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  1. I should have given it 5, 4 is average, it's good not average. I couldn't attach myself to any of the characters and found the conclusion a bit unsatisfying. Edit: @cassidy I don't dock points for faults. 7 - An exceptional piece of art everyone should see. 6 - excellent, you should see this film 5 - Good, don't seek it out but if you watch it you'll enjoy it 4 - it's ok, if you don't see it youre not missing anything Etc.
  2. Alien Resurrection - 1/7 Like something asylum would put out.
  3. Death Adder's music is killer in GA.
  4. That zookeeper has some Joker colours going on.
  5. What emulators do you guys recommend?
  6. Having just bought the Seinfeld Lego, I also need this for the Seinfeld Aliens crossover everyone wants. "What's the deal with facehuggers, aren't hugs meant to be good?"
  7. F9 - 3/7 Black Widow - 2/7 The Suicide Squad - 4/7
  8. Back on this after a two year hiatus, how are you guys hitting 37 sec laps.
  9. Would everyone mind putting the novel chat in spoilers? I'm currently reading through it but keep clicking into this thread expecting movie chat, but end up drawn to novel details like a dumb moth.
  10. Did EA revamp autolog in NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered or is that part of the game dead?
  11. Silent Rage - 3/7 The Man Who Knew Too Little - 4/7 The River Wild - 5/7 Moonrise Kingdom - 4/7 Absolute Power - 4/7 Anger Management - 1/7 The Mule - 5/7 American Graffiti - 6/7 Saint Maud - 6/7 There Will be Blood - 6/7 (it's probably a 7, I'm just not their yet) The Mitchells v the Machines - 6/7 Yesterday - 2/7 Flash Gordon - 5/7 As Good As it Gets - 6/7 some of the best lines every written and delivered with such muted fanfare unworthy of their brilliance
  12. Lights Out starring Holt McCallany and Stacey Keach https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1379690/
  13. 2015? Or has there been another masterpiece called The VVitch in recent years?
  14. This is 2 bucks on steam now, one of the best puzzle games ever. https://store.steampowered.com/app/61700/Might__Magic_Clash_of_Heroes/
  15. Nintendo have a selection of their SNES and NES catalogue available on the switch. Right, still a classic, it didn't need remastering. All they've done is slap an new art style on it which some including myself in this thread don't like.
  16. Sixty euro?! For games that need ZERO "remastering" and are just as perfect or better in their original form. Total nonsense.
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