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  1. Not that I've tried it, but it actually can (apparently to a playable level). Also the Xperia Play screen resolution is 854×480.
  2. The game can still be bought from Zavvi with the Adventures of Tintin DVD or BluRay for basically the same price as the game itself elsewhere. With a 10% off voucher got the game and the BluRay boxset for £35 on 360.
  3. I'm not disputing that they look similar (I'd say the PS1 version looks better), I'm saying the DS wasn't capable of any more than that.
  4. What disingenuous is impling that Deadly Silence looks the way it does for any other reason than that its on DS hardware.
  5. You are completely missing the point. The game is a 5 year old DS title, not a 15 year old PS1 title. The fact that its an updated port of an older game makes no difference whatsoever.
  6. If thats aimed at what I posted, Deadly Silence is 5 years old, and I'm comparing it to Mercenaries 3D which was out this year. The reason Mercs looks better than DS is because its on vastly more powerful hardware, not the 5 year gap between the releases.
  7. Its really impossible to tell the difference...
  8. I had a hard time finding a 3D graphics 1 on 1 fighter on DS to compare it to, I don't see why Naruto is a bad comparison there. And yes I do think most people can tell the difference, I think you'd have to be almost blind to think a DS was anything near as powerful as a 3DS if you saw similar games running side by side. EDIT - Its like saying most people can't tell the difference between the graphical capabilities of the N64 and the PS2.
  9. I'm not saying I agree with the people going nuts over the textures...but on the other hand, I really don't think this game looks better than any of the big games of the year, especially on PC. The way the game moves (60fps) does make a difference, but overall the world doesn't look as good as say what I've seen of Skyrim. The tech either just isn't that good or isn't put to best use in Rage. We'll see what it looks like when the big texture pack comes out (if it does), but even if it makes everything perfect, I still don't think the game will look significantly better than anything else coming out around now.
  10. On PC? They don't. It was a bug thats been fixed. Assuming your PC can handle it, everything streams in much faster on PC now than it does on the console videos I've seen.
  11. I really don't think it is. Assmuming you aren't getting any bugs on PC, its got to be the better version. Theres no AA at all on console and its running at 720p at most. The problems people are complaining about with the closein textures on PC are there on console, but for some reason people playing on console don't seem to want to shout about it.
  12. Not sure about PS1, but I don't think the DS's popularity had anything to do with that really. I'm sure the vast majority of DS owners never pirated a game in their life.
  13. Just re-read the recent Eurogamer preview, goes into detail about the controls, mentions the lack of analogue to run like in other 3D games, but absolutely no mention of completely digital control...I'm sure people would be shouting about that if that was the case.
  14. I've not seen that reported anywhere...are you sure about that?
  15. At the correct respective resolutions for the screens... ...definitely impossible to tell the difference between the 3DS and DS games.
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