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  1. I've just completed this after c 60 hours of play on my iPhone 6 and it was absolutely stunning. Just as good if not better than when I played it yonks ago on my brand spanking new PS2. My main team were all in the level 50 to 57 zone and I beat the final two bosses with Zidane, Eiko, Dagger and Vivi. They were a bit underweight on potential gear and abilities such that I might go back to my last save and level them up some more and kill a few other bosses - starting with Hades who, unfortunately, handed me my arse the two or three attempts I had this time round. Who says iOS games are dross!


    Hmmm.... next up FF7?

  2. 23 hours ago, deKay said:


    Mobile gaming isn't the future of gaming. It's a detour into some sort of apocalypse.


    I used to agree with this view point wholeheartedly but, after playing a fair bit of dross on my iphone 6, I suddenly had the urge to try Final Fantasy IX... which I have to say is absolutely brilliant. Just like the original but with, if anything, better character graphics and improved save game options. And with nire on perfect controls adapted to the iphone touch screen. Because there was never any in game speech I can even play it without sound but usually try to have my earphones in because of the fantastic music.


    I'm not saying that the new Mario ios game will be anywhere near as good mind and, even if it's brilliant, I'm not a great Mario (runny) platformer fan anyway. But I definitely intend to use my iphone as my good old final fantasy game replaying device for some time to come so, as far as that's concerned, mobile gaming is the future :)

  3. I'm a dad and, although I'm not yet a granddad, both of my daughters are old enough to sprog so theoretically I could be. What I need to know is what dad games I should be playing? :hat:


    As for the NX, that mock up on the previous page looks awful. Don't get me wrong I'd love to play the same game on the TV and handheld but I really don't want to look a plonker while doing it. The same goes for VR but with knobs on.


    Not at my age anyway...

  4. Having played it to death when it first came out (my 'best' PS2 game by some margin for ages even though it was actuallya PS1 game), I've just started Final Fantasy IX all over again on my iphone 6. Its chuffing brilliant :) 

  5. Hi I've finally come out of the blackberry dark ages and have an iPhone 6. I'm looking for a really good rpg to play now and was thinking of either ffvii or when it comes out ffix. I'm wondering how ffvii plays on an iPhone and whether the gaps between saves will be a problem as I'll mainly play on the train to work. Obviously I've completed both way back when and I think I loved ix even more than vii so ix will probably be a deffo purchase either way. Can anyone give me some pointers? Ta

  6. That's an odd list of multiplatform games and Bloodborne on the PS4 there given as an example of "not suiting you one bit".

    Yeah sorry, perhaps I wasn't explaining myself too well. I mainly play rpgs and, having already got a PS4, why would I realistically want/need an xbone?

  7. Just using myself as an example of the whole world's video gaming habits :blink: , I sometimes wonder if the audience for Xbone games is still stuck in the fps, sports and driving er.. rut, especially I guess the on-line competitive versions of those genres, and its mainly big fans of those genres (and Americans) that have stuck with the Xbox One? I'm at work at the moment but, from memory, this year I've bought Destiny (PS4), Balders Gate 1 and 2 (Mac), Dragon Age Inquisition (PS4), Life is Strange (PS4), The Witcher 3 (PS4), Bloodborne (PS4), Everybody's gone to Rapture (PS4), MGS V (PS4), Fallout 4 (PS4) and Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U). Clearly from that list the Xbone in its current guise wouldn't suit me one bit and with all the rpg's yet to come the PS4's way probably never will. I think Microsoft have chased the on-line arena gamer at the expense perhaps of the wider market.

  8. Although I can see where wiper is coming from with a couple of his criticisms it does make me laugh when some pretty small things are deemed worth nit picking over when most if not all games of this type have huge suspension of disbelief breakers that are just accepted without a second glance. I accept them too, don't get me wrong, but I mean fast travel, what the heck? Being able to carry a warehouse load of loot in your back, invisibly? Cars and junk lying about for over 200 years in a nuclear wasteland but still with its original paint job intact? 90% of all buildings boarded up? Who the heck boarded them up? So much stuff lying about in cupboards and lockers? Being able to heal yourself with food or water, let alone stimpacs? Handy weapons and armour workshops, all in perfect working order, dotted about?

    Its all open to criticism really but, never-the-less, the game is great. So tiny criticisms like the sex choice in the character creation screen or the noise carrying 'unrealistically' vertically? Really? :)

  9. That's not what they said but I'm sure you're right. I've 4 sets of Power Armour but can't figure out how to modify any of them. I get the option to Craft but I'm then told it has no craftable parts.

    You pick up the head, torso, arms and legs bits to your power armour and equip them don't you? I've only got one suit but that's what I've done. Once equipped I'm now forever repairing and painting them :)

    From memory I think the bits are collected from the maintenance rig itself

  10. After a few initial forays into the game and much fannying about, I wasn't getting really getting the vibe to be honest. But yesterday in one extended (well extended for me) session I managed to finally be able to afford a new fusion core for my power suit, give it a proper service and a bit of a paint job, jump in and stomp into the car plant in Lexington and Concord, kick some raider ass, then finally finish setting up Sanctuary and become general (huh?) of the minutemen and then, having parked the power suit, clear out a hideout with the help of Honest Dan near Covenant. I'm now feeling that I know more or less what I'm doing and can't wait to get cracking again. And I've gone from a paltry level 6 to a 'mighty' level 9, almost 10, in the process :)

    Incidentally the battles of Lexington and Concord were the opening battles of the American Revolution - see this suitably cheesey and melodramatic American explanation here

  11. Genuine question: do people still buy games based on reviews

    Obviously not just on reviews and even then certain reviews and reviewers and for sure the particular type of game make a massive difference too. As a predominantly rpg player though, usually games that involve big investments of time, I do look for reviews to give me a feel for a game. I do also look at the views of certain forumites too but this can become notoriously tricky at times, especially on Nintendo consoles where maybe there's massive biase often clouding any meaningful views. I mean has scottcr ever found fault with a Nintendo game :)
  12. What's the PS4 version likely to be up against 4th quarter 2016 though? Surely they'll be another line up of big hitters? I've already pencilled in the next Zelda (on Wii U I know) but there's bound to be a fair whack of others just on the PS4

  13. I know, lets launch a week after Call of Duty Black Ops III, 3 days after Fallout 4 and a week before Star Wars Battlefront. And lets go timed exclusive with the less popular console and the console that is markedly less popular with our fan base.

    How can we fail.....

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