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  1. GMR's news section says that Rez will be rereleased in the US in November along with Panzer Dragoon Orta and Jet Set Radio Future for $19.99.
  2. Guardian

    Systemshock 3

    While the genetic premise is cool, I am skeptical that Irrational will be able to recreate the psychological intensity of SS2 with its use of sound/speech and environments to make you question your opposition to the Many. I have never, ever experienced such terrifying ambiguity before or since, and that's why I love the game. But nonetheless, this is something to look forward to.
  3. Guardian


    I can't believe how many people in this thread have never played Super Metroid. Do it.
  4. That looks totally sweet. What do I have to do to play it?
  5. That's good to hear, because I read that one of the reasons they even made this game was to show everyone that third person shooting does not have to suck. They built that engine to show a new way in which it can be done. So I read.
  6. Guardian


    er.. my copy is fine in its case with no instructions. make me an offer.
  7. I read an article on SS recently that got me excited, yet I hesitate at the thought of the flashbacks. I'm worried that they break the feel of the present narrative. Can anyone comment on this aspect of the game?
  8. Everyone post your scores, out of respect for Every Extend. 2342140; my best chain was like 89 or something, but I didn't make a high enough score to get it recorded.
  9. I was slightly addicted to this game last semester.
  10. System Shock 2 is to Doom 3 and AvP as Silent Hill is to Resident Evil. Basically it is scary in an intelligent and psychological manner. It is well worth purchasing. I played it for my first time less than a year ago and did not find it dated at all. You should consider how susceptible YOU are to being put off by older graphics, but regardless it is worthwhile--for the excellent use of sound and voice if nothing else.
  11. Guardian

    OMG OMG!

    Yes! I actually rented that game several times back when I had an SNES and I loved the 2-player mode so much that I even played it sometimes when no one else was around. Emulation can't best the console in some instances, and this game is one of them. Metal Warriors's single player gets pretty damned hard, too. Sweet, sweet game. I can easily see how someone could like it more than Valken, but nothing beats that SNES intro movie from Assault Suits. Stroker Ace--ah, I found it. Sorry.
  12. Guardian

    OMG OMG!

    Did you Valken lovers ever play Metal Warriors on the SNES? I think it's the same dev team.. Seems like it to me, at least. But yes, Valken.
  13. "remember it"? Why, just last semester when the work was gettin me down, I sat down and played this game all the way through. Must be my fifth time, at least.
  14. I look forward to the day when my computer will be capable of just that. Are said multiplayer mods made for long-term play, starting with n00b characters and building over many adventures?
  15. I have wanted this for YEARS thank you!
  16. Now this: Silent Hill 5 should be in first-person with the Doom 3 engine. Well, maybe, I haven't really thought it through yet.
  17. How did you know?! I was running around the normal hospital, powering up the generator, and afterwards I found myself back on the first floor and was suddenly gripped around the cold edges of my heart by the sounds of the building. First, there's the steady low hum of ceiling lights--very real, excellently captured. Over that is a rhythmic industrial rumble--no, a pulse--that I KNOW is the generator I just activated. But it reminds me so goddamn much of the industrial clashing music in the school that poor Harry (me) starts to hyperventilate. Get this. I resort to literally and quite forcibly saying to myself out loud that the GAME DESIGNERS "PUT" THIS HERE. Over and over. The game designers put this here. If I wanted to progress, if I wanted to survive playing the game in more than just short bursts, I found it necessary to remind myself that I was playing a game. I needed to tell myself over and over, "This isn't happening." SH2 will have horrifying physical manifestations and transformations ripe with psychological implications like those SH1 moments I described, right? Right?!@ That's just a brilliance I have never experienced before, and one that could not be possible in any medium but a videogame. This is what videogames were made for. It's pure genius in its purest moments. When that fourth floor shit went down as a physical route to a terrible alternate version of the same location, like I had just walked from one dimension to another, it was an experience unparalleled in my LIFE. I want to know that Silent Hill 2 will do that to me as well, that it's waiting to maneuver me into the most terrifyingly CLEVER physical situations, implying that it's either my mind or the world--one of them is out to fucking get me in the most unacceptable damned way. God, I love that. That's what horror is. It's real horror.
  18. I'm playing the first SH right now and what I love is not the RE-like gameplay nor being chased by scary creatures etc. What I really love is the psychological terror. For example, I recently went back to a building I've been to before, but the outdoor conditions were different--it was dark and everything had become like a rotting industrial walkway with bits of the floor missing (people call this SH's "nightmare" mode, I belive).. I went in the building, found out what I needed to know, and went back out again.... The industrial walkway road had totally disappeared save for a thin walkway going straight out from the door. There were huge gaping holes on either side. I looked with horror at my map and there were two large, menacing red Xs on either side of me. At that moment, I really felt like the TOWN was out to get me, that it was siphoning me and manipulating my movements. Other great moments have been the physical route I took that led to the transformation to "nightmare" in both the school and the hospital.. going into the clock tower, moving through the corridor, and then exiting to what seemed the same courtyard but finding the school entirely different.. that was horrifying. Even better was taking the elevator in the hospital to floor 2 and floor 3 to find the doors locked... then I got back into the elevator, prepared to give up and leave, and I noticed that there was a new button for a fourth floor. I was sure it wasn't there before. I pressed it and went down the fourth floor corridor and down the stairs to the third floor. When I turned around, where the stairs to the fourth floor had been, there was only a wall, and the hospital now before me was a terrifying industrial rustpit with blood and tentacles and nurses with knives. That's what I really love about Silent Hill. I understand that Silent Hills 2 and 3 will continue to frighten me psychologically (rather than just oppressing me with gameplay issues and scary things chasing me and bad bosses). Does 4 do well in this department?
  19. It depends, man. I try everything at first as a dabbler. Rarely do I know if I will find the game worth completing. If I like the game, and usually I do if I've bought it, then I will complete it (invariably, as you say), and if the rewards or my love of the game is great enough I will most likely get completist and perfectionistic on it. Sometimes I can get pretty bad. Games with rankings, for example, I won't progress in the game if I really like it, but rather play each level again and again until I get the highest attainable rank, and then I will move on. I hate it, actually.
  20. I enjoyed the three Super Star Wars games. In retrospect, they probably aren't too great, though. Underrated: Demon's Crest.
  21. YES. And I used to love this game called.. I think... Metal Warriors, and it was very great, and I was convinced that it was made by the same team. Both games are great and often overlooked.
  22. Guardian

    Am I Shit?

    Oddly, I played the PS MGS yesterday for the first time in many years and found it rather difficult. It may be that I was moving a bit impatiently, but other things, like the fact that my vision is extremely restricted by the screen's edges (making SOCOM aiming very difficult) made some of the general stealth sneaks and some of the boss fights pretty hard. In particular, I died like seven or eight times before I beat Psycho Mantis. I didn't have trouble like that years ago. Maybe I am going soft. On the plus side, Snake is as great a character and the game's cinematics handled as brilliantly as I remembered. Plus there was more Hideo classic postmodernism than I recalled. What a guy.
  23. Heh. It didn't work, anyway. But really, a game that can make you rip up your strategy guide in fits of anger? Well.
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