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  1. Push the Home button I think it's accessible from there whilst the games running. Probably wrong though :s
  2. CoD Ghosts... It ticks every box but just it feels soulless.
  3. Scram Kitty then... Hard innit?
  4. Payday has hit... NES Remix 1 and 2, Abyss, and Scram Kitty all downloaded.
  5. Lest we forget how much greener we all are now we are Wii U cultists http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/digitalfoundry-wii-u-is-the-green-console_7
  6. Finally added my NNID to the list.
  7. Hu-hummm this was in my loft... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321392537483
  8. We all know Turok Evolution is the best FPS ever.
  9. Failed to mention I suck at it. No, it's a solid racer and it's jam packed with content. I just find it difficult... The drifting isn't as satisfying as Mario Kart or Outrun.
  10. Exactly those people! Same as Ocarina sold the 3DS to all the N64 owners, same as a new Mario Kart is selling it to Mario Kart fans. In all seriousness it's an option. Slap Wii Sports Club (sounds like a new version) on the box and it's more interesting to dusty Wii owners than a standard Wii U box is.
  11. £229 with MK and a download code for SMK and a Pro Controller. Winner. I'm surprised Nintendo have yet to push Wii Sports Club at retail. A £199 pack with Wiimote, Nunchuck and codes for Golf and Bowling (to entice people to paying for Tennis) would push sales and invite eShop interest surely?
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