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  1. Ruining Monkey Target should be a war crime punishable by The Hague.
  2. I've only ever watched a few episodes of Season 1. Don't know why I didn't carry on as I was really enjoying it at the time. It's hard to work out if I should try again, given the reaction to later seasons. If the continuation turns out to be good, then it might be worth it... just feels like I would be watching a decent show for a while and then having to get through some utter shite.
  3. Eighthours


    She reached a level after the first three games that was awesome but it certainly wasn’t a perfect performance - she started really shakily on her serve again, and a better player would have taken those two early service games off her. Seven break points came and went for Sakkari! I don’t think that Emma can afford to do that for a third match in a row, and surely it’s something she’ll be working on. If she started at anything like the level she gets to, she’d usually be winning the first set before her opponent knew what hit her. But once Emma was into Friday’s match, she was playing some phenomenal stuff. Her positional play is excellent - she always seems to have time to choose her shot, and even though she rarely volleys, when she does her level of control is utterly sublime. Some barely believable winners, too.
  4. What are you going to do with the offenders, charge them with something?
  5. Eighthours


    Wow. Actual wow. 2 teenagers contesting the final, and it’ll be so so interesting to see who comes out on top. Can Emma do it? I certainly wouldn’t bet against her!
  6. Just use rechargeable Eneloops - they last bloody ages in the controller.
  7. It really looks like they've 'Force Awakened' it in terms of hitting the nostalgia buttons, which is great. I want the thrills of the first film, and none of the cod-philosophy bollocks from the second and third which really dragged the sequels down.
  8. I’m already getting excited based on this. THE VIDEO KNEW THE TIME! (And the shots from the trailer are a massive nostalgia hit. Looks like the first film made now.)
  9. Does anyone else’s Manage Updates page just load forever with the spinning circle on the Series X? (EDIT: Eventually loaded after a proper console restart and waiting a couple of minutes for the circle.)
  10. Yep, I'm really hoping to see HOTAS fixes in the patch notes. (EDIT: Not in the patch notes. )
  11. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! Yes! Ah, that's maybe Radiohead's last big unreleased track. Wonder what it's like, and if the recorded version was full band or something else.
  12. This is a difficult one for me. The Texas anti-abortion law is an abomination and the biggest setback to women's rights in decades, but I'm always a bit uncomfortable with someone being cancelled en masse for having an opinion they express publicly, even if it's a dipshit opinion that probably has its roots in a misguided reading of religion. But then again, maybe it's important that they're cancelled in this case because the law is so damaging to women and this individual is 'proud' it's happening. Even if the reaction gives succour to zealots of so-called 'censorship'. OK, I've talked myself around. Fuck this guy!
  13. It made them MUCH scarier that they didn't give a shit until they perceived a proper threat. Like their level of superiority over humans was just an automatic thing, and we were like ants to them.
  14. As long as there's also a mode similar to the original, I'm fine with this. I'll get to see more of the expert levels!
  15. That was some of the best filming I've seen to date — right up to the part where you never got released.
  16. They've revamped and rebuilt so many things now that I do find it amazing they haven't enhanced the shooting very much. Really looking forward to jumping into this update, though - the settlements stuff looks great.
  17. Jennifer Connelly in the original was just .
  18. I mean, I’m glad she dumped Jake, but the whole ‘I won’t change for anyone’ thing is bullshit. Relationships partly exist to improve us. I really don’t think that deciding to become less messy would be a terrible thing for her or a subjugation of her as an individual.
  19. I thought that having direct control of characters would ruin this game but I’m glad to say I was totally wrong - the demo is really fun! Definitely day one for me now.
  20. I only need to know one thing: where they are.
  21. Origins. At least there isn't a colon, I suppose.
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