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  1. it seems to be down? the video links won't work.
  2. that was my first speed demo site, that's where i started!
  3. i wish insertcredit updated more often. i love those guys.
  4. i don't know why i enjoy it so much, but i love watching videos of games. well, good ones, anyway. naturally superplays of shooters is a category that quickly comes to mind, but i also have time attacks for games like mega man 2, contra, etc. as well as weird japanese puzzle games being rocked. anyway, this is officially the best website ever. i also saw a very nice technical demo of metroid fusion once where the player's goal was not to finish the game quickly or get every item, but rather to play the game quickly and without taking a hit. he showed off extreme coordination and grace, and i loved to watch his samus doing exploratory gymnastics through complex passages with extreme ease. i'll find the link to it later. i came across a forum on directconnect++ dedicated to videos of fighting games--they had a huge amount of complete tournament captures, technique demos, and other great stuff. it was ridiculously niche and totally cool.
  5. that's what i meant when i asked if you had missed my posts--i wrote a lot on that topic. in fact, my feeling is that if the gameplay is not appreciated as part of the game (when the game is evaluated as art) then you might as well be talking about a series of drawings or a movie.
  6. if i may ask a personal question, what do you do for a living? i'm worried about having time for games too, because in a year i graduate college and i'll probably be in a cubicle for the rest of my life.
  7. what is this game? it looks like an mmorpg, but i thought the only space mmorpg was that beyond earth thing or whatever.
  8. i have bought around three thousand dollars of audio equipment with student loans. please don't tell me dad; he's the cosigner. my situation is different though since no one is helping me, i am getting no grants, and i'm going to owe at least $75,000 by the time i graduate. so i guess i'm acquiring things now because i won't be able to buy them later.
  9. Guardian


    maybe this is something you need to think about. like, privately.
  10. have you even read a single one of my posts?!
  11. i've been trying to get ahold of planescape for quite some time.
  12. look, frankly the way to change the situation that you're so unhappy about is to talk about other games as art. and that's something i wouldn't mind reading.
  13. that's the best you've done, yes. very clear, thank you. so did you want to go into games as art or was that just a side glance?
  14. fine; maybe you could help me by explaining why "videogames are not art they are games" as if games and art are mutually exclusive ideas.
  15. you're really into pussyfooting, aren't ya? do you actually have any opinions or thoughts about the topic, or do you intend to just imply things and then insist that you never actually said them in an effort to embarass people? do you think the reason why so many posters in this thread are confused about your position might be that you haven't declared one very strongly? i saw that other people had assumed that you have been saying "games can't be art" and tried to avoid doing the same. it's very difficult to say anything to you at all because 1) your position is unclear and 2) you never actually respond to anyone's ideas. instead of trying to pull the carpet from under my feet, how about discussing some of the things i actually said? you allowed the thread to move from your first point about smb, ico, and rez not being the only artistic games to a discussion about what art is and are games art etc. you asked smug questions like "is a napkin art?" you haven't said anything at all regarding my response to that question or my attempts to think through other issues. i'm not even accusing you of failing to get excited about games as art; i'm saying that you went halfway with the issue and now i have no idea where you stand or what your response is to the ideas that have been raised.
  16. Guardian


    you can only be male.
  17. i wish i had a way to write about games and get paid for it. hmmmmm. but then i say the same thing about philosophy, so lol
  18. exactly! and that's what i think game writing should be, not ratings of how crisp the graphics are. i've become a really big fan of insertcredit. tim rogers is consistently brilliant at this (plus, i think his 4-player castlevania idea is tops). the more analytical writers who sound like they're doing sociology and philosophy (actually, they are), are not full of it, and they're not taking the piss. they're seriously writing about games in this heavily analytical, very serious way, and i love it. they take games seriously and treat them like you would a high-profile painting or film--they treat them academically, with excellent results. an example that comes quickly to mind is this wind waker review.
  19. it's not quite what i'm talking about, but that is a lot better. i really like how you used challenge, which you found to be the game's essence, as a point from which you could describe each of the elements of graphics, music, control, etc. that's not lazy writing. and later there's some good stuff that is really about the game itself.
  20. nah, the "normal ninja gaiden" would simply lack updated ai, an additional camera mode, new costumes and a weapon... this is somewhere between a patch and an update, and i don't think the patch elements change the "normal game" in any way that you would want to revert from.
  21. in that little review, you basically broke down the game into its magic system, control physics, music, etc. and commented on each of them. the review just doesn't talk about aria as a game. it talks about it as a collection of elements. i recommend that you read this feature. it isn't very focused, and in many ways it isn't so much a game review as a kind of editorial rant, but it tells me so much more about the game than your review. there's this piece called "bow, nigger" from state (i can't find it! the link died.) about jedi outcast that is probably better, as it is more of what i would like in a review--at least, it exemplifies the spirit of a review as i would like it. as a full review, you might consider it incomplete, but.. i don't know. it's more a piece of writing. my gripe about game reviews is that you could just make a format sheet, a form that has boxes for graphics, music, control, and, at the end, fun!, and the reviewer could just fill them out. game writing is stuck in a rut, and that's what it looks like. writing like the two examples above is, i think, infinitely more interesting and useful.
  22. i liked that comment. it ensures the quality of the update. it's not lipservice for fans. and i think more developers should work and make games that they want, not that they think fans want. itagaki is an auteur; the fans are sheep. the people complaining about the difficulty are the ten year olds whose moms take them to blockbuster for the latest spyro. itagaki is the one who knows what a great game is.
  23. dude, just talk about what it is like to play the game, about how it feels. you don't even have to tell me who the characters are or what it's about or any of that. don't talk to me about the game as if it were a movie script; review it like it's a game. what is it like for you? that's it. i read a lot of game reviews, and almost all of them do it totally wrong.
  24. you're missing the point. well, not his point, but you aren't satisfying my point, so i'm going to argue with you, if that's alright. a full game of tiddly-winks, whatever that is, is indeed art. a game of football is art. not just the stadium as a piece of architecture; the game is art, including its elements: the coach's strategic decisions, the physical ability of the players, etc. it is like an inevitable, experimental (i mean that the game is an experiment, not that this is an experimental type of art) piece of art that works itself out organically, in nature. similarly, a videogame's gameworld is just the architectural element of the game design. it is only a piece of what is only half the game--the developmental half.
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