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  1. Would everyone mind putting the novel chat in spoilers? I'm currently reading through it but keep clicking into this thread expecting movie chat, but end up drawn to novel details like a dumb moth.
  2. Did EA revamp autolog in NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered or is that part of the game dead?
  3. Silent Rage - 3/7 The Man Who Knew Too Little - 4/7 The River Wild - 5/7 Moonrise Kingdom - 4/7 Absolute Power - 4/7 Anger Management - 1/7 The Mule - 5/7 American Graffiti - 6/7 Saint Maud - 6/7 There Will be Blood - 6/7 (it's probably a 7, I'm just not their yet) The Mitchells v the Machines - 6/7 Yesterday - 2/7 Flash Gordon - 5/7 As Good As it Gets - 6/7 some of the best lines every written and delivered with such muted fanfare unworthy of their brilliance
  4. Lights Out starring Holt McCallany and Stacey Keach https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1379690/
  5. 2015? Or has there been another masterpiece called The VVitch in recent years?
  6. This is 2 bucks on steam now, one of the best puzzle games ever. https://store.steampowered.com/app/61700/Might__Magic_Clash_of_Heroes/
  7. Nintendo have a selection of their SNES and NES catalogue available on the switch. Right, still a classic, it didn't need remastering. All they've done is slap an new art style on it which some including myself in this thread don't like.
  8. Sixty euro?! For games that need ZERO "remastering" and are just as perfect or better in their original form. Total nonsense.
  9. I'm not, still have and play the originals price point is a rip off Should have just added the originals to the switch GBA online service for free use my cash for newer games (huntdown, grindstone).
  10. It really is, drilled hours on it on the DS. It's got some idol game elements and a bit of Puzzle Fighter's setting up moves via timers. Would love to get Grindstone and Huntdown, but realistically wouldn't get to play them much on PC, has anyone tried them on Switch, is the performance/experience good etc.? Oh, and Loop Hero is also well worth 5 bucks.
  11. He's got that sweet fish finger endorsement money rolling in now
  12. They are incredible games, that rare perfect synergy of hardware and software. That's a bit unfair on 4, it had some multiplayer fixes and some interesting additions that allowed more dynamic mid-game battles. My micro is essentially an AW machine, still the device of choice when I have to travel extremely lightly.
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