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  1. I’d say I enter about three-quarters of them, and have done for the past six years or so. Not a sausage.
  2. To be honest, I played it when I wasn't really in the mood for it, so ought to give it another try.
  3. Going on holiday for the next two weeks, so I thought I'd see how many games I could pack into a reasonably-sized box. I took the insert out of Unlock: Escape Adventures (we have one scenario we haven't played yet), and have managed to fit in: Kingdomino Machi Koro plus Harbour expansion Coup Love Letter Red 7 Intrigue Bohnanza Jaipur Sushi Go Tides of Time Cockroach Poker Unlock: Escape Adventures (Island of Doctor Goorse scenario only) plus a deck of playing cards. There's a couple in the list that I don't particularly enjoy, but other people asked me to take. I reckon I could also fit Port Royal in there, and will probably take out Tides of Time (which isn't that good). Everything fits OK, but it weighs 2.5Kg.
  4. Some great choices there. For easy-to-get-into but fun-to-play-with-non-gamers games, there's also: Camel Up Azul Imhotep Kingdomino There's loads of others too, but they're the ones that came immediately to mind. The Unlock and Exit series of games are also very good to play with non-gamer groups, but they're single playthrough only (and in the case of the Exit series, you end up destroying the components during play, so you can't even sell it on).
  5. Late to the party, but only just got round to seeing this. Thought it was brilliant - loved every minute of it.
  6. It seems to be on the increase in American-made shows, and I do wish they wouldn’t use it.
  7. Thank you for this suggestion; I wouldn’t have been aware of it otherwise, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve always dismissed clicker games as completely pointless wastes of time, but that one sets itself apart from the crowd and keeps things interesting to the end. Are there any others that are as good?
  8. Yes, I know it hit the crane. I've listened to the podcast, and I've since seen the original footage from the event, and I've watched the dramatised scene again. At the time, my impression was that either the helicopter had failed, or the pilot had succumbed in some way. It's not completely unambiguous, and there's really no need to compare us to the Guardian reviewer for not grasping exactly what had happened on first viewing.
  9. Watching that scene again on YouTube it is clear that it hits the cables, but I must admit that when I watched the episode, I thought it had failed due to the radiation. I do think that is implied in the scene, given the build up, but I don't think the intention was to deliberately mislead.
  10. I haven't read any of his reviews for years – just got fed up of the spoilers.
  11. One thing I didn't realise, until listening to the podcast later on, is that the 90 seconds on the roof is the total time they are allowed to work. They're not given any further exposure, as what they've had in those 90 seconds will have already shortened their life expectancy, and they just get sent home. It really hammers home just how toxic an environment it is.
  12. I think the reason the roof scene works so well is that it’s drawn out for the full 90 seconds they have to stay out there, and the handheld camera and overwhelming noise of the Geiger counter immerses you right in it. About half way through it, you start to think, “that must be about it, now” and start to get desperate for the gong to sound, and every second past that becomes more and more unbearable. The relief you feel when the gong finally sounds, after what seems like forever, is immense, and is then immediately followed by despair again when the guy keeps stumbling on his way back. It’s a phenomenal scene. You feel every second of it.
  13. So the main thing everybody mentions when talking about the game is the thing they then get rid of? Makes sense.
  14. I love the precision of the design, though.
  15. It does look cool, but I think it would benefit from staining the pieces with the relevant colours.
  16. Replied to you via PM - Chinatown already gone to @frumious. Splendor has the heavy chips - I didn’t know there was a version without them. It’s already gone, though.
  17. Having a minor clear out, and will be putting these in the Trading folder shortly (thought I'd give first dibs here). All prices are including postage. Lords of Xidit: Shrinkwrap removed, but contents unpunched and unused. £15 Union Pacific: Dutch edition, but language-independent, and English rules are included. Box bottom has some minor damage. £15 Android Netrunner: First edition. Box has some shelf wear but game contents are in very good condition. £15 Settlers of Catan: Mayfair Games. Think it might be the first English edition. Box has shelf wear but contents are in very good condition. £15 Ticket To Ride: Europe: Excellent condition. £20 @keptbybees Chinatown: German version (Filosofia), but language-independent, and English rules included. Very good condition. £25 @frumious Splendor: Box split on one edge, repaired with Magic Tape. Contents in very good condition. £12 @keptbybees Beer Empire: Excellent condition: £15 The New Science: Shrinkwrap removed, but unplayed. £15
  18. Backed – looking forward to playing it.
  19. If it were Hastings, why would WPC Stabby have been doing her job so well in presenting the evidence against him? Also, in Dot's dying declaration, Kate starts doing the second letter of the name (after Dot has indicated 'H', and goes past 'A' without any reaction from Dot.
  20. Parts of it were good, but a lot of it was underwhelming.
  21. Disappointing, for the most part. The interview scene (where the series has excelled in the past) was far too long, and lacked any sort of drama or tension. The morse code “four dots” thing was ridiculous.
  22. I’m interested in Mombasa and Ponzi Scheme.
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