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  1. So just to clarify: streaming the game on Twitch allows the other players in your family in different houses to follow the game, and then they're playing on their phones via the link you send them? So both bits of this are necessary in order to properly play the game when people aren't in the same room? (I've only played JPP3 with everyone in the same room before now.) And then presumably you chat via WhatsApp/Skype/Zoom/Disccord etc?
  2. Oh dear. This is quite addictive.
  3. Since Vue went back to £5 a ticket, I have been to the cinema so much more than previously. Paying £11+ to see a film in Showcase, and still have the popcorn and drinks prohibitively expensive, was ridiculous. True, Vue have made the snacks even more expensive than before, but if I want I can just bring in some Haribo!
  4. Syntorial is brilliant! I must go back to it.
  5. This all looks brilliant. Am well hyped for this console.
  6. I think it’ll take longer than that, mate.
  7. Oh shit, this was such a fantastic game on 360. Instabuy!
  8. Probably a good choice for co-host. Though I'm not sure I can forgive Hexx for reminding me that Come Fly With Me exists... so, so terrible.
  9. I was hoping someone would get that reference.
  10. My alt rock band, We Used To See The Sky, have released a new single called Deep Fake this morning. To promote it on Facebook in the lead up, I made 7 videos using just an iPad and a whole bunch of music apps. I took samples from the track and totally manipulated/mangled them, creating a variety of moods over the course of the campaign. It was really fun to think of a new thing to do every day! All videos edited in Lumafusion on the iPad. Have a look! The campaign had a countdown theme - see if you can guess what each one is and what it represents. Requires all-round geek knowledge. And here’s the single itself if you want to have a listen: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5mIeKSvA2hJGicegpRapFp Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/deep-fake-single/1501828656
  11. Blatant promo (so please delete if it’s not allowed), but my Bristol-based alt rock band, We Used To See The Sky, have released a new single this morning. It’s called Deep Fake and is about the dangers of modern technology. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5mIeKSvA2hJGicegpRapFp Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/gb/album/deep-fake-single/1501828656 There is also a lyrics video on YouTube. I’d love for you to give it a listen! An EP is coming in a few weeks.
  12. E3 may have been going down the tubes a bit recently, but it's still a brilliant time of the year to be a gamer and hear about all the new games and bitch about how there's still no new F-Zero. This is very sad news.
  13. Just completed the game. The final boss was good (and was much less overwhelming, as per usual with Hollow Knight bosses, when I took a couple of goes to wait around to see what all the attacks were and how to counter each one, rather than just blindly going in and hitting him straight away every time). I got the bad ending, obviously (which was very short and weak, tbh). Reading up on how to get the other endings - how the hell do I get so much essence? I'm only on 900 or something. Have started the Grim Troupe DLC instead. I can't face the prospect of having to try to kill Lost Kin again, the only boss I've abandoned so far. Particularly with that bloody platforming section to get to him every time. The age of the internet is a weird one. There would be absolutely no way to know half this stuff without walkthroughs.
  14. Their residual cheques are where the money is. It's not just re-runs anymore, they must be getting a massive uptick from the streaming on Netflix.
  15. But why would the actors do it? They've earned so much from the show that they pretty much never have to work again - filming episodic television is a massive slog. I would absolutely love there to be a proper Next Gen sequel but I can't see it happening. I think we have to hope for the Pike show to be episodic rather than story arc based. It's amazing how I've 180'd on this. At the time of TNG/DS9, I was so excited whenever one episode linked into another, and really wanted Trek to do serialised storytelling like Babylon 5 was doing. Now, though, having been revisiting TNG, it's so bloody nice to have individual episodes with a beginning, middle and end. I can see it all coming full circle in the end. There was a good thread on Twitter about this from Javier Grillo-Marxauch, who was a writer on Lost Seasons 1 and 2 and hosts the popular Children of Tendu podcast which talks about how to get into screenwriting:
  16. Matrix Reloaded FINALLY showing itself to be the future of Hollywood.
  17. Isn't it just that the camera angle is too low for you to see what's coming very well (is this for draw distance reasons or something)? Such a thing will always affect visibility and I don't know why racing game devs do this on occasion!
  18. Also, the big reset button at the end of each episode was ridiculous. The ship should have ended up like what we saw in the Year of Hell 2 parter - gradually shot to shit, falling apart, only held together by the seat of Torres's pants. I'm sure there was a budgetary reason for not doing this - namely that they had to re-use their stock library of ship fly-by FX shots as much as possible - but it was a bit dumb, given the premise of the show.
  19. Out of curiosity I started the Enterprise pilot last night, having never rewatched it since it first aired. Was enjoying it a surprising amount for the first 30 mins before I turned it off. I was reminded of something, though - the theme song is obviously embarrassing as all fuck, but few people talk about the images that accompany it. I have a particular (and maybe irrational) toe-curling hatred of the writing they scroll past that describes the 'Enterprize' sailing ship. Ugh ugh ugh. I think it's hideous. Makes me want to actually leave the room.
  20. Berman, Piller and Taylor completely squandered that part of the premise of the show. By 3 episodes into season 1, everyone loves each other. When the show launched, everyone thought it interesting that you’d have 2 sides of the crew continually at loggerheads with each other, which could lead to some interesting stories. But over 7 seasons, they only have a very, very occasional episode where the Maquis stuff is part of the plot. So why even have this setup at all? Wasted! I may have an explanation for this. Reading Michael Piller’s book about Star Trek: Insurrection, he said that he left Voyager after loads of writer complaints a few years after the show started, and he realised that Roddenberry’s Box (the set of Star Trek rules which, among other things, govern how you can’t have much conflict within a starship crew and so have to generate drama from elsewhere), which he’d tried to follow ever since ST:TNG season 3 when he began running the writers’ room, had become Piller’s Box. So maybe it was down to him.
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