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  1. here's a thought: totally sweet.
  2. can't you guys tell i wanted anti-bioware empathy?
  3. no one here seems to like anything i do. i, inadvertant troll. seriously, there are like five to ten people on this board who are nothing but whiny bitches. you know those red "panic" fake keyboard buttons? get one that says "ignore". then learn how to press it. then shut up.
  4. mine is definitely bioware. why do people like kotor so damned much? i'm tired of the contrived long story -> back to game -> long story -> back to game mode-switching surrounding all of their characterization, especially party members. i hate the ridiculous missions you go on that have nothing to do with your galaxy-saving main quest, like finding some bitch's husband-droid or resolving some romeo&juliet rip-off. i hate watching myself jedi train instead of doing it. in fact, i hate watching everything in the game instead of doing it. i hate the way they make "rpg"s where nothing you do really makes a difference and then market them as being games where everything you do really makes a difference. nothing you do in kotor matters at all to change anything until that one single predictable star-wars-fanboy-catering cliched little choice. i almost like the d&d system, but i think i hate it. i mean, their use of it. i definitely dislike its simplification in kotor. i'm especially sick of how every publication and gamer everywhere seems to love this crappy contrived demented insulting contrived crap. the only thing i liked about kotor was that it was the first time i ever felt like the good guys aren't necessarily the good guys and that both sides are just different ways of life. i also decided around this time that nietzsche is the dark lord of the sith. i don't think bioware can take credit for my revelation. nwn sucks almost as much as kotor, except that the d&d system is nicely full-blown and it's awesome to develop as a monk. but that's not bioware i'm liking--that's d&d! does anyone else have a serious problem with bioware's consistent flavor of game design?
  5. why do people like kotor so damned much? i've sworn off bioware between this and nwn; too much disappointment. too much crap. does anyone else have a serious problem with bioware's consistent flavor of game design? actually, my apologies, as i dont know that i can delete posts, but i'm going to make this a thread.
  6. some off-topic stuff: jim (miles), do you prefer ikaruga on dc or gc? i have a choice to make. can we get a high score thread going for either/both tumiki fighters or/and every extend?
  7. by the way, m8. i have a radio show when i'm at university. here is its name: untitled on air i always say: you are listening to untitled: all pretentious, all the time. i'm not making this up. you have to understand that i'm a parody of myself, but i'm simultaneously very honest. i just joined here; don't hate me because i don't like uppercase letters. it is both for aesthetic reasons and because i dislike capitalizing "i" and choosing what other words need to be capitalized as well. it's like some important status, and i don't like to acknowledge it or give it out. i know i seem like a twat, but i'm serious. it doesn't really matter, does it?
  8. now that is different; that is respectable and even agreeable. however, the same problems arise in many other places--music comes to mind. some people say that talking about music is like dancing about painting, or something like that. comparison is the easiest tool through which to make sense of a new piece. despite that, i tend to agree with you. i wish i could take each new game as if i had never played games before, totally fresh. i wish i weren't a lazy writer and could say something other than "surrealistic sonic tapestry" when i describe music. but these are, mostly, vain wishes. that or i am not yet at a point in my young, developing wisdom where i can consistently act in these ways. besides, comparison is also a useful tool for finding the best games when you don't have time to sift through them all yourself. see my defensive post directly above.
  9. i rather mind that you assume i don't understand something just because i haven't talked about it at all. my "namedropping" was to suit my own purposes. i wanted to find more games that are considered masterpieces. i had only gotten rez and ico very recently, and they are still new in my collection. the experiences are still fresh in my mind. i had never before played anything that did to me what they did, and i've actually wept during games like earthbound and chrono trigger and other obvious (relative) nonsense. so i wanted more, and i did something that i thought might lead me to more--i joined a videogames forum and started a thread asking for more. omfg. i have not had any need to talk about videogames as an artistic medium with you in my entire week of being registered at this forum. you're a very presumptious character, d-plan. not cool.
  10. siren oh right, those are human cadavers, not zombies. nevermind. actually, there is a running theory (more a hunch, if i can recall it properly) that an exact material clone of a human being would not possess consciousness--certainly not in the way that the original human does. yet this is merely a hunch, a lingering cultural notion of the soul, for if one accepts a materialistic explanation of the mind then no other result is possible. that is to say, we are all intelligent zombies.
  11. that's exactly how i feel about this whole thing. yo, d. if people like you succeed in turning off the art discussion, then the most successful games on those grounds will be more ignored, corporations will churn out more crap, and on the whole we will get less wonderful games. well, i dunno if that's all true, but it really makes you sound like a jerk, so i thought i'd give it a try. ebisumaru, when i made my thread post earlier that mentioned two of these three apparant unmentionables with terrible hubris, i wanted you to do something like bring up pikmin. i wasn't mentioning these games to show how cool i am to know what's what; i wanted to know what other games achieve such simplicity and, what is this stupid word, artiness.
  12. what do you think? does it play both like a treasure game and a gradius game? horribleman, i saw that video too. the history of gradius documentary was enjoyable. of course i want this game... i was going to buy it a few days ago and then i realized it doesn't exist yet. that hurt.
  13. irregardless reselection? i'm sorry, but this all strikes me as pretty silly, and the morbidity and nonsensicality of your vocabulary kindled my candle.
  14. you know what? i'm new here. i didn't know. just like i didn't know people actually respected capital letters. these things take getting used to. i have to get super monkey ball. i think halo is very overrated.
  15. ooooh yeeeaaaaaahhh nice thread, thanks
  16. this is not a puzzle. this is suck.
  17. it's hard to comment on the older arcade games. on the one hand, they certainly get simplicity down, but the gameplay doesn't really intensify in more than the most superficial ways. games like link to the past and ocarina are wonderful, but they don't have the simplistic gameplay of the three games i'm championing (ico, rez, and ikaruga). maybe the best word to describe what i'm looking for is 'poetic'. those three are all poetic games. or, better perhaps, haikus among poems? i give up, i'm going to work.
  18. it looks excellent, probably will be a great action game. but i bet it will also be, you know, not scary.
  19. er i meant they don't have to be this.
  20. it doesn't have to, damnit. someday they're gonna get these things right.
  21. i hated that nothing about the plot went beyond good & evil.
  22. right, just like that film critic who didn't get anywhere in ico. he didn't know how to go about playing it. i think he could probably have made a better effort, and the same goes for people who like shooters but find ikaruga too hard. it's basically the ultimate shmup and it requires effort to get to the point where you're not just trying to survive and you can actually work on chains and getting a high score. it's also like people who play siren and don't go through with it because the narrative seems disconnected initially. sometimes you have to have faith in the game and make a more lasting effort to get to a point where you understand it. now we can argue about whether or not a great game needs to be an accessible one. personally, i think that games like ico and ikaruga have great learning curves, although i've read that siren doesn't have one at all. anyway, siren is disqualified for its localized british accents. *five hundred sad faces* have you ever seen ikaruga superplays? i can give you the link. they are beautiful.
  23. i think ikaruga qualifies all around. its gameplay is perfect. the player's abilities are simplified and the most is made of them. there is nothing extraneous whatsoever. the game is as poetic as ico; every element is logical, up to the final boss's last attack mode, which is a fitting finale.
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