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  1. You are 100% correct. I am not sure why I didn't do that. I do apologize.
  2. Don't you mean: BLOODY IMMATURE! You canbuy "Tit Gropes" on eBay? Please ... post a link.
  3. Chucky is THEE film. He is the funniest thing on plastic legs and a really cute little killer. Now ... let's get to the rest of this flick. SPOILER WARNING: This movie is hilarious. Yea, it's supposed to be a horror film and it does have Redman's guts spilling out onto the floor (he gets gutted from the knob up from under the dinner table). It also has one of the best decapitation scenes I have witnessed in a long while ... but this movie isn't just funny ... it's a knee slapper horror-rama. First and foremost, the puppet work in this film is amazing. Chucky's wife has a great set of tits (hmmm ... Team America had a puppet with great tits ... I sure do hope this is a trend). The voice of chucky is the best. I forget the guys name, and I really could give a shit to look it up ... but he is one hell of a voice over. And that Tilly chick as his wife ... she has a great voice to. Plus, Jennifer Tilly also plays herself in this movie. Now, some of you might be thinking that JT got on the fat train and turned into a pig. That might be true ... but that pig has a great rack on her. The only problem there is that they never show them. Which is the only downside to the whole movie. John Waters is in this movie. Just knowing that should make you want to see it. He plays a really sleazy paparazzi and is perfect for the part. Next to Tilly's titties, John was the third best part of this film. (Try and remember, dumb ass, I already mentioned that Chucky was THEE film ... now that might have changed had they unshielded the Mams o' Tilly.) Hey, let us not forget Britney. Yea ... that slut made the film as well. She had the nads to shoot the finger at Chucky while he and his son are motoring in a Hummer. Let's just say Chucky takes care of shit the right way. MORE SPOILER SHIT: Chucky gets Tilly preggers with a turkey baster filled with spunk. That's right. Now, just how does Chucky get this spunk. Why ... he get's it from his nuts while masturbating to Fangoria magazine (my kind of puppet). John Waters gets some really good shots of this ... Chucky spanking the plastic monkey ... silhouetted in the upstairs bathroom window. The wonders of todays movies. This wasn't much of a review. And it sure wasn't what I would call an article. And if you don't like it you can lick my balls and twist my taint. I am just sharing my views on the Seed of Chucky. Now piss off till the next Chucky film. Seed of Chucky Site Fangoria Magazine
  4. About the usage of the word ignorant: I am using it as impolite rudeness and crudeness to others without caring. That is another usage we make of the word over here in the US. Example: He called me a lousy piece of ass in front of my mother. He was an ignorant bastard. I hope that helps. Now, if you will let me return to my work mode, I would greatly appreciate it. (Turning off brain now.)
  5. What I mean by this is they pick on everyone and everything. Nothing goes unscathed. That is why I call it ignorant. They go out of their way to offend. And I really love that kind of thing.
  6. First off ... don't give me any shit. I wouldn't want to send Team America after you. Orgazmo and Baseketball: I really thought those films were excellent. Believe it or not I have yet to see Meet The Feebles. But I am very fond of Brain Dead and Bad Taste and looking ever so forward to Peter Jackson's take on King Kong.
  7. If you have a sense of humor ... see this film. I am not going to get into politics or any horse shit like that ... but I will say that this is the most ignorant film I have ever seen. And I loved it. I will buy this on DVD and watch it a lot. This has some of the funniest dialogue I have ever heard, complete with well linked profanities and the best set of puppet tits I have ever seen. Yea ... Trey Parker is one very sick, talented mutt. You are saying to yourself, "tss, what the hell does this movie have in it that isn't in other profanity driven puppet flicks?" Well, I am not sure how many other profanity driven puppet flicks there are, but read on if you don't mind a bit of a movie spoiling. Puppet Sex: Yup. This film has one of the hottest puppet sex scenes I have ever seen ... actually the only puppet sex scene I have ever scene. This has to be seen to be believed. I think they cover almost every major position. Profanity: This film almost tops me for profanity. And you know that just has to be great. Profanity with conviction is what I like to call it. And it is a beautiful thang. Breaks It All Down: This film breaks the world down into the three types of people. I really don't want to get into it, but according to this film I am a dick. If you are offended and want to bitch about what I just said, then you are a pussy. And last but not least pretty much the entire government are assholes. I won't totally spoil this for you ... you just have to see it to believe it. Blood & Gore: This is perhaps the bloodiest film I have seen in a long time. Heads are split in half, Helen Hunt is cut in Darth Maul style, disembowling, etc., etc. Vomit: The lead hero pukes for about 10 minutes and passes out in a sea of bile. Even the scene from The Excorcist has nothing on this. I could go on for another few hundred words, but because I am a dick you will just have to see the movie yourself. Enjoy!
  8. Ok. I want to like this game, but please listen to what happened to me. I played through my apprenticeship with A+ all the way. The old bastard asked me if I wanted to move on or hang out. I chose to hang out and saved the game. I came back to my XBOX and started playing the next day. My save point was right after the burning village in the beginning. I had to go through the apprenticeship again. I did my time as an aprentice again. I saved before moving on. I started from the same point once more. I was pissed. I started a new character. Played through the apprenticeship again with the same results. What am I doing wrong? At this point I really don't want to touch this game again.
  9. Which makes the Laser Blasting Cock that much more of a possibility. Imagine a Strap On Laser Blasting Cock that shoots warm milk when it is set to stun. Fucking extraordinary.
  10. I played Animal Crossing a long time ago. This game is crack. I shit you not. And I don',t even know why. I hear it is being released on the DS and can',t wait. Imagine AC anywhere you go. I will probably lose my job this bout with AC. You will love the game. I can',t say why. Its so cute its sickening. And I loved it.
  11. It',s all fun, man. You cracked me up.
  12. LOL. I was hoping to get a few laughs out of this post. That Vader line was pretty good.
  13. tss

    Chains Of Promathia

    Thank you. I didn',t even think of looking in the online forum. Silly me.
  14. Good point. Kind of foils my rant, though. &lt,_&lt, Thanks.
  15. You have probably had this discussion at one time or another in the past, but I am gonna reopen the wound. It only seems appropriate with the release of the holy trilogy in DVD format. How do you feel about Greedo shooting first? You might say, &quot,Yo, tss, get over it!,&quot, I won',t strike back with anything nasty. I just want to know what Lucas was thinking. I hear all this &quot,Han wouldn',t have shot first&quot, shit ... that it makes him look like a bad guy if he shot first. Fuck that. Greedo was a cool character before I saw him shoot first. He was a mystery to me. I knew he was a killer after Han',s quick dispatching of him. But now when I see him shooting first he just looks like some fucking retard in a Halloween mask. Before shooting first he really meant something to the movie. You knew he was to be feared. You knew he was a villian. You knew that only Han could fuck with him. Now ... he has been degraded to shit. I am sorry, people. I you are sitting across a table from me and I wanted to shoot you, I would split your head open with my slug. I don',t even think Ray Charles or that blind soprano lawyer fuck (Andre Bocelli ... something) could miss you if they were sitting across from you. In a nutshell, Lucas has ruined Greedo for me. I am so glad I downoaded the laser disc editions of the trilogy and made DVDs out of them. This is the way they were seen in the theatre. This is the way they should be. Can you help me to make sense of this, people? Please.
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