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  1. No proper angle available to broadcasters for the VAR. FIFA COLLUSION! Very likely a wrong decision, then.
  2. Just started watching season 1 this week, it's great so far!
  3. Oh really?! Well, that's shit, then. I got the 50% off deal but haven't watched anything yet, so will try to remember to have a look on my LG later to see if Apple plays ball.
  4. You can access Paramount+ via the Apple TV app on an LG CX, or the Amazon Prime app. Obviously I hope they make their own app (it's SO bizarre that they haven't for Europe) which includes 4K.
  5. This is ageing better and better as the night goes on.
  6. It's not 'fan service' to include your main character in your sequel TV show! Do you want me to list the actual fan service stuff in The Return, based on your post? Let's start with Doctor Jacoby's radio transmissions. I'll stop when I get to 10.
  7. After writing that post, I came home to find my girlfriend in the middle of rewatching an episode of Schitts Creek season 2, which was instantly fucking hilarious. And we then watched the pilot of Mythic Quest, which had a good few laugh-out-loud moments. So yeah, Blockbuster isn't very good and makes other comedies look much better! Can't wait to watch more Mythic Quest!
  8. I liked it a lot, but I do think that:
  9. Anyone watched this? Unfortunately it’s not very good. It’s passable, I suppose, and has its moments, but it’s not funny or snappy enough, and Randall Park basically has one reaction face. Also, any good and subtle jokes are immediately explained by another character in the next line, which is irritating.
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