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  1. some of my gripes were beginning to be discussed in the gradius v thread, so i decided to take something i wrote at insert credit and repeat it here with the hope that we can all talk about what we love and hate in shmups. if anyone wants to suggest a system of classification, that would be fun, too. some ideas might be by horizontal/vertical, by scoring systems, by bullet style, or by the presence of indestructible obstacles. with the rise of gradius v, this may be a good time to talk about something that's on my mind. i love the gradius series, i do, but it also makes me uncomfortable. the options system of gradius has always bothered me. the choices in r-type too. so many shooters have their own system of decisions you can make about weapon types, and i just don't feel right about that. obviously there are different kinds of shmups and these characteristics set their series apart, but i feel so much more.. right about a game like ikaruga (could there be a better example?) that lacks upgrades or choices. one of the worst things about an upgrade-centered gameplay is that, if you die, you lose everything and it is usually enormously handicapping to be so vulnerable in a late area of the game. this is backwards. a game should be harder when you're doing well and easier when you're having trouble. the game should not punish you for dying. this only leads to frustration and a lot of swearing. finally, i was playing r-type 3 last night and, whenever i died, the game faded to black and restarted me at a set continue point some time earlier. i hate this. it breaks the rhythm and adrenaline of the game completely. this may seem silly, but i realized recently that some shmup series force you to dodge all manner of indestructible physical objects, often navigating through tight spaces, while others are defensively focused simply on avoiding enemies and their attacks. does anyone have a preference here? again, my feeling is that games that simplify to the bare elements are the most pleasing, and i tend to prefer shooters like the esp series and ikaruga (most of it) in this division. i haven't even brought up anything related to scoring yet! so what do you like and dislike in a shmup?
  2. see, this is my main problem. this is only true in the most superficial way, which means that bioware's games feel just as soulless to me as the worst of squaresoft.
  3. no, they both suck. as much as i love ff6, ff7, fft, som, and ct, square's game design is seriously lacking and it appears that the developer makes an effort at being lazy. bioware. i already made a whole thread just so i could bash bioware.
  4. d-side is going to find me and flame me, but look at ico. for a game that you could pretend is an adventure rpg as much as you could pretend zelda is one, its plot is as minimalized as could be. and this is a good thing. it doesn't get in the way of the gameplay but instead strengthens the player's ties to the gameplay. any involving story should do this. fft did this. how many square games actually make you stop in the middle of a battle and feel enormity about the situation? game plots shouldn't be trying to win oscars. but they should be good. the criteria for a game's plot are different from plots elsewhere. not that there is any reason why a game's plot should not be capable of winning an oscar.
  5. i like the story, characters, and their presentation in vagrant story and fft a lot. however, square has a bad habit of making games stupidly complicated. vagrant story and sword of mana are a bitch to play with their alignment or days-of-the-week systems. vagrant story could have been an awesome game, but it's not, because the core gameplay was padded with this dense garbage that keeps you from playing it. square does this in almost every game now, and if you're like me and consider random battles (as they are now and have been, at least) in rpgs to be a lazy and stupid game design element, then you might say that they've been doing it in their games for years.
  6. what a stupid thing to say. people like you are holding us and the industry back in this mire of muddled, cliched filth.
  7. i wrote nintendo a letter asking about the endings in chrono trigger, and they sent back a letter (clearly not mass-written) detailing every ending in the game. it's like an eight page letter, and i still have it.
  8. that's what i'm saying. i have never played anything on a saturn. well i think i tried panzer dragoon something in toys r us. it was sweet.
  9. that's different, though. i was just about to ask on it in a different thread. maybe i should get it? anyway this thread is about mist something, not square. so, popo, who is/was sakaguchi at square? i mean, how do we know him--through what games?
  10. when i first beat ff6 i went nuts and bought the ost. i used to dissect its leitmotif like i did with the star wars trilogy, and especially in the epic-length closing montage (best ff ending ever) i used to love just listening and identifying each character--it was challenging in the beginning because uematsu changed them in creative ways. a lot of mitsuda's music in chrono trigger is really wonderful. two of my favorite videogame pieces (and the game moments that go with them) are from xenogears: "the one who is torn apart" (id's theme) and "june mermaid" (nanogirl's theme). when i first played xenogears and i encountered id, i just let him beat the crap out of me and listened to the music. the scene when id in his gear lifts the uh the submersible desert crawling ship of the good guys, i used to play from the save point through all of the battles to that long story sequence just to experience that terrifying awe that comes with the sudden silence and that music as he lifts the ship. june mermaid on the "creid" disc is beautiful. i just today got the xenogears ost in the mail and am listening to id's theme right now. i wish it was on creid as well.
  11. earthbound is the best. ico is the next. rez is tops, especially area 5. castlevania: sotn is my favorite in that series. man the minibosses' kraid-metroid is amazing. as is their punch-out and their flashman. the two big squaresoft composers have their moments but they are. so. cliched. i have to think about everything snes. even underrecognized soundtracks like star fox are great. f-zero is so unique. i start my college radio show with the title music from f-zero every time. it sounds like a waiting room. i love the vibe from yoshi's island. obviously the classic games like zelda and mario have amazing music. i don't know how to pick from them. lol i have that "play it now" disc with ken griffy jr.'s winning run, it's awesome. check this out.
  12. square who? the last good thing was xenogears. and i used to be a huge fanboy. i really wish someone would do rpgs right finally. you think this could be it?
  13. no saturn. what kind of game is it?
  14. the problem with almost all so-called tactics games is that they aren't very tactical. you can play them from a brute force perspective, and even if you don't, levelling up and getting better equipment (fun and exciting elements, yes) prevent the game from being a tight strategy-based one. think of final fantasy tactics and then think of advance wars. the ONLY blemish on advance wars that keeps it from being as tight as a game of chess is the c.o. power ability. if you can't advance in a game like disgaea or fft what do you do? change your approach to the battle? sometimes, yes. but usually you get better weapons or levelup. ff7 had more strategy than much of fft when you fought the optional weapons. you needed to really plan your material and your technique or the battles could not be won no matter how many levels you gained. these supposed tactics games fool us into thinking they are tactics games because you move on a grid (in fft-alikes) and think about attack areas and job abilities. those are just game elements and do not reflect the core spirit of the gameplay. but i love fft anyway (ffta blows) and i look forward to disgaea and its cousins. i just consider them rpgs. oh crap, now i have to rant about how almost every "rpg" isn't an rpg at all. save it. semantics only in part.
  15. haha, that looks so great. what is it like?
  16. professor wimblenot's museum of the strange--and unusual i'm too tired to remember any more of my youth, sadly. you guys already posted a lot of great stuff, and a lot of obscure games i'd forgotten about as well. BUT I POSTED PINBOT, FOOLS.
  17. ^this game sucked so much lol
  18. i like fps games. just most of them suck.
  19. i hated quake done quick. it's too dark and choppy and he just flies through everything; basically, i guess i don't think a fps can be fun if sped through that way. another non-reco is mgs, it's also very dark and it wasn't fun at all. i watch ikaruga superplays almost everyday. it's the morning poetry that helps me to start my day.
  20. yes, this site is awesome.
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