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  1. If only Upgrade had the budget of Venom, 5 vs 100 million.
  2. Crawl - 3/7 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8364368/reference
  3. Try Small Time Crooks, a smaller part and not on the level of Fletcher. Also, Paddington 2 is a stone cold classic.
  4. The Old Guard - 1/5 (1/7) Just bad in every way.
  5. I rewatched it last night, enjoyed it more the second time around. There's an Upgrade TV show in the works.
  6. @petrolgirls Monitor Audio Bronze?
  7. The worst part for me was the Elite roll.
  8. He's not wrong, most of the narrative in AAA game is still sub-par, just generic and embarrassing. This is even more egregious when it takes precedence over whatever fun mechanics are in the game. It's just pointless map bloat and busy work, weapon maintenance, crafting, etc., fine in Minecraft and co, but not when it keeps you from enjoying the game. It's just really lazy, and Jeff can smell that egotistical wank a mile away. Jeff is waiting for the next shift in design, he wants Disco Elysium's narrative mechanics in a tight non-bloat AAA box.
  9. He's always had a boner for rock solid 60FPS games on console, and I think he spends most of his time on a PC with a 2080 and a 144hz monitor, so having to go back to a Pro or even an X must be jarring. I can't disagree with him here.
  10. S. Craig Zahler seems to be keeping this flame alive.
  11. I've always found the gun store scene in Terminator hilarious. "Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range" - RED FLAG!! Do not sell guns to this man. Also, "Uzi 9mm" "Any one of these is ideal for home defense"
  12. Jeff is just painful to listen to these days.
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