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  1. Ah, shame. I suspect it was a game of different masters, with either no singular vision or the wrong one running through it.
  2. Shit, only episode 4.
  3. Monsters who like autoplaying the next episode don't deserve streaming TV services. Watch the bloody credits - people made the stuff you're watching.
  4. I hope the dev can re-form under a new name, as Journey to the Savage Planet is a lovely game.
  5. It's a real shame about the lack of wireless (although maybe there's the possibility of some wi-fi experiments in that regard, similar to how the Quest can now play PC games wirelessly whereas previously it needed a cable) but I'm well up for a new PSVR. Astro Bot 2 as a launch title, please! Rez Infinite 2! Half-Life Alyx! Come onnnnn. Could be amazing given the power of the PS5. Worth mentioning, of course, that had Sony sorted out their controllers issue years ago (they've had so much time to do it), the original PSVR wouldn't be looking so long in the tooth at this point. The idea of aweso
  6. Unusual to see an actual human make the equivalent of a bad GAME bundle.
  7. Do I need to buy lots of cars and upgrades to compete online, or does the host control these things? (Sorry for the noob questions, I'm liking this game a lot! My 8 year old also gave it a spin at the weekend and really loved how fucked up his car could get.)
  8. Do the AI cars suffer handling difficulties on Realistic too? What about on other damage settings?
  9. Beware entering anywhere that consists solely of waist high objects. It’s definitely an ambush!
  10. I’m a bit confused about that situation. My son uses my Xbox One X, with it set to primary for my account. He plays games on his own profile there. Meanwhile, I have my Series X here as a secondary console. I’ve never had a problem with us both playing at the same time or any login issues. I’m on GPU and he isn’t, but he can play my whole library on the ‘primary’ console while logged into it on his profile anyway. So I’m not sure what the conflict is.
  11. What happened? I don’t remember a difference but that’s likely due to the extreme passage of time!
  12. Surely mentioning Skyward Sword should have got her going.
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