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  1. The problem isn't specific to gaming; chavs are taking over every aspect of our lives. We must stop them.
  2. I remember Sundog. Didn't play it much, I'm afraid. Going back even further into ST gaming history, anyone remember a game called Time Bandit?
  3. Going slightly off-topic: nice to see some fellow Mac users on here. Hi, guys.
  4. Thanks for the link. Time to see whether I'm still frustratingly incompetent, or whether years of gamesplaying have honed my skills to such a point that I can last more than 5 seconds without crashing.
  5. Last time I was in Hull GS I stood in the queue, which was nearly out of the door, for about 25 mins (without moving) before getting fed up and putting UT2004 back on the shelf. Not a bad shop in terms of stock, but the staff seem to be somewhat, erm... 'laid back' (or perhaps 'bone idle' might be more accurate).
  6. Griffin and his cronies are cunts of the first order and, as a resident of West Yorkshire, I'd just like to state that their views are not shared by the vast majority of people living round here. This is the guy that gets his teenage daughter to distribute leaflets inciting race hatred at school. Him and his ilk need to stopped now.
  7. Saw this in the first week of its UK release, and the strange thing I remember is that I was actually looking forward to seeing it again while I was still watching it. I don't think that's happened either before or since.
  8. I bought this when it came out, but was frustratingly incompetent at playing it.
  9. You're probably right. I am actually quite a laid-back sort of fella, so hate may be a bit strong. (See what I did there?)
  10. What's wrong with hate? If you've ever wasted hard-earned cash on some over-hyped, bug-ridden, unfinished piece of garbage then it's alright to hate the people responsible, IMHO.
  11. Well said. Calling a lump of coal a diamond doesn't actually turn it into one, Infogrammes.
  12. 1976, I think. Could have been '75. It was Pong.
  13. Square. I'm one of those old-fashioned types who prefer games that you actually play rather than just watch.
  14. I know that a lot of gamers seem to think they have to prove their masculinity or maturity dislike Nintendo's approach, but it really is a cracking game. Great multiplayer party gaming, accessible to wives and toddlers, but also challenging for 'serious' gamers on the later courses. No idea why Nintendo UK waited so long to release it over here, apart from the fact that they're a bunch of fuckwits.
  15. Was it Gosen that said that? Sounds llike the sort of bollocks he'd come out with.
  16. My four-year-old son loves watching Zelda:Wind Waker being played. Only thing I've sat and watched recently was a video of someone doing Metroid Prime in an infeasibly short time.
  17. I'm with you on this one. I don't pirate, but I haven't paid full price for a game since... hmmmm... Majora's Mask, I think. I order my Gamecube and Xbox stuff from Canada, and get PC stuff secondhand from car boots or Ebay. I can see no reason to get ripped off paying full UK prices for anything. What pisses me off the most about organisations like FACT or ELSPA is their rather spurious claims that pirate software is used to fund terrorism or drug trafficking. They know that people aren't swayed by the "damaging the industry" argument, so they resort to downright lies in order to shock the general public into condemning piracy.
  18. Getting stuck on scenery that's about an inch high.
  19. Will check minimum specs when I get home. My machine is an XP2500+ with GeForce4 MX4000. Not a great card but have no probs with Trackmania.
  20. Been playing Trackmania a lot recently and I can't help thinking that the game it reminds me most of is Super Monkeyball. Ultra-simple controls, similar physics, just you against the track trying to shave milliseconds off your time, or attempting insane shortcuts to cut your time in half. Same sort of "seat of the pants" gaming.
  21. Enjoyed the 'rumours' article.
  22. Sold the PS2. Nothing worth playing on it that isn't available for the other two.
  23. Also, issues 1-300 or so of 2000AD Still have the first six annuals, though.
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