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  1. Worth the price of a Series X all by itself, just for the eye candy!
  2. SF rent is notoriously absolutely horrible, though, which is why Jeff and Ben commute in.
  3. What a fucking lovely film. Watched it last night knowing nothing about it, I hadn't even seen the trailer before to my knowledge. It was heartwarming, dark, laugh-out-loud funny, emotional, thrilling... just brilliant. I have to seek out Watiti's other films now, as the only other one of his I've watched is Thor: Ragnarok (which I also loved). Is Jojo Rabbit anywhere near as good as this? Obviously I'll check out What We Do In The Shadows.
  4. I loved the books as a kid, so how no one has figured out how to adapt them well to film is a bit annoying.
  5. More like SCORElittle, amirite?
  6. Yes, the idea of not having to wait a couple of minutes for a game to even get to the title screen (and that's before selecting options and loading in any actual level data) sounds like bliss. (What even IS a game loading during all that time it takes to get to the title screen, given that there're always a massive additional load after it?)
  7. Data Vale. (Say it in an American accent...)
  8. Me too. This is getting bought as soon as it's on sale - I assume it's flopped massively due to the greedy RRP.
  9. I did try the game once for 3 or 4 hours a year ago and didn't get on with it as I'd hoped. Pretty sure I picked pyromancer then but it was more getting used to the combat... think I wandered into places where I was under-levelled and got frustrated.
  10. What's a good build for a first playthrough of this?
  11. I thought the transitions were amazing and I'm surprised that no one seems to have copied the idea yet. The story for me ended up being very disappointing.
  12. Oh no, where will I be able to buy new releases for £54.99 (or pre-owned for £52.99) now?
  13. Some people seem to be unaware of something called a 'wink'.
  14. TV does end of episode cliffhangers that are the 'oooooh' equivalent of these twist endings. MR WORF, FIRE!
  15. Interesting stuff. Has anyone tried to do any research into misogynistic attitudes among gamers, and whether this supposedly anti-social hobby (as we all know, it absolutely doesn't have to be) particularly attracts misogynists? Are movie-goers just as bad? What about fans of other things? It would be interesting to find out whether gaming in particular is a black spot here, or whether the problems in the industry are the same in pretty much any allegedly male-dominated hobby. I don't think I'm wording this post particularly well, but I'm wondering whether people who have issues with women for various reasons are more attracted to gaming than other pursuits partly because it's a way of finding and feeling like a community when IRL they're less able to do so. And do the actions of many devs/publishers in not outright condemning Gamergate feed into these problems? So yeah, are there any studies into misogyny among gamers? And if not, why not? We have a pretty progressive gaming community on rllmuk in the main, but looking at posts on Reddit/YouTube/Twitter etc, we're an oasis in a world of shit when it comes to this stuff. Or is the problem not who gaming can attract, but just men as a whole, really?
  16. I got mine from Fangamer, I believe.
  17. Downwell is great on the Flip Grip. Pinball FX, too.
  18. Ah, that's a big shame. I really like Dan. The GOTY format was a real misstep for me this year - not the concept of talking about the games upfront, but the lack of awards. I genuinely thought I must have missed a podcast! 'Hottest Mess' was always my favourite awards category, and while they talked about some disasters while discussing individual games (and I think they had a bit of a Stadia chat at some point), not to have that award was so disappointing. Also, while the debate in previous years often got a bit bad-tempered, I liked it much more when they whittled the overall GOTY list down from a gargantuan number of games.
  19. I don't think we're heading for a crash, but whether the industry gets to a healthy place is, I think, based on: 'Does the Gamepass business model work?' If it does, then happy days. Game devs and the console manufacturers will get paid nicely! But if it starts going along the lines of Spotify, where MS get all the bucks and the devs an absolute pittance, then the AA space will remain screwed. And by double-A I mean the kind of 'Spec Ops: The Line' games... mid budget stuff that last gen would have come out at full price or just below, that would have been able to get enough sales to make back their budget without having to be a massive hit. Those games have been massively squeezed this gen and we've kinda been left with only the big AAA titles that go for the 40-50 hours thing or the smaller indie titles. Gamepass, to me, represents the way back for AA games if the business model works. Anecdotally it seems that people are very willing to try more games out with a Gamepass subscription, and God, if Xcloud streaming in 2020 allows us all to play them instantly and then download them later if we like them, that would be fantastic. I'd be very interested to hear some proper numbers from MS. Devs seem happy with the service so far, but how much are MS losing on their first party stuff compared with the goodwill of releasing their games 'for free' on day one? How will the model work when instead of releasing a tiny handful of AAA games a year, their now-gazillion studios start pumping stuff out left, right and centre? Does the model still work when their first party studios are releasing 10 games a year rather than 2 or 3? Do we end up with a basic service that only offers these games 6 months later and a premium tier (and by that I mean 'above' the current Gamepass Ultimate) to get the full-fat experience? Gamepass does seem like it could potentially be a trojan horse to get people in, as MS will at some point have to start making money. Unless they do already... If we can get to a place where a good game released on Gamepass is pretty much guaranteed to make its money back from the per-player payments (assuming that's how it works), then good times are ahead. As for the other question, about the paralysis of too much choice, well that has been an issue for me. I've started so many games in the past few months because of Gamepass and finished precisely none. But that's my issue (and, it seems, many others'!), I need to figure out how to get into the mindset of finishing what I start... if that's even important. Maybe it isn't. Maybe the value proposition just changes on these services and that's fine. I'm not sure.
  20. This is the first ‘cor blimey’ Ritchie film I’ve seen. I FACKING loved it - it’s really funny and Hugh Grant is amazing in it. Going to have to delve into Guy’s back catalogue, methinks.
  21. Even from that opening swooping FX shot that took us through Ceres, I knew it would be good. That shot looked a bit dodgy in places, but the sheer ambition was evident. Any chance of getting Jared Harris back for S5 with the Bezos money?
  22. Am I the only one who thought it was really good right from the start?
  23. I hammered this over the past few days. Really, really good - I absolutely loved the aspect ratio change for the New Terra scenes, they looked amazing and the FX throughout the show were a step up on previous seasons. Mostly feature film quality! It was great for them to finally film on location, too - I realised that everything else in the entire run of the show up to that point had been filmed on a sound stage, and they really made the most of the opportunity to branch out. S4 was actually pretty small scale in story terms when compared to the rest, but I was engrossed throughout and even thought that Bobby's Kim Cougar storyline was kinda alright in the end. Episode 9 was bloody brilliant, but: Roll on S5, and I really will read the books this time. Probably won't go past where we're up to now, though, as I like the show being fresh...
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