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  1. The little thing I'm enjoying is not needing to think about saving progress all of the time - the ability to restart after a wipe out just before the last battle (in a saveable position) is such a simple idea but so many games don't do it (presumably to add false tension and make people frustrated playing a game that they'd otherwise really enjoy)
  2. FFXII on switch - 8/10 I enjoyed it a lot such that having finished once, I immediately played it all through again.... but partially ruined the second play through for myself, opting to speed everything up much of the time Benny Hill stylee
  3. Zelda BotW for me. Five play throughs..... and counting
  4. I've just managed to (first time by the skin of my teeth) defeat Airbuster and have just landed on Aerith's flowers in the church. I'm really enjoying the battle system so far although it took a while for my simple brain to get a handle on it - my take is that its all about cycling through each combatant, using the left/right buttons, doing weapon damage and building up atb whilst also cycling through each combatant using L2/R2 to fire off abilities, spells and item use. And smashing off limit breaks and summonings if and when you get a chance. And massively piling in on a staggered foe giving it a kicking while its down. And dodging and guarding although I'm a bit crap at that. The materia and weapon upgrades feel much the same as they were in the original, with one or two name changes, but maybe my memory of how all that worked isn't that reliable
  5. Nothing too geeky for me but I got all of the shrines on three (of my 5 ) play throughs of Zelda BOTW and on two of those went on a kill all of the Lynels rampage. To be honest the Lynels became really easy once you'd found all of the armour and fully upgraded it, by farming all of the stuff needed by all four of the fairies, and your weapons (stored in maxed out inventories) what become pretty much all the uber Lynel stuff
  6. Team guest players don't get quickenings by the way
  7. It definitely wasn't explained but, once you've noticed the buttons in the bottom right hand corner (X, Y and B on the switch) with your in play squad of three to choose from, it's not that difficult to work out. The other thing is that the 'spin' will sometimes give you a one, two or three quickening special moves and if you use up a team member's 3 quickenings all in one go, you will need to hit a mist charge next time you get a chance to bring that player's quickenings back into play
  8. It's not rocket science as I was able to manage it
  9. Quickenings is all about watching the bottom right of the screen after triggering the first quickening and then triggering (within a time limit) a sequence of follow up quickenings from the other team members. Each team member can get up to three quickenings and these can be recharged when used if you're quick enough too. I managed to get a max sequence of 15 once but 7 to 12 was more common
  10. Quickenings and getting to know how to use them are pretty darn crucial, especially early in the game against some of the bosses. I'm not sure they're exactly self explanatory but the idea is to trigger a series of back to back quickenings and if you can sequence enough you can do big damage. One quickening on its own is a complete damp squib
  11. I just completed FF12 twice back to back on switch (didn't bother with new game plus which felt a bit crap). I really don't think it matters much what licences you go for - I just looked up what I had at completion second time round and it was Vaan - Knight/Bushi (level 61), Penelo - Red Battlemage/Black Mage (level 61), Ashe - Foebreaker/Shikari (level 56), Fran - White Mage/Machinist (level 30), Basch - Knight/Time Battlemage (level 36) and Balthier - Uhlan/Monk (level 24). Every team and role set up sort of works together as long as you think things through. As you can guess my lead team for this play through was Vaan, Penelo and Ashe, with me bringing in Fran tactically every now and then mostly for a dispelga and a nifty pre-battle protectga and occasionally a curaja or arise, Basch less often but mainly for slowga and haste and poor old Balthier very rarely but from memory I think he had curaja too. Oh and I used all of them if a battle needed two lots of quickenings. To be fair Balthier played a front line team role first time through
  12. Stolly

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks very much or the recommendation which looks right up my alley - I'm downloading it right now
  13. Stolly

    Nintendo Switch

    I really need to play a new game on switch and could do with a couple of recommendations. I keep periodically buying new games, don't get me wrong, but just can't get into them --> my more recent damp squib recent purchases include: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (previously completed on PS4 but can't do with the first person perspective at all), Divinity Original Sin 2 (far far to complicated to play handheld), Balders Gate 1&2 (again too finicky to play), FFVII (I really struggled with the controller set up), Dragon Quest XI (boring ), Astral Chain (just couldn't get into it - not really my kind of game I guess), Hollow Knight (great but too hard for me to want to be arsed with), Disgea 5 (really really fucking annoying), FFX (god knows why I liked it first time round). There's lots of others stand out games that I don't play too, like Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart, but to put my switch gaming into perspective I have been playing a core bunch of games over and over and over again: Zelda Breath of the Wild --> over 540 hours of play time and at least 5 play throughs Final Fantasy XII - 165 hours and two play throughs Fire Emblem 3 Houses - 260 hours and 4 play throughs Final Fantasy IX - 45 hours and only one play through (so far) but I'd previously played it through twice on iPhone and twice yonks before that on PS2 Valkyria Cronicles 4 - 145 hours - can't remember how many play throughs that is For christ's sake give me another great game to play..... otherwise I think it might be Zelda BOTW once more
  14. Yeah I wear it most of the time. It's great for bug and lizard collecting
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