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  1. Back to gamestation it was. No problems at all, even though I didn't have a receipt. Showed my credit card statement + it was fine. Didn't let me keep my hard drive tho.
  2. Just booked a week off work and was planning to sit about doing absolutely nothing for a whole 7 days. Switched the 360 on an hour ago, half way through a skirmish on C&C.....freezes up. Reboots and ring of death appears. Strange thing is now on a reboot only one red light comes up and I get a Error 74 message. No help on the support page - I've only had it nine months so is it best to go back to the shop or phone microsoft?
  3. I still find the supplied earphones a bit too low - is this a system limitation or will new headphones sort it? If so can anyone recommend good ones?
  4. gustocmf

    Placebo - Meds

    I like it. A few good songs on there 'Meds' and 'Follow the Cops' and the one with Micheal Stipe are ones that stand out. Much better than their last one which I thought was a bit meh.
  5. Thanks Jessy - I might be a little late as her shift starts at nine and I'll have to drop her off. Hopefully not more than ten minutes but I will be there.
  6. Tuesday? Fiance on nightshift.....Check Beers in the fridge......Check Day off on Wednesday....Check Count me in! Unless I have no money in my UB account, it's been a while since I played could someone erm.....check for me?
  7. If I'm not too late can you add me in to? Sorry for the late reply - I didn't think I could make tomorrow night but then I saw that threeB's wasn't playing :-)
  8. Might be able to make tommorrow after all - sign me up Jesse and I'll unregister if I can't do it.
  9. Only Monday or Thursday is good for me next week. In Birminham on Tuesday and the Old Firm game is on Wednesday.
  10. I should be able to make it now. Will be back up the road by tommorrow afternoon.
  11. Enjoyed this weeks game even though I was a bit distacted. We just had an offer accepted on a flat and she was wanting to talk and stuff. There's cards to be played woman!!! Could only really make Monday next week - away with work for the rest.
  12. Yep - It was my first ever live game. After that I pretty much ignore the player and focus on the cards.
  13. I've played a few matches at the casino and I notice this quite a lot. Mostly it's hands shaking when reaching for chips. A lot of players do it. What's hard is trying to read anything into it - are they shaking because they have a monster and want you in or are they bluffing and shaking in case you call? It can be either. The first game I played live I was interested in the whole sizing the player up thing. I was pretty concious about giving anything away and thought it would be fun to see if you could get info about a hand from the other persons behaviour. I was holding K 10 suited and the flop came out A J Q. Ony me and one other still in - I make a relatively large bet and he calls. Turns a J and the guy goes all in. He starts to quite noticeably shake and I take this for a bluffing tell so call. He had AJ. I think the exitment of it all affects a lot of people.
  14. Really enjoyed that last night - and I was soooooooooo close....... I got lucky in lots of hands that kept me in for longer than I deserved. Well done ThreeBs and Lucanvortex for a very well played game and thanks to Thush for organising. I should be okay for Monday or Tuesday next week. One question, when you look at the pot size on UB it says 'X in the pot with 0 rake'. What's rake?
  15. Thanks rafaqat - I'll have another look at it.
  16. I couldn't get this to work at all I followed all the instructions in this thread and I think the actual firmware did change but there was no app on the memory stick to run after it rebooted, only 'corrupted data'. I tried running burnout (from umd) but it came back that I had the wrong firmware. I've updated again to 2.0 and everything seems fine. I was going to give it another attempt but this kind of put me off: Scan type: Auto-Protect Scan Event: Threat Found! Threat: Trojan.PSPBrick File: C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Psp\MPHDowngrader\PSP\PHOTO\overflow.tif Location: C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Psp\MPHDowngrader\PSP\PHOTO I got the MPHDowngrader file from the link provided in beertigers guide.
  17. I should be okay for Wednesday. I okayed this weeks game but couldn't make it on Monday. Couldn't even get to a machine to unregister so aplogies if it caused any hassle. What happens? Do you just get blinded out? If so it was probably my best result yet.
  18. Count me in for monday too Billy. Ub name - gustocmf
  19. In case you haven't seen, there's a good site www.cardplayer.com which has daily scenarios (like below) and tips. I should really pay more attention to it because I'm guilty of exactly what happened below - slow playing and letting the other guy hit free cards. Question -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A $15-$30 game. You limp in under-the-gun with the K-Q. Everyone folds to the button, who raises, and it is folded to you. You call. There is $85 in the pot and two players. The flop comes: Q-T-9, giving you top pair, a gutshot straight-draw, and a backdoor flush-draw. What do you do? Answer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bet. Your hand is not strong enough to check-raise, but you have a good betting hand with top pair, excellent kicker. Don't check and run the risk of giving your opponent a free card when there are three parts to a straight on the table. His “button raise” could have been made on a wide variety of hands, and may not be legitimate in the sense that he does not have to have a big pocket pair or two big cards headed by an ace. On the actual hand the player checked, hoping to check-raise. The button checked. The turn was the 4. He bet and got raised. He called. The river was the K. He checked and the button checked. The button won having pocket fours for a set of fours on the turn, beating his two pair. Had he just bet his hand on the flop, the button would almost certainly have folded rather than play going for two outs.
  20. Well done Graham. I left very early so missed your heroics. I'm good for Monday or Tuesday next week. gustocmf
  21. (gustocmf on UB) That was a good first game with you guys last night - 9th place, 1 championship point I made the mistake of starting another $5.00 game while waiting for us to start. Thought I was being smart playing two tables at once, then my head started hurting. Definately be up for it again next week but could only really make Monday or Tuesday.
  22. Nice one. I think I may have to top up - will check tonight.
  23. Am I too late to join in? If not UB username is gustocmf.
  24. Got this when it first came out and played it a little before Halo2 /Pro Evo and POP:WW took over - I'm too lazy to change the connector over at the back of the tv. Last night I plugged the cube back in at 7pm, dark beam, light,beam, three keys, an energy tank later I looked at the clock - fucking 3.30am. Love this game.
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