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  1. Does this boot disc play imported PS2 games as well as PS?
  2. I remember renting this and really loving it. Are my memories misguided? I thought I'd pick it up used.
  3. Super Metroid and Secret of Mana have wonderfully led-in title screens.
  4. I don't have much to suggest off the top of my head; this thread is mostly for everyone else. I was thinking of Super Metroid's narrative intro, Metal Gear Solid (I fucking love that all the cinemas in the original MGS are in the game engine, THANK YOU teh Kojima), and especially Silent Hill--the music and the way the game's premise occurs in bits interspersed with flash-forward movies from the whole game, it's just so moving and big and epic in an excitingly personal way that Final Fantasy could never touch. Xenogears has a very good intro movie. Chrono Trigger's and Ico's demo movies (when you wait at the title screen) are also wonderful. I'll think of more in time. I know people will say FF7, of course. OH I almost forgot! One of my favorite intros (times two!) of all time is Wild Arms! The anime sequence with that theme music, I have it on a movie on my computer (or used to) I love it so much. And equally superb, the in-game plot prelude is GORGEOUS, especially the music and the way it kind of kicks in towards the end... and then the choir.. So incredible. I guess I did have a lot to suggest.
  5. Guardian

    Best Menus

    Zone of the Enders comes to mind as I've just started it. I think the way that Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus ties together its intro, its non-title-screen, and its newgame starting is terriffic. From videos I've seen, the following look fantastic: Metroid Prime, Ikaruga, and Siren. And yes, I really do get off on these presentation pieces.
  6. I could do without the resident-evil-ness and occassionally the puzzles but they are stylistically incredible. And the characters are very, very great, as is the fact that things actually happen to/with them. By they I mean the first, because I haven't played the second. I want to, though!
  7. Come on guys, stop name-dropping.
  8. I just noticed this. Are you joking? Since you say that they'll be going the way of Sega, I'm assuming you mean that TWW and SMS were financial disasters. Do you have any figures to back that up? Because I really doubt that was the case.
  9. I disagree. I think they're doing fine. Maybe, MAYBE, you could make a case for there not being as much magic in a zelda or metroid release. But I think you're being unfair by dismissing pikmin and animal crossing. Also, they've done a lot of experimenting with their existing franchises--look at how many directions they've taken mario (the rpg/paper mario series, the mario party games, the mario kart games, etc.); look at the 3D-ification and multiplayer releases of zelda and metroid; even star fox adventures was a rather unnecessary attempt to do something totally different with that (the problem being that it had nothing to do with star fox other than the characters' faces), but it shows how much nintendo is determined to not be stagnant. they're also breathing new and odd life into old franchises like donkey kong (with this donkey kong konga thing and the new sequel to that awesome action/puzzle gameboy game). In fact, Nintendo is so gung-ho about doing new things with their franchises that they pulled a capcom and threw everybody together for a great fight fest in smash brothers. They have a huge amount of very active and successful franchises--so many that their in-house teams can't handle it all alone and they now are open to clever third-party development of their precious games in a way that they NEVER would have been years ago. The fact that they are still creating new things like pikmin is fantastic and is almost more than we can ask for.
  10. Guardian


    That part drags a bit for me. But you paid for it with the amazing scene involving the Red Gear and the Yggdrasil in the desert. It picks up soon enough, once you get out of Nortune. I love the music, also--not as much as Earthbound or Ico, but I do prefer Mitsuda to the FF man. In fact, I'm surprised that I never tired of some of the tracks, like the one inside the Yggdrasil or even the battle music, which I never really liked. There are some great eerie dungeon compositions that you listen to in some of the places that are very old ruins. But the two tracks that help the game to really mean something to me are "The One Who Is Torn Apart" (Id's theme) and "June Mermaid" (Emeralda's theme). When either of them starts, everything about me just slows down. I hesitate. I know something is coming that is going to just kill me. Sabreman: Your rather blunt grievance is a very legitimate one. The script itself suffers in many places. But if the player makes an effort to grasp the bigger picture of the plot in all of its revelations, it is incredibly worthwhile. I do admit that playing through the second time made the story much easier to grasp as I went through it. I usually knew who the vague "he" was.
  11. Guardian


    It just kills me that this game sucks so much. It has great style, excellent characters, more incredible cinematic moments than anything else on square's menu, and the densest, most mature plot I have ever seen. I thought about rigging my VCR up to the playstation to record the good bits and skip the tedious dungeons. It's just so irritating that, on the one hand, I never found either the fighting gameplay or the exploration gameplay to be terribly enjoyable, but on the other my interactivity added greater weight to the experience when a major character like Miang or the Elements or Wiseman would show up and I'd have to fight him. It wouldn't be as good just watching. It's because I'd acted as Fei for so long that fighting against him as Id and knowing that this was the case, seeing his fighting style retained in the new, red version of himself--it was because I'd been him that this was so frightening and absolutely eery. So I don't just want the game to be a movie. But, as a game, it sucks. It's not fun. It's annoying for at least 1/3 of the time. And we all know that another 1/3 of the time is just a movie (most of which is a great movie). That remaining third is so damned tiring though. Anyway, I wish I had the power to somehow edit this game, to remake the gameplay, and to have disc 2 finished. It could've been so amazing. I finished it again a few days ago and I'm still reeling from the story. And, man, how cool is Citan Uzuki and his beautifully animated kung fu, both with and without his sword? Best character ever.
  12. Guardian


    I paid a guy $15 for this used, played it for two hours, and haven't touched it since. I absolutely hate it. It's terribly boring, the fixed camera makes it nigh unplayable, and i find pretty much everything about the gameplay to be dull. I was really excited about the destructible environments and finding hidden things and the supposedly realistic physics of the diskarmor but it very quickly became a chore to bust stuff up and everything very soon became dull dull dull. The NES game was a million times better. Not that there's any relationship, really. Also, I don't even remember the intro and I played this pretty recently, so it didn't make much of an impression on me. Damnit, I just bought Devil May Cry as well. Will I hate that, too?
  13. Nah, I don't think that will be the case. The book on How To Do Plot In Your RPG was written long ago; without it, we wouldn't even be playing these games. The gameplay (that is, the combat and its connection to your character's growing abilities) is the part that has so badly needed renovation, and since that's what Fable's press has been raving about (plus, you know, that role-playing stuff) I think Molyneux has probably done the job right. The Game part of the RPG and its connection to the RP bit are what needed fixing; if he derives the workings of a driving, emotive story from every game that has come before him, then things should turn out terriffic. Reading that ign preview, the only complaint that struck me (besides little mention of the story, but for a 2 hour play...) was that EXP points were basically used to shop at the Hero's Guild for skills. That belies the organic nature of the character's development which is the entire point. But it's just a small detail of the growth process and, if I understood right and it really will work that way, I can learn to see past it easily enough.
  14. I don't know what this Consolevania thing is. I live in America, and although I benefit from 60-100 channels freely broadcasting reality tv at all hours, I want to know where the good game programs (programmes) are. There's this one channel, Tech TV or something, that has those silly robot wars and a show called The Screensavers and a very mediocre show where they review games. Is this what I've lived for for so long? Is there nothing better for me?
  15. It sounds like it will disappoint me in some ways, but the writer also strikes me as suspicious. So, who knows. I'm still excited, though chances are it will be far from the perfection that its design concept expressed.
  16. Oh, sorry. USD. American $.
  17. Hey gang. I'm about to go back to school for my senior year and, before I do, I want to finally buy a good screen. After looking through the prog-scan thread, I figured asking all of you for advice would be the best idea. I need a really nice screen for games and movies. I don't care about television. I'm more concerned with a really nice picture than with a very large screen, though I definitely don't want a very small one... I love widescreen but I don't mind letterboxing. I don't even know if I would be better off with a TV or a monitor. I guess I can't see myself spending more than.. $500? Is that unrealistic? I've never so much as bought a TV for myself, so I don't really know.. Maybe I could go up to $1000, but I don't want to. Secondly, my current sound setup is headphones-based, with a Sugden Headphones Amplifier, a pair of Sennheiser HD600s, and a Cardas aftermarket cable. Now, I don't own any of the most recent gen of systems yet, and I don't know how people are connecting sound lately. I need to be able to use RCA cables. What's the deal--is this going to be a problem for me?
  18. Bump... I bet people at this forum hate members who bump their own threads.
  19. Well, I didn't. I had the feeling that I had just defeated some more bearbugs that the developers of the "official campaign" had placed in the cave that I was trecking through in order to help out some random shephard I met because I don't know why?
  20. I agree, and that's why I wish games like Xenogears (which I'm replaying now) were movies instead, or interactive novels, anyway. There's no appeal to random battles. No one likes them. They are tedious obstacles that interrupt you while you're trying to play the game. The better RPGs have some slight nicety in theirs; Xenogears has ridiculously cool kung-fu animations in its character battles and Earthbound's battles have infinite charm and amazing humor, as well as awesome music. Nonetheless, they always get old. Here are things I want: I want an RPG of a single gameplay mode with combat where I am in control. I am sometimes told that what I want is an action RPG like Zelda or Secret of Mana, but both have too many parts where I pause into the menu to change my equipment back and forth and neither has much depth at all to its fighting. Other times I am told that I want an adventure game like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but the story and its presentation are terribly lackluster. Of course, in some ways I do want these games; in castlevanias and metroids my story is actually my gameplay--my exploration--and that has its own type of appeal. But I still crave something else. While playing Xenogears, I wish that the entire game was modeled in side-scrolling 2D like the character battles and that I both explored and fought in this view. I wish that I had direct control But I'm tired of console RPGs and PC RPGs don't move me at all... I'm still thinking about what I really want in a game, let alone what I want in an RPG.
  21. I would love (and am looking for) a regular print magazine with articles, editorials, and intelligent analysis rather than traditional scored reviews. A print version of insertcredit (with reviews in Eric-Jon's and Tim Rogers's styles) would be fantastic. The scored reviews that break down games into graphics, sound, gameplay, and fun categories are lazy and useless.
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