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  1. I didn't think this would be all that, but found it hard to stop to go meet a mate in the pub, top stuff looking forward to getting back in.
  2. Anyone know how I can hide the mic OSD that appears in the top left when you use voice chat. Party overlay, got it!
  3. Persona 4 was my second thought.
  4. I might resub so I can watch VinnyVania again.
  5. Wreckfest is a bit lifeless, Flatout UC is still the best in the series, this feels a lot better than WF.
  6. I was going to pre-empt your expected and equally tedious counter in my post, but thought you might desist for once. We get it. To answer your question, 1. It's fun 2. There's not many positives to discuss with GB these days. 3. This isn't the subreddit were any criticism equals an insta-ban. 4. I didn’t come back in here moaning until Ben came back. 5. I’m like Fry’s dog in the Jurassic Bark episode of Futurama, just waiting around for GB actual to return. Some day.
  7. I thought so too, that's why I used unlikable over despised and hated.
  8. There is nothing to like about GB anymore.
  9. I was going to say the James Corden of GB, an unlikable try hard.
  10. I'm playing Hades on PC which I got on the Epic store for € 6.79, the value is there.
  11. Purchased on GOG, then realised I owned it on Steam
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