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  1. @beakbeak let me know when you're done. I'm a bit torn between the the two shapes. Would like to see pictures of both finished.
  2. Phillips is awesome, there is no other way to read that.
  3. Missed 45 matches through injury in the last two seasons. Sounds like a perfect trio to cover an entire season.
  4. Any update on the mug? Once I've got that in my possession I might be able to convince the missus to get a couple of other bits.
  5. That's interesting, FSG may review their interest in Liverpool off the back of that. They have stated, on many occasions in the past, FFP was crucial to their reasoning for purchasing Liverpool. It's been pretty much dead in the water for a fair while now but I imagine with it becoming official rich owners will pump even more money into clubs.
  6. Has he clicked or is it just a hot streak? He hasn't really been streaky throughout his career so far has he? As a Liverpool fan I was banking on the annual Leicester fall off to keep the slim top 4 dreams alive but it seems like Iheanacho has taken up the slack from Vardy.
  7. Adrock

    Good Rice

    This may be a short thread and I did a quick search but couldn't find anything obvious outside of rice cookers. What are people's favourite brands of white rice? I use long grain generally so recommendations for that would be good but I do like short grain occasionally so those are welcome too.
  8. Both Phillips and Kabak did well enough again. Fabinho was absolutely blowing out of his arse after about 70 minutes, the team need him to get fully fit as soon as possible.
  9. I really hope Patricio is just concussed and nothing more serious than that.
  10. The fact they aren't showing the collision isn't good. The current VAR and offside rules contributed to the incident, the idea you let play continue even when the player is clearly offside is stupid.
  11. It has been a pretty even first half, Liverpool have had the best of the possession but only created one real chance until the goal. That was a poor mistake by Patricio.
  12. Unchanged from Leipzig. Hopefully Fabinho can manage two games in under a week so soon after coming back from injury. It's hard to feel confident about any match at the moment because the form has been so poor.
  13. Anywhere else on the pitch it's a free kick, it doesn't matter where the ball is.
  14. Did Kane not get a card for that?
  15. Lallana was excellent until the last 5 minutes or so, blowing out of his arse. The lack of match fitness was quite clear.
  16. Thiago's two best performances have been with Fabinho in midfield, there is no coincidence. Wijnaldum was much better this evening too, because he was in his preferred position in the midfield 3.
  17. Pleasing enough performance and the central defensive partnership didn't put a foot wrong. They'll get sterner tests in the weeks to come but the front three will just have to score more than the team concede.
  18. The starting line up is interesting. Happy Fabinho has been pushed back into the midfield. It'll give Wijnaldum more freedom to get forward and take players on like he can. The defence is clearly a weakness but I'd rather watch the players in their best positions.
  19. Not starting Fabinho made sense in the context of his injuries recently so once he is back to full match fitness you'd hope that would be the case.
  20. Horrendous performance, the only performance worth analysing would be Keita's. Considering his recent lay off he did well and anything of quality came through him. The Fabinho cameo showed a glimpse of what the central midfield might be like fitness permitting. It was the longest sustained period of pressure Liverpool achieved in the match, even then they never looked like scoring though. A midfield 3 of Fabinho, Keita and Firmino next match please. Jota, Mane and Salah up top. Fuck worrying about the central defensive pairing anymore, go back to heavy metal football. Nat Phillips is a must in any current central defensive pairing, he hasn't made any mistakes that I recall.
  21. Wow. No confidence in the result today, at all. Ah well, a couple of hours of squirming as they lose to a decent Fulham team isn't the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon, almost.
  22. The idea Klopp won't stick around for a squad rebuild is fanciful. He spent his entire career rebuilding squads that were picked apart by bigger clubs until he moved to Liverpool.
  23. For Sunday they should try to freshen it up, play Fabinho, Keita and Jones in the middle. Give Wijnaldum the rest he deserves and then hope Nat Phillips is back, he was injured got tonight wasn't he?
  24. Horrendous. I've come to the conclusion Jones and Thiago can not start in the same midfield, both don't have the driving energy and momentum of the others and Wijnaldum can not be expected to do that as well as screen the defence.
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