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  1. Well on Xbox last night a player came into my room who was ranked around the 31,500 mark. Unfortunately the EA site won't let you look at the bottom of the leaderboards (or if it will, it doesn't make it clear how).
  2. Exactly. At the moment, the Xbox version of BO3 has far far more players online than the PS2 version. Over to you for your explanation of this phenomenon, Mr Spew!
  3. It's not a stupid assumption. Sony release sales figures for the Network Adaptor in the States all the time, because it's selling very well. Point me to sales figures for the UK. Good luck. It doesn't sell very well at the moment at all. When GT4 and Killzone come out, maybe it'll have more success. If you think I'm making "stupid assumptions", please correct me with some facts rather than name calling.
  4. In the US it might be true, but no way is it true over here, as hardly anyone has a Network Adaptor......
  5. Bond isn't a system seller. *points at sales figures for the games*
  6. Yet strangely, Sony Pictures made Spiderman 2....... So this is a big over-reaction IMO.
  7. Sorting out the servers will be a big improvement, but should only be a first step. The Friends List needs to be sorted out pronto. The individual lobbies have to disappear, or at least you should be able to join friends' games in other lobbies. You should be able to join a game during the race. And.....YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO TELL WHO'S F**KING WELL SPEAKING!!!!
  8. Hold those complaint emails!! Well, I reserve judgement until after the update is complete. How much are they going to fix? And how could they not have realised how successful the game was going to be? Do they not have people who are paid to predict these things? Are they not used to good review scores and word-of-mouth? (Oh yeah, they probably aren't!! ) Of course, expect a full report on the service from me, after it's patched!
  9. Eighthours


    To the guy who said that "it's EA's first LIVE game", it isn't. It's their third, as NCAA Football 2005 and Madden 2005 had already been released in the States. The problems get worse at peak times. Last night was a complete and utter nightmare, connection drop-outs and people being kicked everywhere, but by 1am the problems weren't as bad because not as many people were on. The whole thing stinks, however. EA should be ashamed of themselves, and Microsoft should have SEVERE words with them. Rake them over the coals. Threaten them with all manner of untimely ends. And we should all email letters of complaint to EA......
  10. Right, the so-called "ghosted" games (the ones in dark grey that you can't join) happen for one of 2 reasons: 1. The game is full (there will be a 6/6 indication on the right) 2. A race is in progress. Yes indeed, you CANNOT join a room when a race is in progress. All the dark grey rooms are either full or currently racing. When the race ends and they go back to the lobby, they will flash up as available. So basically, if you want to join a friend's game, you have to twiddle your thumbs until they're in the lobby. It's stupid, but there you go!!
  11. Eighthours

    Burnout 3

    I think I've found out why you can't join most of the games while online. If a race is in progress, it won't let you in (the name of the game goes dark grey), but then when they go back to the lobby, it will allow you in if there are spaces (name of the game goes lighter and allows you to press A to join). Of course this is completely ridiculous, since practically every other LIVE game lets you join in and watch a nice map with little arrows going around it (PGR2), or even lets you watch what's happening (Rainbow Six). Stupid EA! As regards crashing, I've had one disc error and two freezes since last night, but it's nowhere near as bad as Rallisport 2 (which I eventually gave up on) and hopefully hasn't got anything to do with my Thompson (aaarrgghh) drive.......
  12. Eighthours

    Burnout 3

    EA LIVE is a disaster at the moment. So many games to join, but you can hardly join any of them! (And yes, they are the people playing at 60hz like me) There's a list of about 30 games, and I could join about 3, even though there were "slots" available in almost all of them!! What monkeys coded this thing? Anyway, once you do finally get in a race, it's fantastic, but one guy I was playing with said that the whole interface and the way it works is nearly as bad as PS2 online. Basically, EA have got a lot of work to do.
  13. Of course, more depth in the Crash mode is provided by the fact that once you use your Crashbreaker, you've got yet more force to aftertouch into yet another lane of traffic on certain levels!!
  14. Can't wait for the equally miserablist "Halo 2 is overrated" and "Half-Life 2 wasn't worth the wait" threads, not to mention the obligatory "PES4 isn't as good as FIFA" offering.... Games are meant to be fun. If you don't think that Burnout 3 is an expertly crafted example of fun, you've got a heart of cold steel. Simple as.
  15. Eighthours

    Burnout 3

    I've heard nothing from Simplygames yet......
  16. Just about. The real question is whether anyone will get past Level 1 using a Dual Shock 2!! (as it's apparently coming to PS2 as well)
  17. If they're not, expect the game to sell 3 copies. If so, expect all those people who've played the original to buy this.
  18. Eighthours

    Burnout 3

    From those who have played Xbox multiplayer, does it run at 60fps? Anyone had their order for the legit game shipped yet? I'm praying that Simplygames will be sending me an email today.......
  19. Can anyone who plays it over LIVE later tell us how super-cool (or not) it is?
  20. Well, Links 2005 is the online daddy (Xbox). Tiger Woods 2005 is out in a few weeks. Apparently it's offline in Europe though - the EA fools.
  21. Eighthours

    Burnout 3

    Btw, does anyone know whether you can play with a Guest over LIVE?
  22. Eighthours

    Burnout 3

    The IGN report that the aftertouch feature isn't in multiplayer is total bollocks. I also find it hard to believe that 2 player-mode is 30fps on Xbox. I think they merely played the PS2 version and did both reviews from that, as they're identical reviews without any "platform specific" comments.
  23. Good news! Apparently the text did flash on when you moved to the LIVE option after all. Phew!
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