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  1. As season 1 is pretty dodgy in places, I made a deal with her that we could drop the show if she wasn't into it after 'The Coming of Shadows'. This gave what I thought would be enough time to get over the season 1 jank, to establish Sheridan, start the proper story arc stuff, and also 'end' on one of the best eps of the entire run (I thought it would be really weird to not want to see what comes next after watching that one!). I also skipped 3 or 4 of the particularly bad episodes (eg. TKO). By the time we were getting towards the end of season 1, it was pretty clear that she was enjoying it s
  2. It's obvious to me that a new IP which is 'difficult' and likely not particularly mainstream shouldn't have been the poster child for a new £70 price point, and that Returnal should have been released at the industry norm RRP if not below that. I mean, this is just common sense and not exactly rocket science. This was Sony's first experiment to see whether the market will support eye-gouging prices. It won't, at least not for an unproven IP from a developer that has never released a game in the AAA space. As I've said before, I hope that Housemarque is insulated from the consequences of this a
  3. She is an actress now. She's been in Star Trek Discovery for a couple of seasons.
  4. I assume he thinks that being on the Bombcast will feed his Patreon. A win-win.
  5. I have reached 'Messages from Earth'. What a brilliant Act 4 that has - the chase with the Shadow vessel and then the descent into Jupiter's atmosphere are so exciting! In 2 eps' time, it's my favourite one of the series, 'Severed Dreams'. I really hope it holds up!
  6. Beast had an episode zero, so it is 312 really!
  7. Well, at least in the UK we have the preliminary answer about this price point. In the US, $70 is much less than £70, so I assume it will have done better. It was in 3rd place for April in the US and Canada for PlayStation Store downloads. https://blog.playstation.com/2021/05/10/playstation-store-april-2021-top-downloads/#sf245737379
  8. That looks really beautiful, but mega ouch at the price.
  9. Yes, this is getting loads of buzz. Certainly one for the much-fabled rllmuk VR night if enough of us buy it!
  10. I think the plan is to jump a decade at a time per season, and end the show in a near future time period.
  11. There is a 7 season plan for the show, according to Ron Moore. Sorry, @mexos! The biggest impediment to the future quality of the show is Ron Moore leaving Sony Television for a new megabucks deal with 20th TV. He won’t be involved in the day to day on FAM anymore. Then again, the other showrunners - Ben Nedivi and Matt Wolpert - seem like really good writers too. They wrote the S2 finale, for example, and were on Fargo’s early seasons.
  12. It does get much better as you unlock more cars and tracks, although you should also switch damage to Realistic and up the AI difficulty by a couple of notches. Having the fear of your car being totalled, and having that happen to your opponents regularly, is where much of the fun in the game is. Before long you’ll be on Figure 8 tracks frantically trying to drift around smouldering wrecks.
  13. Mine too! Chalk up another big Joycon fault.
  14. Wasn’t Wyman seen as one of the ‘bad ones’ in Fringe and Alias, though? EDIT: Scratch that, I’m thinking of Alexander and Pinkman.
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