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  1. UPF on a Friday night with a few beers was must watch viewing.
  2. Yep, 1. Corporate America 2. Buy out, value/consolidation 3. Beginning of a global recession 4. Mass exodus of staff They aren't leaving because the new management gave them a super sweet deal to keep them secure for the next 20 years. They were offered terms, they were poor, so they were rejected. They work really really hard to make Giantbomb, most of it is background/invisible, people can't see the real value. Vinny could do just as well working half as hard on his own.
  3. Shame, one of the all time greats of videogame media, up there with C+VG/Mean Machines and Consolevania.
  4. Doesn't Jeff have another kid due? Not a time to rock the boat.
  5. Mortal Kombat - 2/7 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0293429/reference
  6. RDR2 was the only game I paid that money for since Perfect Dark with the memory expansion.
  7. FFS! It's obviously this, all other submissions are wrong.
  8. I'm amazed this wasn't already a thing, like when they unlocked Netflix et al on the 360.
  9. Nobody - 5/7 John Wick meets Home Alone from the the Zack Snyder directorial school of well sound-tracked slow motion. Good fun.
  10. @Stanley Streets of Rage 4? Frostpunk?
  11. Obviously ABB's bubblegum reserve was full during the viewing of this movie.
  12. Yep, loved the dark tone of the first ep, it faded though as it progressed.
  13. Started off really well tonally, but then descended into an episode of Charmed.
  14. The Elephant Man might be the best restore I've seen, just had a quick glance as I haven't seen the movie since I was a kid and want to set aside a night to watch it proper.
  15. Army of One - 2/7 Hilariously bad at times https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7153488/reference
  16. I rate out of 7, gives a bit more wiggle room in the middle, so 1 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 5 So a 7* for me is an all time classic, like you have to see this movie it will enrich you as a human. 6* you should see this, it's really really good seek it out. 5 is it's good but if you don't see it you won't miss out on too much, watch it if it's on you'll have fun. 4 is, it's not terrible but it doesn't do anything too interesting either. etc. I'm constantly reevaluating 5*s. https://letterboxd.com/couchcorpse/films/ratings/rated/5/by/release/page/2/
  17. portrait of a lady on fire - 6/7 david byrne american utopia - 7/7
  18. Here's my partner saying it. https://voca.ro/19uAtL3kMtAE
  19. Saidbh - Irish girls name Upload your attempts all in good fun, would love to hear them.
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