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  1. And if anyone on here is thinking of seeking out Men Behind The Sun, please bear in mind that once you've seen something, you can't unsee it.
  2. Aye - the bit where he drinks the rancid milk is horrible.
  3. I watched the whole thing to the end, and wish I just hadn’t bothered. Utterly disappointing.
  4. I got Titans of Industry. Could have been worse, I suppose.
  5. I decided to give it a try, and am fully expecting to get something I have no interest in playing.
  6. That’s one of the best episodes of Doctor Who I’ve ever seen.
  7. Don't look at it as destroying the game as you play it, look at it as creating a game that is unique to you. The way it evolves as you play through the campaign is what makes it special, and destroying or stickering cards and writing on the board is an intrinsic part of it. Like Jon, I'd be absolutely mortified if components from any of my other games got messed up, but with this it's essential – it's what makes it what it is.
  8. You just have to adjust your mindset, and realise that's what you have to do to play the game. Jon's right – once you start, you'll love it. I count playing through the entire campaign as one of my best ever boardgaming experiences.
  9. Thirsty Meeple are having a sale – some decent prices here: https://thirstymeeples.co.uk/collections/clearance-games
  10. Her showstopper this week was absolutely amazing.
  11. Luckily, this post has made me realise I don't need to waste time reading any of your others.
  12. With the current series, they seem to have been going all-out to troll the gammon-faced Mail readers, I'm pleased to note.
  13. That's an absolutely cracking read. I, erm, had something my eye reading the bits about John Mahoney.
  14. He's obviously a Time Lord. It's the only explanation that fits all the facts.
  15. Ganz Schön Clever is great — I’ve been playing the iOS version to death.
  16. That’s a good read — thanks for posting.
  17. Cheers – I'll post some individual pics of the Chaos stuff.
  18. My son's got a load of 40K stuff from six or so years ago, that he's looking to sell. He spent loads of Christmas and birthday money on it, but it's just been sat under his bed since he lost interest in it after about six months. Some of it's been assembled to a greater or lesser extent and, erm, enthusiastically painted, but loads of it is still on sprues. There are three different sorts, which I'm told are Chaos Space Marines, T'au Empire and Tyranids. What would be the best way to sell it? Would it be worth separating everything and selling the bits individually, selling the three separate Races each as a job lot, or the whole thing? Are there places where he can list it, or would eBay be the best bet? I've attached some pics – as you can see, it's just a mess of stuff at the moment. I'll take some more pics of individual sprues and stuff when I get chance.
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