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  1. There was a pretty good interview with director on the Red Handed podcast this week.
  2. Second series doesn’t start until 21 June - you’d only need to watch one or two a week.
  3. Sod that – I'm going to watch the whole thing again.
  4. I’m still enjoying it, but it’s definitely on the wane from its series 3 high point.
  5. Gives me an excuse to watch series 1 again.
  6. I thought this thread was going to be about the 70s invisible man series starring Ben Murphy, so I’m somewhat disappointed.
  7. We failed both attempts at May. It was a while ago, and for one reason and another, we haven't managed to get our regular participants back together to tackle June. Hopefully should manage to in the next few weeks. Looks like tons of stuff gets added at the beginning of June, so I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Definately. Edit: Damn you, bingoinferno.
  9. It can depend on which of the minigames you play; some are much better than others. We've had some great times playing Fibbage, which is simply an online version of Balderdash. A lot of the others are somewhat forgettable.
  10. How can you tell if you've got a counterfeit copy of Terraforming Mars? I'll get me coat.
  11. They should make the recessed player boards available separately at retail. The game should have included them in the first place.
  12. James Ernest has compiled all of the Cheapass games into one mammoth book: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cheapassgames/cheapass-games-in-black-and-white?ref=discovery&term=cheapass I’d have quite liked the hardback, but couldn’t really justify the cost, so I’ve gone for the e-book version.
  13. Yes, it’s definitely worth sticking with.
  14. As per this thread on BGG, Raiders of the North Sea and Shipwrights of the North Sea are £16.99 each at 365 Games: https://www.365games.co.uk/strategy-board-games/explorers-of-the-north-sea https://www.365games.co.uk/strategy-board-games/shipwrights-of-the-north-sea
  15. Amazon are taking steps to reduce the number of counterfeit goods sold via their marketplace to zero: https://blog.aboutamazon.com/company-news/amazon-project-zero Like you, I tend to use dedicated games retailers (and I'll add Chaos Cards to your list), but I do use Amazon when decent games come up at unmissable prices. I haven't yet had a counterfeit copy of anything, as far as I can tell, but reading the threads on BGG, it does appear to be a growing problem (at least in the US).
  16. Cardhu's a decent one to try if you're just starting out, and the Gold Reserve bottling tends to always be on offer in one supermarket or another – usually about £25 (down from £42).
  17. Nice one. I had planned on popping in on Saturday but didn't get chance in the end. Cheating Moth's not a bad little game – I got it (well, Mogel Motte) from a charity shop a while back.
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