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  1. Framed #207 https://framed.wtf Should have got it in two.
  2. Framed #203 https://framed.wtf It's terrible.
  3. It was on my shortlist, but I considered it more an action comedy than a straight out comedy. I may reconsider.
  4. Rough 20 unordered. 1. Withnail and I 2. Planes Trains Automobiles 3. The Big Lebowski 4. Trading Places 5. The Naked Gun 6. Groundhog Day 7. Blazing Saddles 8. Dr. Strangelove 9. Spinal Tap 10. Rushmore 11. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 12. The Music Box 13. Three Amigos 14. The Graduate 15. The Odd Couple 16. The Blues Brothers 17. Fletch 18. Stir Crazy 19. The Producers 20. Paddington 2
  5. Framed #196 https://framed.wtf what was 195? missed it
  6. Framed #194 https://framed.wtf Episode #3 https://episode.wtf
  7. I just watched Above the Law at the weekend. RIP Zagon.
  8. This, I was actually thinking about posting about how dumb this is this evening. I don't think a single character makes any decision that is any way intelligent or any way a sentient being would proceed if it valued it's own existence.
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