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  1. 37 minutes ago, PeteBrant said:

    Gotta say, at the moment. This isn't clicking with me. It's massively impressive on a technical level. But its just.. I don't know. Im almost forcing myself to play it. I think I;m trying to do too much, I usually try  and mop up all the side quests available before moving the main quest on with open world stuff, and I get the feeling that;s not how this should be played.

    It's just the opposite for me. I'm not trying to do any tasks in an organised way at all. Sometimes I'll pick up a side quest and do it there and then but more often I'll start with the intention of something or other but then see a tower or shrine or bunch of moblins or speak to somebody else and think of something else to do. I'm mainly just exploring to be honest and ticking off the odd thing here and there while I'm at it.


    Whats completely stunning about this game is how you really end up getting to know the world as you explore it and open up maps for the ground covered. I've tramped all over huge tranches of land now and, without feeling particularly powerful (still 7 or 8 hearts I think, certainly not much more than that), I rarely feel out of my depth and am beginning to really "know" the place. Well the bits I've been to that is....


    And as for weapons breaking all the time, I've got two or three cracking weapons I've had for quite a while now and whip out on special occasions. Weapon vulnerability is a fantastic inclusion though, it really adds to the need to keep fighting and exploring and, from time to time, really adds some tension to the combat

  2. 16 hours ago, NexivRed said:

    Just climbed Akkala Tower in the citidel ruins. Found this, like other old battlegrounds, really moving; there's red carpet still on some of the stairway. I know there are no corpses around, but you can imagine thousands of people dying at the dotted around ruins.

    There's a dude fighting a moblin near the bottom of this tower that gives you some back story. The mossed over cannons on one side are really morbid (pick up the rock by them btw..)


    Climbed this with 9 hearts, in climbing gear, with three guardian arrows. Love being a stealthy little shit. The climbing ability just makes this game and map work so well. 




    OMG!! There's something crawling all over the bloody volcano! Just clocked it through the binoculars, creepy as fuck.

    I recently did that tower with 7 hearts and one stamina upgrade. I climbed up and avoided the flying guardians and, on my route up, I had exactly the right amount of stamina to do it such that twice, had I not that second reached a ledge, I would have fallen. I loved the little puzzle of actually accessing the tower proper from the ruins too.


    Just one divine beast (Ruta) beasted so far and my first final boss fight with that was farcical. My only bow broke early doors and I ended up chucking everything I had at the boss instead of firing arrows. I got him down to a slither (eventually) too using my spear, boomerang, sword and kitchen sink chucking plan but the bastard got me right at the finish. I went away and tooled up and made real quick work of him second time round though ^_^

  3. 6 minutes ago, CheekyLee said:

    Paging in @Jonny5 to this one, as it concerns him.


    Go find the guys who teach you to Shield Surf in the first place. Northwest of Lanyru Tower, North of Sheh Rata Shrine, Southeast of Woodland Stable. You'll be told where to go for this "legendary shield surfer", I would assume that this is where the best run would be found. Sadly, the shields they sell would appear to be one time only deals, I think they're just there to point you in a couple of other directions.


    90 hours in, STILL FINDING NEW SHIT TO DO!

    Yeah I saw those guys a while back but they didn't say anything like that at the time. And I definitely didn't buy any of their shields (100 rupees a pop from memory) 

  4. 2 hours ago, Jonny5 said:

    Waggle shrines are a fucking pain in the ass in handheld mode.  Having to tip the fucking thing away so you can't see the screen is just sooooo bloody stupid.

    Conversely the other day I was doing a "waggle" shrine while playing on the TV and I actually had to go to handheld mode to get it done. It was a shrine where I was controlling a big hammer to knock a metal ball into a stone ball which then had to roll up a slight slope and drop through a hole. It could've been my cack-handedness but I found it really difficult using the conventional switch TV controller set up :blink:

  5. I'm absolutely loving this game but after circa 30 hours of play I can't say that I'm getting anywhere fast. I keep getting side tracked, and side tracked on side tracks of side tracks :rolleyes:


    So I'd collected 30 odd shock arrows for the humungous water elephant thingy but then had run out of decent swords and went exploring out west to see what I could get. Came across a tower guarded by guardians and shield reflected my way up that. Saw a distant shrine that turned out to be miles away and basically ran out of arrows (not touching the shock arrows) over there and wimped out of a 'slight test of strength' having made such an effort to get there. Completely wiped out a scull shaped camp on the way back, dyed my armour and upgraded some pieces at a fairy fountain, then went back to the starting zone to practise some fighting techniques, upgraded a couple of runes, had a vague but unsuccessful search for the kurok guy who will let me add spaces for weapons (basically looking at all the wooded areas I've thus far opened up on the map), killed a stone talus then did a myriad of side quests before returning to Zora's domain to fight my way into the elephant which I did, but busted all my bows in the process. I had a look at the first couple of puzzles there, quickly solved the first and have now zipped off bow hunting......... 

  6. 2 hours ago, Majora said:

    It seems like a bit of a dick move to make you think that it isn't that important whether you invest in stamina or hearts (since you can make the other up either way via food and elixirs) and then lock something important behind a minimum permanent heart limit. Wasn't an issue for me but if someone has been ploughing most of their upgrades into stamina they'll need to do a fuckload more shrines to get enough hearts or pay a lot of money to completely respec themselves. 

    There's a statue you can talk too that changes hearts to stamina and vice versa if you want to ;)

  7. So I was playing in the bath and, yep, the switch was rubbish for trying to complete the shrine where you have to roll a ball through a maze. I don't think Nintendo took into account the restricted tilting you can get when lounging in the bath did they? No they didn't.


    Piss poor play testing if you ask me ;)

  8. 13 hours ago, kempstar said:

    None of this sounds like Zelda!


    The cooking just seems like way too hassle.


    I will put another couple of hours in later.

    Sounds to me like you aren't even trying. You can get along way in fights by just madly swinging your weapon while eating to maintain your health and switching weapons as they break. The way you're coming across is almost like you haven't even tried that!


    Once you've learnt some of the combat techniques (all of which are very Zelda) which you get taught at a shrine near one of the first villages, you will certainly be informed enough in what you can do. If you can be arsed ^_^

  9. 9 minutes ago, stefcha said:


    Find something that has extra hearts as the buff, and cook 4 or 5 of whatever they are together in the pot.

    I've cooked something that gives 10 hearts if eaten but, given that I only have 4 hearts at the moment, I've been keeping it for later. Are you saying that I'd have 10 hearts if I ate it?

  10. 32 minutes ago, kempstar said:

    Im enjoying this but the weapons durability is ruining it for me.


    I dont know if I have maybe eaten some food that reduces durability or something?


    Every melee weapon I have only seems to last 2-3 hits before it breaks, it didnt used to be like this. 

    Any ideas? :unsure:

    I tend to switch weapons (to say the woodcutters axe) for breaking crates, or alternatively set them alight and cook any food hidden in them while I'm at it, and fight with bows and bombs before closing in for hand to hand combat with swords and spears. I also make big use of environmental factors and other runes (stasis and magnetism) in fights too. All of that means that weapons are lasting longer. That said I have more problems not being able to pick up all the weapons that I come across to be honest.


    Oh, also you can check weapon durability in the inventory 

  11. Well I've only had my Switch since Friday but already I'm pretty sure the switch will turn out to be the best console I've ever owned . I'm playing Zelda BotW (obviously) and even at home I've tended to play it handheld, jumping in and out of the game when I have a free 15 minutes or so. I've also taken it with me for a day trip for work and on the train. It's just so easy to use and versatile and the scope for games to use all of it features and brilliant portability is huge.


    You have to think that it's going to be a must system for rpgs and adventure games and I think third parties will flock to it for those types of games to be honest. I know that if a new (offline) rpg that I fancied was being launched on the PS4 and Switch at the same time, the switch version would be the one that I'd get.


    Having what might turn out to be the best game ever at launch sure has helped mind.


    And according to the BBC this could be the most most successful console launch ever for Nintendo 



  12. I've just finished FF7 playing on my iPhone. A fantastic ride all the way. They just don't make 'em like that anymore.... mumble, grumble 8-)




    Teasel is my scratty border terrier and = Tifa. Hester is my (non-scratty) wife and = Yuffie and Stolly (me) = cloud. My other dog called Harry was Haz XIII :)

  13. The characters are lovely and I haven't found it a grind at all with this play through. When I first played it several million yonks ago I took ages to get to grips with the materia system (I must have been dumb in those days) and I found it tough going. This time I've got to level 45 and my team have only been wiped twice I think - my having trouble catching a chocobo at the chocobo farm relatively early doors gave me the benefit of some early extra levelling up and I haven't really looked back from that. That and getting stuck in a maze for a while. Exploring the map on iOS is a 'tad' annoying along with an ultra sensitive button press every now and then (I've cured a few enemies in the heat of battle by mistake) but otherwise it's great. If it does come to switch in it's revamped guise I'd seriously be tempted; it's a great game to play on the go

  14. Pah I don't need a PS4 makeover. I'm currently playing through FF7 on my iPhone and, despite the slightly finicky controls, absolutely loving it. Currently level 45 and have just got all my materia back from Yuffie in Wutai :hat:




  15. I was a bit worried about the controls when I bought it but the touch screen was superb in battle mode, selecting actions etc. For moving around it was just a case of dragging Zidane or the airship or whatever around which again worked well. Seems a bit obvious but because I was playing on my iPhone the screen was "big" because it was so close to me. On an iPad the screen would've been bigger of course :). My only problem was that when playing it in the bath, the touch screen became a nightmare when my fingers got wet ;).


    And oh I've gone back in again and my team have now sorted out Hades :hat:

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