do with someone to challenge Firmino too
  7. I don't think that's correct. You fully expect young defenders to make mistakes but not the kind where you completely forget what's going on around you. He does it far too regularly. I have no confidence in his longevity at the club, he isn't quick and he isn't very good at defending.
  8. Kabak was going to be an option but Phillips has emerged as the better centre back option and he is obviously much cheaper. Van Dijk, Matip, Gomez and Konate next season with Phillips to supplement them. That's a decent back 5 that should cope with what the season brings.
  9. I am following this thread still. Carry on posting.
  10. Why would it be a fuck you? The season is always touted as the true measure of a team's quality. So if Liverpool end up finishing 4th then that is where they deserve to finish. I appreciate it'll highlight the fact there is a clear divide between the clubs with bigger budgets and the rest but we always knew that. At the same time Arsenal and Tottenham have shown that clubs in and around the top can definitely fall away.
  11. If Liverpool win the next two games and Chelsea win Liverpool will go into the last day ahead of Leicester on goal difference of at least +2 If Liverpool win the next two games and Leicester win Liverpool will go into the last day ahead of Chelsea by 2 points. If Liverpool win the next two games and Chelsea vs Leicester is a draw Liverpool will go into the last day ahead of Chelsea by 1 point. Basically, Liverpool are in control. They will go into the last day in the top 4 if they win the next two games.
  12. After the first half I was convinced my prediction was correct. I was wrong though, excellent performance in the second half. The pressing was more intense and concerted. Thiago played much better too, he was non existent first half. Alexander Arnold in that mood is simply amazing too, some wonderful passing.
  13. No confidence in the game tonight. The defence isn't good enough.
  14. My working was way out earlier but essentially with the result tonight and the Chelsea vs Leicester match upcoming winning the remaining 4 matches should see Liverpool achieve the top 4. I will just counter that with the fact Rhys Williams is highly likely to start tomorrow, alongside Nat Phillips, probably one of the slowest defensive pairings in the league. Not confident at all they'll be able to get a result tomorrow night, let alone string 4 wins in a row together.
  15. Why? If Liverpool beat United they'll be 3 points behind Leicester, I believe. Leicester and Chelsea play eachother, so one or both are dropping points. Liverpool still need to win all their games. If Liverpool are level or one result from either of the teams the pressure will be on and both teams have cup finals coming up. It's definitely not over.
  16. Nothing but 4 wins is going to do. Chelsea and Leicester need to drop points already so anything but wins will make it impossible.
  17. Desperation, that is the only explanation.
  18. It's far too simplistic to look at Wolves and just say they're jaded.
  19. Spending more than Tottenham definitely isn't any kind of yard stick, they're hamstrung by a massive mortgage and no income generated by that shiny stadium. It's also disingenuous to compare them considering one team have been managed into decline whilst the other are trying to establish themselves in a new league. Leeds have been fantastic this season. The fawning over Bielsa is boring, just like it was a season or two ago with Klopp, but that doesn't detract from the fact they've gone toe to toe with the best and have been competitive.
  20. Oh the sweet irony of a Tottenham fan talking about others being somewhat Spursy Even better when the manager in question is being courted by Tottenham!
  21. It broke on the handle. She balanced it, stupidly, to let it dry and it slipped back into the sink. Top image, bottom mug, can I have a couple more pictures? Any ETA on the white clay? Intrigued to see how that would come out.
  22. My wife is an absolute fucking arsehole. Broke one of my mugs, not happy at all. @beakbeak can you update me with what you have left? Pink sounds interesting too.
  23. Adrock

    The Boxing Thread

    Mayweather is all about the fame. Being in the public eye and staying relevant is most important to him, I reckon. Like @Naysonymous says he isn't capable of fighting at a high level anymore so these chumps are exactly what he needs to keep the flame alive.
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