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  1. It's definitely my best game ever and on a console/handheld that might just turn out to be the best console/handheld ever. For sure Nintendo has nailed the rpg crown dead with BotW. So many brilliant brilliant design decisions: Go where you like when you like Explore to find towers, shrines, villages, armour, food, weapons and koroks. Make weapons breakable so you always need to be searching A great mix of enemies Bloodmoons for respawns Shrines = puzzles, health and stamina Towers = maps Koroks = inventory slots Real need for collecting stuff for rupees, mon and upgrades Incredibly well scripted Stunning terrain and game world Stunning weather and day night cycles Really well thought out travel options Devine beast dungeons Leave it fairly obvious that any dlc is obviously going to add (subterranean) dungeons Super flexible combat options and abilities Every skill you get you want to and need to use
  2. Yeah speak to the same guy with the specs again and he'll send you off to take another photo in the hills. I now have both
  3. I think you get an attack bonus when fighting bones
  4. I'm feeling chuffed. I now have the full dark set and ancient armour. I think the only armour item I don't have now is the rubber suit hat
  5. North of Zora's domain you won't find another village... If you're heading for Goron city be warned it's very hot. My tip is to follow the main road up there, that way you'll get some good tips for coping from others along the way
  6. I have what I thought were all three pieces of the stealth gear. Why's there a second mask though? It's like a full set with an extra head choice??
  7. I don't particularly have a problem raising gems when I need them and mine ore all the time on my travels. Mon though is a bit more tricky to get as it requires you to trade monster parts. And yeah my 140 + hours of gaming gave me enough mon to get the top and bottoms of the dark gear and a lizaflo hat but, without selling parts I'm saving up for other things, I do need to do some more monster farming. I've often ignored monster camps in the game as not worth the effort and broken weapons but now I've met Kilton I realise the error of my ways And what the heck is sheik gear?
  8. You can't miss out on anything in this game. You just have to go out and explore and Bob's your uncle And talking of going out and exploring, I've only recently discovered Kilton and have now massively dwindled what I had previously thought of as monster part 'baggage' in my inventory. I've got the dark tunic and trousers but now have my mind set of the mask too. And suddenly I'm wanting to farm monster parts and am wondering whats best to do? Guardian nuts and bolts I really still need for my ancient armour set (I'm short of the headgear), Lynel stuff I'll probably use for great fairy armour upgrades, normal enemies, moblins, bokoblin, lizalfos and whatnot, will take ages to farm for stuff so I guess that leaves Hinox (which I feel cruel hunting) and dragons. Is dragon bit shooting offing the way to go?
  9. I did use normal arrows but not to any great noticeable effect. Until my bow broke I was firing 5 at a time!
  10. I was well and truly handed my arse by a striped, white (silver?) haired bastard Lynel last night in the snowfields left of centre at the top of the map. Having completed 74 shrines, killed all four beasts, found all the great fairies, upgraded loads of my gear, killed half a dozen Lynels previously, killed a fair whack of guardians and Ganon for fucks sake, and with me carrying some pretty good weapons too, I made the classic mistake of being far too smug, paragliding in all nonchalantly and smart arse like and then being completely smashed to pieces. To be fair I had to wear two bits of not particularly well upgraded snow gear (one star I think) and was definitely lightweight on fire and bomb arrows. Also my divine bird beast ability was on zero and, duh, the ground (covered in snow) for some reason chose not to catch light on his fire attacks and give me any updraft. More to the the point though that bastard Lynel did some attacks I hadn't seen before and was carrying a big fuck off sword. I'd love to blame that experience on the game rebalancing enemies but I have a feeling he'd have been a nightmare at any point. I will be returning though, wearing maxed out armour, having all my abilities loaded, toting multiple arrow firing bows and carrying a shed load of bomb arrows. Oh and eating anti-freeze food. Might leave it a while though.....
  11. It's certainly not cheap and, for sure with the ancient armour and many of the fairy upgrades, you sure earn the right to buy them. Pretty much all barbarian armour upgrades require Lynel bits for example
  12. I think there's a mix of armour that needs to be bought and armour that is found, although the found stuff can eventually be bought too. The barbarian, climbing and swimming armour all have to be found I believe (until you can access a certain village)
  13. That's Ganon sorted...... aaand I've jumped straight back in at my last save and whizzed off to buy some ancient armour trousers with all the guardian gears I've picked up getting to my Ganon-off
  14. Yeah and getting on board the beasts was pretty easy too (apart from the elephant in my case, my first beast, when I was too much of a nonce to think of using my abilities ). Most anything in this game can be done in small pieces. Mind you you I have waited almost an in game day and night for a dragon to spawn, only for two to come along at once almost back to back
  15. There are some bad guys that always drop good weapons mind. I know one place that I can always get a great flame sword after a blood moon for instance. Also every Lynel I think I've ever killed has dropped a really good bow... and shield and not a half bad sword come to that.
  16. All dropped stuff disappears. I killed an airbourne guardian, which took me about 5 back to back shield parries at a time when I was particularly rubbish at it, and made the mistake of saving the game before floating down to collect all the nuts and bolts. And unfortunately even though it was less than a minute later they'd gone. I'm now poised in the sanctum of hyrule castle and am thinking of having a crack at Ganon. I'd only gone there for a recce of the east side of the castle approach, having previously had a shufty on the west side, and to collect some guardian drops but hey, while I'm here.... Just something like 74 shrines for me so far so, whether or not I kill ganon on this occasion, I'll be carrying on to get all of my ancient armour and polish off a good few quests
  17. I know exactly where to look To be honest I've barely ridden any horses in the whole game to date. That said I do want to eventually ride and tame (if possible) the spirit like unicorn. That's assuming that this is what I'm supposed to do with it....
  18. Having taken on my first Lynel (which I effectively ate into submission ) I now know the attacks that are coming and don't feel so worried. That said I do stack up on a wide range of food, eat defence or attack food beforehand, slip into my barbarian armour for looks and extra attack, start with my master sword, a good shield and bow and goodly supply of all arrows. And have all my divine beast attributes set to max. And if all else fails I eat food and bore it to death. (The major tests of strength shrines are a walk in the park nowadays.) After something like 130 hours of play I'm now spending most of time filling gaps in the map (still amazing myself with the things I'm finding - I found the great fairy this morning) and gradually sussing out different approaches to hyrule castle which I'd largely avoided till now. I definitely want a full set of ancient armour before I decide to go for ganon - just have the top so far and need about 30 more ancient gears to get the hat and legs.
  19. I discovered the problem with using bomb arrows on death mountain the hard way
  20. I've got about the same play time but only 67 shrines and about half the korok seeds. Shortly going in for calamity Ganon . I knew about the chus yonks ago though
  21. I'm pretty sure you can get another Hylian shield once you've found the original
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