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  1. Hoo fucking ray, I've finally found the fourth fairy. What the hell is she doing out there! And her price for opening up her pod (ooh er vicar) was eye watering!


    And I've managed to track down the the full set of barbarian armour. Looks like I'll need to kill a couple more lynels to get it all upgraded though....

  2. 17 hours ago, Boothjan said:

    Progress report summaries folks?


    Time played: 71 hours

    Divine Beasts: 2

    Shrines: 61

    Korok Seeds: 54

    Hearts: 13

    Stamina Wheels: 2 + 1 segment

    Master Sword: Yes

    Fairies: 1 (no idea where the others are!!)


    Played c 120 hours

    Divine Beasts 4

    Shrines 58

    Korok seeds 77

    Hearts 16

    Stamina wheels 2

    Master sword yes

    Fairies 3

    Lynels killed 1 :rolleyes:

  3. Blimey, I've been out in the boonies for something like 10 (real) hours of playing now. No game over screen though :P


    I started off at goron city having pretty much wiped my savings to buy the robot (fire) armour. Fannied about exploring thereabouts and had a nightmare time completing the rock roast quest - I spent loads of time trying to do it tactically or trying to find a route around the baddies but got blasted (but not killed),  blood mooned or just dropped all the rocks which rolled into the lava and was generally just wasting too much time. In the end I just grabbed a fucking rock roast and took the baddies on head on and won through, despite the guy firing explosive arrows at me. Then I started a huge big loop starting in the top left of the map and ending up bottom right, arbitrarily looking for fairy pools (I only have found two) and hours later I still haven't returned to a town or village for a restock and nor have I found the darn fairy pools. I do have a fuck ton of luminous stone, dragon scales, 8 more shrines (and quests for at least two others) and something like 40 additional korok seeds though. I'm not even out of arrows right now (although I have been) having found some chests just recently. Arrowless combat though has really improved my hand to hand fighting. 


    Oh and guardians cannot deal with my shield of death 8-)


    I expect my 10 hour spell of invincibility to be handed its arse shortly

  4. Yeah thus far I've largely avoided the grown up guardian areas in the game, having maybe killed just 4 or 5 of them only one of which could use its legs. I have killed loads of the baby guardians though and looted a fair few guardian husks. 


    Im mainly short on ancient cores at present but will be looking to up my guardian quota soon. I'm determined not to play the guardians on a save and reload if shield swatting fails basis though and need to collect a few more shields. The ancient shield could be a could thing to have by the sound of things

  5. 2 hours ago, scottcr said:


    My son is 10 and he did it too... ;)


    But did he do it with as much style....

    55 minutes ago, Napole0n said:

    I've now tackled 3 divine beasts (at the Goron, Zora and Rito places) and have been working on further exploring the map, finding shrines, doing sidequests and collecting materials for epic meals and upgrades. There's at least one more Great Fairy Fountain to find (I've got 3 so far), and there's still one part of the map I haven't opened yet. Currently I'm about 75 hours in, completed 65 shrines, got 14 hearts and 2.2 stamina wheels. Currently I'm working on upgrading my favourite gear (the stealth armour, both for sneaking up to enemies as well as critters), but I might also try to get the stuff and rupees together for the Ancient Armour set.


    I've met a salesman outside of Hateno vilage who sells ancient stuff, and I think he also had ancient cores.



    Oh, and it's been decided this is now officially my favourite game of all time. I've been playing for over a month now and it's just as good as when I started. Better even, now I'm a fucking badass in this world.

    I'm definitely going to get the ancient armour set. Thus far I've just been able to afford and have the right bits for one solitary ancient bow but I'm a trier

  6. I've just activated all the sheikah slate terminals in the camel divine beast apart from the final central boss one. Obviously I've done a fair few Zelda dungeons in my time but I'm feeling especially chuffed with my spacial awareness and navigation of this one. Some right clever little puzzles to work out. There's no doubt about it, I'm a Zelda genius..... :rolleyes:


    Just the Goron beast to do after this one

  7. I'm on my third Divine beast at the moment - the desert one and have just sand sealed my way onto it. I've got a house with a few things on display, I've got my master sword and a couple of great bows. Two fairy ponds found, two research labs and I've visited the village with the Hawaiian vibe. I've probably got 40 odd kurok seeds and for sure I've still got loads of shrines to find (I think I have 13 hearts and a couple of stamina upgrades) but I did open up my last tower yesterday. Funnily enough it was the tower right beside hyrule bridge and, from its nearness to the central plateau and the easiness of the area in general, it felt like it may have been intended as most players first place to visit after getting the paraglider. Typical me, save the easiest till last :rolleyes:

  8. 4 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

    I'd just like to be able to make some shit arrows which I can use to set fire to stuff or shoot those annoying balloon korok things. Don't like wasting real arrows on that, they're hard enough to come by. Just for jobs like that, not to kill proper goons. 

    But once you've opened up a few villages you can do a quick fast travel around and soon stock up on arrows. I think I have 80 odd bog standard arrows now and anything between 10 and 30 of each of the ice, bomb, fire and shock arrows. I've earned that of course by opening up and exploring and it's equally great that arrows are a bit harder to come by early doors

  9. 19 minutes ago, deKay said:


    I currently have 6. Lizalfos carry them.I keep having to get rid.

    Yeah I was going say that for a while I was picking up loads of fricking boomerangs and they were the first thing I was dropping to create weapon room (or chucking away at enemies obviously). My major problem nowadays is sufficient room in my hand weapon inventory even though most of my Kurok seeds have been spent upgrading it. Despite the durability thing a fair few of my swords are long lasting. I've got two great flame swords at the minute and I've had one of those for the last 20 hours of gameplay at least. My bows on the other hand break all the time :rolleyes:

  10. 8 minutes ago, macosx said:

    I was on that constellations shrine last night. I broke open the guide after 20 minutes. Even the solution makes no sense to me.

    That I don't get at all. The solution when you see it is completely obvious. 


    Next time youre there there go back in and have a proper look

  11. Haha I love how some have got stuck of the trial of wood when, by the sound of it, the mud isn't deep anyway, you can climb the trees and glide over, use flame arrows fired at you for updraft and gliding or use ice towers. I wonder how many other solutions there are

  12. The first bit of the lost wood with the torches was subtle and took me a while to stumble on. The first trial after that was a 'real' (rather than prize) shrine wasn't it that from memory doesn't stand out as hard? The follow the iron trees one seemed blinking obvious to me (there was a massive clue from the Kurok at the start) and the wood trial no more finigally than some of the running fights I get in all of the time. It's been a bit of a damp squib though all the same as I'm not yet 'hearty' enough to get the full job finished :(

  13. 8 minutes ago, NexivRed said:

    My fucking god the Korok trials are annoying me. Screw the fucking mud. 


    "If you would ever like to do The Test of Wood again, let me know!"


    Ahahaha...shove it up your arse you tree-hugging beanie baby. 

    That's weird. I found the Kurok trials all really straightforward. That said I've been playing the game really bows and arrowsy so spend a lot of time sniping and keeping a good stock of different arrow types. As for avoiding the mud, you can go


    up the tees 

    too you know ;)

  14. 1 minute ago, Fallows said:

    I need to track him down too. If you have the upgraded tablet you can take a photo of him and register your sensor to track him down instead of shrines. 

    Great idea but hopefully he'll come along to me. I'm fairly high up at a point where he flew down low previously. I got a scale from another dragon in an aerial gliding and shooting extravaganza (shooting off those gunk things) and the idea of just standing on a skull and firing off a few arrows when he happens by seems quite a good plan

  15. Yesterday I went in search of the red dragon Danraal (?) and, although I occasionally saw him flying high above me, I didn't actually find him despite some mighty mountain climbing and got side tracked by other stuff instead. Anyway jump to this morning and there's me stood on the skull of a huge dead critter skeleton casually dropping bombs on an enemy camp below when the wind comes up a bit and the dragon gloriously flew right over my head. Unfortunately my bow was a bit underpowered and/or I misjudged the wind speed and I didn't hit him (or alternatively I couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo :rolleyes:). Then my bow broke...


    Anyway I got a brand spanking new bow from one of the bombed out moblins and I'm now camped out on the dead critter skull waiting for Danraal to come over again. It was about 2:30 am Hyrule time when he first flew over so hopefully he'll come round again :)

  16. 1 hour ago, scottcr said:


    Definitely don't worry about missing anything... if I would suggest one thing it would be avoid fast travelling.  Get a horse to move around faster if you need to... but if you've got a goal in mind, walk or ride to it.

    I hardly ever use horses to be honest and tend to explore on foot, paragliding, climbing and sometimes shield surfing as required. I tend to fast travel mainly to restock for arrows, upgrade armour or runes and whatnot or occasionally when feeling battered by the weather. That said if I suddenly have the urge to open up the map at the other end of the game world it usually makes sense to fast travel to the nearest shrine or tower opened up rather than travel on foot and inevitably get distracted doing something else :rolleyes:  

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