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  1. The very original Tomb raider, echoey caverns and jungles to explore, cliffs and temples to clamber up, pools to dive into and swim through with fantastic puzzles, trapdoors, rolling boulders and of course wild animals to fight or avoid was brilliant.... and I think it was completely ruined just as soon as you reached the point where you could fight human opponents. Jump to Tomb Raider now and its all about killing 100's (1000's?) of human opponents to the point of ridiculousness. A return to that original Tomb Raider (the first two thirds of the game from memory) would be fantastic :blah:



    Games that throw a never (or rarely used) set of new commands at you, out of the blue. The


    final bike ride bit

     in chapter 18 of FFVII Remake is a great example


    (although yeah I did admittedly have to do something similar right back at the beginning of the game).



    I equally didn't enjoy the solo fight with Rufus in chapter 17, having spent most of the game playing as a two or three person team,

  3. While on the subject of tips, I'm having a mare with Rufus. I'm getting really good at the first part of the fight,


    killing Darkstar, 

    but once I get to Rufus alone he's moving around like a mofo and I just don't get much of a chance to build up any ATB. If I could just hit him a couple times it would fecking help :rolleyes: 


    I sort of think I know what I need to do, try and hit him while he's reloading, and I know braver will stagger him (and firaga seemed helpful when Darkstar was involved as well), but I'm just not doing it right and not getting any chance to fire off an ability, use a spell or an item. Rolling doesn't seem to be the answer as I alway end up too far away from him and, by the time I get beside him, his reload is long done. Running around doesn't seem to work any better either


  4. 1 hour ago, Peb Kacharach said:

    But again, was this an issue for The Witcher 3, which was a much larger scale game. Either they commit to it being a shorter action game, or flesh out the city with side quests that are actually interesting and world-building. Or don’t choose to set this entire game in Midgar.


    The reuse of rooms one after the other in the sewer, train tracks, reactors, under sector 7 are just glaringly low-effort and lazy. Apparently all of the devs passion went into male gaze sequences involving Jessie, Tifa and Aerith.


    I guess so but even then, given that Midgar wasn't a wander where you like area in the original, they perhaps felt that it shouldn't suddenly become too free-range in the remake either. I know from playing the original a few times, breaking out into the open from Midgar was a key driver to progress. You almost feel claustrophobic in many ways in Midgar. And some of the glimpses of what wider world might look like in the remake do look appetising. I think that the side quests have only been small in number and have helped get to grips with the geography as well as meet new enemies to fight (they for sure aren't all rats). And at certain points in proceedings it's good that you can go off and/or backtrack and level up as much as you want to. I agree with you about introducing the press L1 to return to surface though when you need to re-visit the sewers - that shouldn't be necessary but I guess the L1 is there with level grinding in mind rather than plot line following??

  5. I think that, with the "padding" what a lot of people playing this game are forgetting is that its an rpg and, instead of having the completely unseen random battles of the first game, you can see each battle coming with this version (which is a good thing) but, at the same time you need the option to go back to places and level up or max out different weapons to arm yourself with the full range of their abilities. A non-fleshed out straight run would ruin the rpg-ness of it, wouldn't it?

  6. Everyone seems to be disappointed with the (potential) launch games but, other than SSX with the PS2, I can't remember a sony launch game that's grabbed me with all of the great games coming later. Nintendo probably have the best track record of launch games for me with Super Monkey Ball on the cube, Wii Sports and Twilight Princess on the Wii and Breath of the Wild on the switch. But Sony? Nah

  7. I tend to drop games I don't get on with quite quickly, but at the same time do try and persevere with games that I know I should like and/or love the style of but am crap at. So yonks ago, before it was even widely known of, I managed to complete a Japanese import of Demons Souls including about a zillion deaths and all the bastard bosses. But I then got Dark Souls and just couldn't get past one of early bosses and after I don't know 20 attempts at the fight (and fricking battling through to the fight from the last fire place) dropped the game and never went back. I loved the style of Bayonetta but was absolutely crap at learning the combat controls and again dropped that despite not wanting to.


    I also suffer from the 'but its not as good as <insert brilliant game in the same genre here> and stop playing to replay the better game again instead. Zelda BotW for a long time killed my interest in playing any other game at all as did, in days of yore, playing FFXI for maybe 2 years solid and nothing else, and completely leaving Half Life 2, bought at the exact same time, unplayed apart from the first 2 hours. I never did go back to HL2 either


    Finally every now and then feel I need to buy a game and, fuelled by other peoples' enthusiasm or reviews, buy it and immediately realise I hate it. I'm not a great enthusiast of fps's or on-line shooters but still bought Destiny :rolleyes:. And I recently bought Skyrim again, for my switch, having fully completed and enjoyed it ages ago and.....absolutely hated the first person perspective and stopped pretty much as soon as I'd escaped that little castle where I was to be executed.

  8. 10 minutes ago, Parappa said:

    Anyone got any tips for the boss at the end of

      Hide contents

    Train Graveyard - The ghost?.  Seems to be the only enemy so far that you can cast cure on so maybe that does some damage?  Otherwise how do you know which type of attact it is invulnerable from?



    I can't remember having too many problems (on normal). You have been using your assess ability haven't you?

  9. I'm on chapter 16 now and really enjoying it. And loving the way they've put the story together and the combat, materia and weapon upgrade system. My playtime thus far is about 40 hours and all 3 of my team are level 33 right now and, jumping to the next instalment of the game, presumably they'll be an option (or an obligation) to play on at my end game finishing level? And presumably this first instalment with that in mind is level capped? (Just checked - yes level capped at 50). Or do you think the next instalment will start at some kind of level fix at say 35 to 40?

  10. 1 hour ago, Peb Kacharach said:

    I'm only on Chapter 3. Early impressions...



    I generally like the action gameplay but it is a bit like Bayonetta or something in structure - as in move a few feet, clear a load of enemies... move a few feet...etc.

    Midgar is spot-on. I enjoy what they did with the environments.

    The updates to the central characters are decent, with some reservations.



    Cons... here goes:

    The Sephiroth flashes are jarring and out of place. Not working for me at all.

    The dementor ghosts are terrible.

    The way Aeris was introduced was also terrible.

    Some of the updated enemies are too faithful and look goofy nowadays.

    The NPC characters look like they belong in a different game, especially the coffee shop and weapon vendors in the slums. Is this GTA?

    Although faithful to the original character design, by fleshing out and making the city more realistic and inhabited, Barrett's size and minigun arm look preposterous. Cloud's Buster sword needed shrinking about 50%. Aeris looks and behaves in a very annoying way now.


    My overall impression is I like the nostalgia, but the game is tearing itself apart trying to be different things, and a lot of those things miss the mark and fail to capture the tone of the original. And they haven't even got going with the controversial stuff.



    Its Aerith not Aeris ;)


    I'm now neck deep into chapter 14 and many of your pros and cons make more sense, the more you play. I'm by and large loving it. The combat is nothing like Bayonetta (which I was completely rubbish at) and works brilliantly once you suss out how best to work your team and materia set up.


    The way Aerith was introduced felt just like in the original, as are the sizes of Barrett's gun arm and Cloud's sword

  11. 1 hour ago, moosegrinder said:

    I remember on the lead up to Xbox One and PS4 I was hoping and praying it meant someone could come up with decent collision systems for armour and weapons. So if you have a sniper rifle strapped to your back it clonked against your body/other guns/bags/whatever because it pissed me off games could look beautiful and yet you'd still get them clipping through your player model.





    I know it depends on what specific game you're playing but, given that in most video games you are carrying what would be a fucking huge sack/lorry load of stuff around with you, wanting just one of your available guns to clunk against something seems a bit pedantic :rolleyes:, albeit I get your point from an immersion point of view. Slightly ironically the game this gen that I think has the best physics by far is Zelda BotW on the switch, leaving most (all) the PS4 stuff I've played for dust. Good physics isn't necessarily down to having the most oomph.

  12. I just thought that they'd delayed launch because showing off a lot of shooty, massive explosiony games right now with everybody in game inevitably decked out in riot gear and/or Call of Duty special forces get ups wouldn't go down well while America was rioting with police decked out as video game characters in video game riot gear 

  13. The little thing I'm enjoying is not needing to think about saving progress all of the time - the ability to restart after a wipe out just before the last battle (in a saveable position) is such a simple idea but so many games don't do it (presumably to add false tension and make people frustrated playing a game that they'd otherwise really enjoy) :blah:

  14. I've just managed to (first time by the skin of my teeth) defeat Airbuster and have just landed on Aerith's flowers in the church. I'm really enjoying the battle system so far although it took a while for my simple brain to get a handle on it - my take is that its all about cycling through each combatant, using the left/right buttons, doing weapon damage and building up atb whilst also cycling through each combatant using L2/R2 to fire off abilities, spells and item use. And smashing off limit breaks and summonings if and when you get a chance. And massively piling in on a staggered foe giving it a kicking while its down. And dodging and guarding although I'm a bit crap at that. The materia and weapon upgrades feel much the same as they were in the original, with one or two name changes, but maybe my memory of how all that worked isn't that reliable :blah:

  15. Nothing too geeky for me but I got all of the shrines on three (of my 5 :rolleyes:) play throughs of Zelda BOTW and on two of those went on a kill all of the Lynels rampage. To be honest the Lynels became really easy once you'd found all of the armour and fully upgraded it, by farming all of the stuff needed by all four of the fairies, and your weapons (stored in maxed out inventories) what become pretty much all the uber Lynel stuff

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