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  1. The only game I had in this bundle was Nano Assault ex for the 3ds. Code going if anyone wants to pm for it.
  2. Probably been answered before but how far is too far before going for DLC? Took a long time out from this due to COD but I'm determined to finish before attempting DS111. Getting back in and I've done a few bosses (guy on the roof who threw red faces at me, big thing at the end of the Nightmare frontier) and seems I have a few paths open. Can go to upper Cathedral Ward or the second Nightmare level - I stuck my head in there for a look about before some spears seemed to appear from nowhere and my head exploded. Didn't seem friendly. Am I better off going DLC now and coming back stronger? Have I missed my chance to do DLC and have to do it on NG+?
  3. Bought! Thanks deKay. Been looking as both ASA and Shantea for a while.
  4. SF4 is excellent btw. Wasn't expecting much from it and the controls are obviously a bit fiddly on a handheld but it still works really well. The online stuff has so far been really good - I haven't noticed any lag and it's been quicker getting a match up than the 360 version. Can see me sinking hours into it.
  5. Sorry, AC3 and Bayonetta gone. I have had a bit of a clear out and found another tho: Professor Layton & the Spectre's Call Yours if you want it - still have SF4 too.
  6. pm'd the DOA code - i'm ok for any others. Have emptied out all stars now.
  7. Another thank you to deKay for his guide. Though your name was mud for a while before I stopped being a tool and actually read what you'd wrote. Copied all the stuff from the new card folder into the old folder instead of the other way about. Now have a shiny new XL. Went for argos deal with SF4 and DOA. Gonna head to CEX with the old one. If anyone wants any club Nintendo codes I have 5 I could give: Bayonetta (1&2) Assassins Creed 3 SF4 DOA Dimensions
  8. Every time I came up to a group of Covenant I was thinkin 'My turret would destroy these guys'. Add me for easy kills - gustocmf
  9. Finally, finally, finally got past the chuckles. I've been stuck here for soooo long. When i first got here I was SL50ish but EVERY time on the way up to the fog gate I got invaded and backstabbed. I stayed dead and ground and ground those knights for ages and got up to SL70 but still got murdered on the two of them every time. Just about ready to chuck it I thought I was too high a level for co op but I sunk my very last humanity and gave it a try. Some awesome guy left a sign by the bonfire - I tried three times but summon failed, fourth was the charm. He made mincemeat of the knights on the way up and I summoned Gary for good measure. The O&S fight itself, I mostly ran away keeping my eye on his health and estus'd him up when needed. He destroyed them both - even Gary survived. Thank you mystery chap, apologies for my total cowardice!!!
  10. Thank you! I was getting better results in single player by focusing on the speed stat but when I went online was getting hammered by people sliding by me. Upped the handling and managed to win a couple.
  11. I'm really bad at this. I watch the videos when they come in and see people boost sliding round entire tracks - every time I try it I smack a wall. Added Meatball, MrAnxious, therearerules, mrpranny, and Lyrical Donut. Add me for easy wins 4339-2958-0587, my name on 3DS and gamertag is gustocmf.
  12. Yeah, that's the one I got. I had a look and the only thing on my EA account is the two games I have (fifa and bf2) and my email address. I don't think you can get up to any shenanigans with that info. I'll PM you the code Simmy.
  13. I received one but but don't have a PC that will run it. I ran through the registration and picked up a code. If I give it to simmy will he be able to mess around with my account details? Not that I can see much on there bar my email address.
  14. gustocmf


    Anyone still playing this? After trading in Forza I was looking for some racing shenanigans and it was between this and NFS. I went for the cheaper option. Absolutely loving it....kicking myself for not getting it sooner as last night when I ventured online there were only 4 people on multiplayer (first group for ranks 1-10). Neck and neck with first and the finish in sight I ate two bolts and ended up last. Add me for easy victories - gustocmf (xbox).
  15. Me too, If you all promise to go easy on an old man. Gamertag: gustocmf
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