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  1. What’s the one in between Pirate’s Cove and Cleopatra?
  2. Next question is, who's playing Edwina Currie?
  3. I think it'll be fine as long as he can do the voice.
  4. That's a great read - thank you. Interesting bit about how Rik Mayall ended up in there.
  5. It keeps on getting better and better.
  6. First horror film I ever watched with my Dad was Theatre of Blood. I'm still quite fond of it, but I think today's 13-year-olds would find it terribly dated. My other suggestion would be Creepshow, I think.
  7. Not really board game related (although I became aware of it via an ad on BGG), but I like the look of this: Spintronics It's from the same guy who did Turing Tumble, and uses a similar idea, in this case using a mechanical analogue to teach electronics.
  8. My first thought was, "Oh, he must have died young", then was gobsmacked to read he was 86.
  9. Don't get me started on games that are 'Kickstarter Only'. That shouldn't even be a thing.
  10. I'm quite intrigued by Stationfall, but given the shipping charges, I think I'd prefer to wait until it's available at retail.
  11. In the last episode of series 1, when Gates shows up at the golf course to arrest Tommy Hunter, you catch a very brief glimpse of Buckells in the car park, carrying a bag of golf clubs. Nothing is ever made of it, as far as I'm aware.
  12. Surely this is all leading into a further series, where the Chief Constable is the target of the investigation? Ted voicing his suspicions about Buckells being promoted way beyond his abilities seems to have given Carmichael pause for thought, and it would seem a logical next step for her to carry the investigation on. If this is the last series, then it's quite possibly the biggest anti-climax in the history of television.
  13. By way of celebration at getting a job after being out of work for four months, I've treated myself to Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. £40.95. Running total: £59.95
  14. Ardmore is currently £18 in Morrisons, down from £30.
  15. If anyone's wondering why Ian Hubert hasn't posted any lazy tutorials recently, this might go some way towards explaining it:
  16. Just to second SpagMasterSwift's post, Wingspan works really well with two. I think I've played about 15-20 games, and all but two have been with two players.
  17. The teaser for next week's episode quite clearly shows who's still standing. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean whoever isn't there is dead. Edit: It's actually the teaser for the whole series, not specifically next week's episode.
  18. I've been faffing around with trying to get my enamel badges looking a bit more realistic, starting with the enamel itself. I tried using Blender's sculpting capability to get the right surface shape, but couldn't get it looking anywhere near what I wanted it to, and after a few other dead ends, hit up on the idea of using a cloth sim, which I think has turned out quite well. I converted each individual coloured area into a suitably high poly quad mesh, using a free trial of Exoside Quad Remesher, then pinned vertices where I wanted the paint to adhere to the metal. I then applied a cloth sim using the 'rubber' preset, let it run for twenty frames or so, then applied the result to the mesh. I think it gives the right 'surface tension' to the paint, and after doing some minor smoothing with the sculpt tool, I'm quite happy with the result. Next step, trying to get the metal looking more 'imperfect'.
  19. Make (virtual) donuts, help raise money for the Blender foundation:
  20. A few years ago we did some enamel badges for a client, and one of the things we had a problem with was adequately conveying to them what the finished article would look like. We ended up doing some faux metallic shading using blends in Illustrator, which looked OK but the client was still worried how they'd turn out (as I was, as we'd never produced any before). I decided to try and give it a go in Blender over the weekend, and I think the results are OK. I exported the Illustrator file as SVG as I think that's the only way to get it into Blender. It comes in microscopically small (so small that you think it's not actually worked), so needs scaling up massively. I went down a few dead ends trying to convert the curves to meshes. Blender makes an absolute dog's dinner of the conversion, so I tried manually meshing them to quads, but gave up after doing one object (the letter 'P') as it looked like it was going to take me the rest of my natural life to do them all. In the end I just left them as curves and adjusted the extrusion and bevel values. I think the only problem with them is that they look a bit too perfect, as a consequence of leaving the curves as curves. If you look at an actual enamel badge, the metal bits are scratched and don't have perfectly straight edges, and the enamel bits sort of curve upwards slightly to meet the metal edges (due to surface tension, I think). I might come back to it at some point to try and get it looking right, but I think it's OK as far as providing a client proof is concerned. Rendering was done in Cycles; lighting is just an environment map.
  21. Do you think you could take your tiresome nonsense elsewhere? Edit: Sorry - this was in response to a post from Centurion, which has since been deleted.
  22. I'm in the same boat*. Tell you what – you buy it, and that will save me from being tempted. *No pun intended.
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