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  1. The laugh’s fun, it’s its much higher volume compared to normal speech on the podcast that’s a bit of an issue at times. Need some compression and EQ on that audio track! Love the podcast, though.
  2. I had loads of connection errors last night, it was a bit of a shitshow.
  3. This looks like an actual next generation game! Awesome.
  4. Can you save your progress playing this, or do you have to one-and-done it?
  5. Yep, annoying but I have plenty to watch in the meantime.
  6. Just to confirm - you can't invite a single friend from inside a room you've created, right? So bizarre.
  7. It's so moreish, my partner and I got through it in a weekend!
  8. I’ve selected Tricolor but am never actually getting one of those games, just normal Turf War.
  9. With the Prophets now, etc. She was so menacing in DS9, despite never having lines or actions that showed it overtly. Great acting.
  10. For All Mankind Ted Lasso Severance That'll get you started!
  11. I just restarted this (was about 10 hours in after launch before abandoning) and chose a different background. Wow, Corpo is a whole load of nothing, eh? I thought the Nomad intro worked better in terms of fitting with the ‘welcome to Night City’ montage. Corpo set up something that could have been cool and instantly ditched it in a pretty rubbish way, I thought. Still, on with the real game now, I guess!
  12. This instantly becomes my most anticipated TV show. In Vince we trust, and it's brilliant news that the amazing Rhea Seehorn is so heavily involved.
  13. That Azati Prime episode from season 3 is still a fucking banger. You genuinely think the Enterprise is toast at the end, it's a really exciting battle sequence. I should rewatch S3, actually. Aside from the Xindi 'council' scenes, which are kinda embarrassing, it's great. And I preferred no-nonsense post-9/11 Archer.
  14. It was because the show was supposed to be the Trek that people who didn't like sci-fi would watch. They really wanted a more general audience for it, and thought they would get it. The crew were more relatable! Closer to our time! They weren't in stuffy uniforms, they would be more relaxed! The tech lingo would be easier to understand! They were going to have rockets, not photon torpedoes! But these plans for a new audience didn't work at all, so re-adding 'Star Trek' for season 3 was a desperate attempt to get more viewers who used to watch the other shows but weren't watching this one.
  15. Jeff Minter has just watched the trailer and gone all Randy Marsh.
  16. I hashtagged. Seemed rude not to. This project unfortunately seems doomed, though. Either it'll be cancelled completely even before the pilot, or the pilot won't go anywhere, or the series will be subjected to budgetary constraints and interference, and end up on a shit network. The golden scenario of it ending up on HBO Max after the CW deal seems a long way away now.
  17. This is a great show but I have no idea what causes there to be several hundred FX people in the credits. Maybe this means they’re doing brilliant work outside the uncanny valley She-Hulk stuff! It’s the lip movements there that don’t work - they really don’t look right (along with her walking in general) and I’m not sure why CG is even needed for that part of Tatiana’s face. Can’t they just… paste her actual lip movements in?
  18. Ah, I think you’ve cracked it here with your comments about GotG2. That’s exactly what it’s like in terms of comparisons with the previous film in the series.
  19. Truly one of those mega-baffling pricing decisions.
  20. Eighthours


    It's really sad to see Federer retire, but it was inevitable that the golden age of tennis would one day start to properly pass into legend. What a career Roger had! I can only hope that the likes of Alcaraz, Sinner, Draper, Tiafoe and Ruud will give us similar epic matches to the Big Four in future, and produce the same kind of intense but respectful rivalries. It's hard to imagine a better time for tennis than the period from the late 2000s to the late 2010s, though.
  21. There definitely isn't going to be backwards compatibility, but patches? Hmmm... the tracking is so different (effectively it's completely the opposite to before - inside out rather than outside in - and with totally new controllers!) and the headset is pretty different too. I'd say that it's likely we'll be resold new versions of some old games, as the port work to make them compatible will be fairly substantial and there will need to be graphical enhancements to prevent games looking too old for the much better visuals possible with PSVR2. That being said, we'll get generous devs like Hello Games who will give us a free VR upgrade for No Man's Sky, and I wouldn't be surprised if Hitman 3 gets a free upgrade too. The big one for me is Resi 7... that would seem like a no-brainer given that the base game already has a next gen patch, but would Capcom fund the development of a free VR upgrade or want us to pay? Or just simply not do it? But given that Resi 8 is getting a VR version, I'd love an enhanced version of 7. Has it been confirmed yet whether 8's VR will be included if you already have the game, or is it a whole new product? Sony's own games are an interesting one. It would be brilliant to get a new version of Wipeout Omega Collection, for example, and the Dreams VR mode would be a country mile better with PSVR2 so I'm sure that'll happen at some point. Meanwhile, will there be a port of the original Astrobot to go alongside the obviously-happening-because-it-must sequel? I'd say that depends on how far the sequel is along - if it's a launch game, maybe no port. If it's a bit further out, though, then a new version of the original to whet our appetites would be a smart move. Free for existing owners, though? Hmmm... my guess is 'no', but we'll see. Sony must see the opportunity for some quick and dirty next gen upgrades that can effectively be sold as new games, particularly if they see PSVR2 as being a bigger success. It could be like how the Switch has loads of Wii U ports and many of these have sold more than they did on the older console. Is it better to be generous in giving free upgrades for old games to build goodwill, or is it more savvy business-wise to present them as new when you potentially have a lot of all-new VR customers piling in? Sony will have a direction on this, and I expect it'll be obvious pretty early on which way they're going.
  22. Ha, I managed to flukily get one of these a couple of weeks ago before they started magically being in stock everywhere - I thought I'd struck gold! IT. IS. AWESOME. Never had an SP-404 before, though, so I'm a big noob when it comes to the workflow. Do let me know what you think when it arrives, we can compare notes.
  23. Yep, I'm going to try this again for sure. I didn't bounce off it exactly, but didn't get totally absorbed in it before I got distracted by another game. Have always meant to go back, though!
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