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  1. Yeah, and looking for a scapegoat, an easy answer to the kid's problems. Anyway, who says there was anything wrong with him or his actions? They're psychotic only in relation to social norms, which are totally artificial. If it weren't for his parents' judging him now in this harsh light, the things he's done would be perfectly acceptable. These mores are so contingent; can't the silly people see that there's no real right or wrong? Knights of the Old Republic taught me definitively that both the light and the dark are acceptable on their own merits. What is this, America? Is God on our side--are the foreigners Evil? Wake up, people! I actually don't know what happened.
  2. Guardian

    Fire emblem

    Yeah, I know, I just meant that I can't believe my magical spiritual sword of god is going to break after forty-five swings. But it makes sense within the game's system. Anyone know what Sword Class: Prf means? Is it an all-accessible class? Does my sword damage/ability improve with my Sword Class/Mastery? Or just the Class of the weapons I am able to equip? And the story, guys, does that get better? Or will it still focus on meeting a new character every single battle?
  3. What? You mean the Rickenbacker? I was thinking more of some of the audio moments in the game... when you're running around hiding and listening to an voice message of diego where he's clearly gone insane and psychologically joined the Many and then his voice starts changing.. Or when you finally reach the floor where you go to meet the doctor who has been guiding you.. I guess the set pieces in SS2 are a little more detached than set pieces usually are. I was also thinking of the general intensifying atmosphere of the Many and their increasing influence. I was fucking terrified of them, especially because they were so convincing and in such stark contrast to the technological forces in the game. I felt like they had a case, you know? I really felt like I might want to just give in to them. In a really, really scary way. "Your song is not ours..." But I guess it's not a set piece per se. Many people hated the alien world in Half-Life, but I thought the first part of it and the fight and the spiderwebs were great. OH okay I have this vague memory of finally getting to the outside and there's this blacktop fight where millions of special ops are after you and you keep diving into these vertical shafts to get away from them and the helicoptor... it's not too far into the game and I can't remember it exactly, but I recall it being pretty intense. And also the Half-Life demo with that enormous blue alien beast. Prince of Persia Sands of Time, climbing around broken towers was always the best, but the way the final battle was related to the story and to Farah was pretty interesting and unexpected and really clinched the story-book feel for me.
  4. Yeah, that is the difference. But I really believe that the kind of game where the narrative is told to you instead of DONE by you as the gameplay itself is utterly mistaken and poorly designed. It's the games analogue to creative writing class's "show, not tell" rule: "do, not read/watch/hear about it".
  5. oh god, it plays like ass on mine. another reason i quit. So I'm hoping that in a few years I'll have access to lots and lots of great D&D rpgs made by people who are not bioware but using their fairly nice engine.
  6. lol who is this freak? "what is your goal" "to destroy rockstar" "what.." "so that they do. not. exist." oooh in theaters now: SON of LIEBERMAN
  7. I think I had saved up some very deadly things at that point, but I still had a hell of a fight with her. I have to wonder what percentage of people tried first to shoot Anna in the face?
  8. oh man, that was such an amazing moment. I don't think I'd experienced anything like that in a game before. Someone talk about System Shock 2.
  9. scared out of my mind, yes! "frantically" is right on. need i also cite the journey through tourian and then the final boss in super metroid?--an incredible turn of events that fusion tried to rip off.
  10. On NWN, the official campaign was such a let down that I stopped playing, even though I liked my monk a lot. Did you ever try any player-created or DM-hosted campaigns with it?
  11. That's common sense. I'm thinking more of a game like Fallout where there are factions who actually care what you do. I've beaten this horse over and over again, but: In KOTOR, whether you do evil things or good things, everyone treats you exactly the same way. Your reputation and the treatment of the townspeople in Fable is one of the features I'm most looking forward to. I guess I've strayed from the topic. The other big problem for me in KOTOR is, okay, I can help the fools on Dantooine (sp?) in any order, but do either bitches whose protocal droid husbands have run away or silly twats who've rebuilt a romeo and juliet ripoff around themselves have the first thing to do with a story? And does it actually matter in any way other than difficulty which planets I choose to fight through first?
  12. those aren't set pieces, those are movies. you have to be playing for it to qualify. I love this thread. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Ico are filled with them. I have to think about them and about Half-Life. A very nice thing in Ico was towards the end when there's a movie and then you suddenly have control during this terrifying moment and as soon as you get control you run and leap even though you have a choice, because you just have to as a player who cares. In Ikaruga, I think the final phase of the final boss is a perfectly fitting end. And of course chapter four is fantastic. If you want to talk about RPGs, Xenogears has some amazing ones, especially surrounding the appearance of a certain red-haired or red-geared individual. The stuff surrounding Crono and Magus in Chrono Trigger. Especially Crono. There's other great stuff, too, like the Blackbird (i think it's called that?). FF:T has a way of showing you story that leads to battles in which you're stunned at finding yourself pitted against __________. HELLO: Pu's training in Earthbound. The final battle in Earthbound. AMAZING. I'm generally fond of games that train you within the game, and these are set pieces of a kind. Intelligent Systems makes really nice ones here, and some FPS do very well too.
  13. I wouldn't say zero mission is shorter unless you refrain from exploration. Fusion is a straight-up action game and it's shorter. Both are very cool. They're Metroid. BTW Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.
  14. The truth is that I probably derive more enjoyment out of set-piece designed games than games where you have choices. Maybe it's because I've grown up in a period where that's the norm, but with newer games where I have choices I have trouble making them because I want to see all of the possibilities. Even in a Final Fantasy, if I come to a point in the dungeon where it branches, I often start down one way and then think "Oh no! This is the RIGHT way towards the end of the dungeon!" and I double back for the other path because I don't want to miss the dead-end with the treasure chest. Often I go down a little ways of each path and go back and forth several times before I go all the way. This is especially irritating about myself in a game with random battles. But I digress. The other difference in enjoyment is that my own playing and uses of the game world (in an open-ended real-physics environment) will always seem less clever than the situations that the designers set up for me in other games. Discovering a sneak entrance through the air duct in Deus Ex will never feel as clever to me as a really nifty albeit pre-set route that I figure out and climb around a broken tower spire in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I have yet to play a game that gives me the chance to do things of my own design that feel as clever as things that the designers set up for me to do. However, I can still believe that I might play such a game in the future, and I am willing to believe that the enjoyment of cleverness is not comparable between the two kinds of games--that there are simply two types of it with their own merits and characteristics. I can admit that it is a different kind of enjoyment when I find my own way then when I find the set way and that it is just as valuable, even if my own way isn't as cool.
  15. I have a reservation on that plan. Games that do that and declare themselves to be open-ended and everything make me sick. I find the game committing such a felony of bad faith that I can't even suspend my own disbelief like I ususally can with a clearly linear game like a final fantasy. Of course, as you all know, I'm thinking of KOTOR when I talk about this pretended freedom. What a bastard.
  16. wait so gamecube and prime for $99? this is what i've been waiting for!
  17. yes yes and the bold bit is where kotor totally fails, which naturally reveals the rest as fraudulent.
  18. kotor actually fooled you into thinking it has a non-linear storyline? you really feel like you are roleplaying and your choices matter for the galaxy?
  19. Guardian

    Mario & Luigi

    btw SQUARE needs to pay some attention to this game.
  20. Guardian

    Fire emblem

    Also, why does my totally unique magical story-linked sword have an endurance counter?! Is it going to break if I use it for awhile? Does the story/characters get better? They are charming enough, but the story is set up to be cookie-cutter. I keep wishing for it to turn into a dark, complex beauty like the original FFT. I love the animations though.. but again, FFT was better. So why can't I find my copy of FFT? Anyway, Intelligent Systems's strategy designs are better; I like the system of this game. It's an interesting and enjoyable alternative to Advance Wars (which also had a load of charm in its characters).
  21. Guardian

    Fire emblem

    I'm only a little past this part of the tutorial, and I find her useful from her introduction. For example, in the chapter where you defend Natalie in the ruined fortress from that gang of bandits and you have to last seven turns against infinite enemies she kicked total ass. I put her on a patch of woods in the upper-right and let her beat on three sword-wielding bandits at a time with her slim lance; she went through something like five or six of them before I even needed to worry about her. At this early stage I already know my later rankings will suffer because I tend to draw out the battles and level up as much as I can rather than finish them quickly when I can.
  22. reading this thread would be a form of suicide, so i would like to ask one or three short questions instead, if i may. Has anyone (player) emerged as a Jedi yet? Is it really not fun to do things like be a merchant or clothes-maker or other non-combat profession? Has Galaxies improved a great deal since the expansion of space combat/travel and the balancing of PvP?
  23. That sounds like a subtle progression of Chrono Trigger's excellent idea of dual/triple techs. So what system is SFIII for and would I miss anything by not playing SFI and SFII first?
  24. Guardian

    Fire emblem

    If you all don't stop acting like FF:TA is a good game we may have to put up with more like that. Fire Emblem sounds good, I'll try it.
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