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  1. I can't help feeling that the presence of MTS (who I have never listened to and that isn't going to change based on what I saw!) will age that episode so badly in a few years' time! It was a very fun time besides the cameo, though. Hopefully MTS fans loved that stuff, anyway. Really looking forward to watching ep 4, I love Wong!
  2. It does seem a bit bugged. On the level with the islands and the water, you can just go across the water! No collision detection!
  3. Yep, I meant goals! Can we have more levels for Zombat, pretty please? Love that game! Simple but plays so well.
  4. Are you able to add more achievements to the arcade games in future, @dadrester?
  5. Isn’t that nearly double the price of the first one and also the Japanese price?
  6. Can you explain the various Blockchain power ups to me, please? I haven’t quite worked them out, cos stupid. Also, Arcade Paradise is definitely one of my fave games of the year. Well done all!
  7. Yep! You can get them there or on iTunes.
  8. This is a lot of fun (if super easy so far) - it reminds me of an N64 platformer crossed with Psychonauts 2 for some reason. Just something about the way it plays. The size of the levels are very Banjo-Tooie, although seemingly better designed. The Pikmin influences are enjoyable too. It’s an easy breezy time, a lovely game to unwind with. Based on the first proper level anyway, which took me an hour and a half to complete all the objectives in. I wonder if the challenge will amp up a bit - if it will start adding enemies and tricky platforming challenges. There’s certainly a place for that, but I rather like it as it is at the moment.
  9. Remember the widely pilloried video of a reviewer playing that tutorial screen of Cuphead and misunderstanding it, before complaining about the game? I wonder who’s like that in THIS thread…
  10. Handheld is so useful. Switch doesn’t run as well as the others but it’s still fine.
  11. That’s a known bug and is going to be fixed in the first patch. There are a few things like that - some hoppers are really hard to highlight, for instance.
  12. I’ve played it for hundreds of hours and really like it. It’s still great! I play handheld on Switch and my partner plays on the TV - a full screen each in online multiplayer!
  13. I’ve had this from the start on Switch, but if it’s like mine, the controls go funny at very specific positions on the play area. This made me think that this is actually an amazing piece of game design - you didn’t buy the machine, it’s been stuck at the back of the launderette gathering dust, it’s many years old. So when considering its backstory like that, it would play like shit and probably not respond uniformly. You should be able to bloody fix the thing when you have money to burn, though!
  14. Should be called 'Wrexham: All Or Nothing'.
  15. They used to have exclusivity but squandered it stupidly. Now the licence is on a per-game basis spread across various publishers, which seems like a much better arrangement for gamers.
  16. My latest addiction is Communists From Mars, which is a surprisingly good version of Missile Command. I wish I liked the really early Woodguy's Adventure game, but the match 3 bollocks is tedious and goes on too long. A shame, because there's an actual campaign to that one. It's also a shame that the Pool is kinda bad. Aside from some dodgy physics, which isn't a good start, you can't add spin to the cue ball so any straight shot is always an in-off. The Puzzle Bobble ripoff is great, though. And now that I've unlocked the ability to slow time, I might try getting far in the Fruit Crush game. That's fun, but takes a bit too long for a standard day.
  17. Yep! I actually thought that their gaming division wouldn't be involved as it's such a disaster.
  18. I reckon you can ditch the laundry pretty much as soon as you get the first expansion and have a couple of the new batch of machines. Concentrate on unlocking the machine goals for way more cash.
  19. I see potential 'power' problems here, but I think that Amazon is a more creative organisation than EA at this point, so I'm not as anti them being bought as I might have been a while ago.
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