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  1. care to tell me about this a bit?
  2. agreed. i was so disappointed by ff:ta. why couldn't they stick to the promising plot of a few kids (styled nicely in the fft art direction) in a modern town with snowball fights and family problems? i can't even talk about the gameplay. so many problems. fft is, largely, wonderful. so much so that i used to check the status screens on everybody and feel quite a lot of reverence for the art style of the profiles and for the unique job titles held by the important characters. there's so much in that game that is so, so cool. and god i need more plots like fft. told through in-game scenes with sprite animation unique to those scenes. the one where wiegraf (i think? white cape guy) fights and stabs his second in command is amazing. i watched it over and over.
  3. I'll come back later. I owe replies to Polmon and Sprite Machine.
  4. Well, yes, and that's the worst part. Change does NOT look imminent. But there are pieces that I've ranted about here and there that are at least steps in the right direction, and if no one talks about this then we'll just see the same mediocrity forever. So I'm talking about it. I've talked about Earthbound a lot. You're focusing on random battles a good deal; especially after Chrono Trigger, why hasn't Square given its gamers the satisfaction of seeing enemies before fighting them and of maintaining a single mode (at least visually, if nowhere else as in Secret of Mana)? And why hasn't a simple common-sense innovation like Earthbound's automatic victories become a staple? Add to this the gameplay-core synergy of games like Ico (not to mention innumerable other (somewhat intangible) characteristics of that game that rpgs should have jumped on for inspiration) and the real feeling of development gained from games like Csv: SOTN, as well as other important moments in game design, and there is no reason why rpgs haven't evolved a new and thoughtful little subgenre.
  5. 2) That's why I keep saying that FF might as well be a movie. 1) Sigh. You're missing my point yet again. The fact that the gameplay is based on necessary statistic building in order to progress through the story is a flaw. If I need to purchase a cheating device in order to bypass this flaw, then not only is something obviously wrong but see (2), because that's all that's left. I keep trying to say that Final Fantasy and similar rpgs need to have different gameplay. It doesn't matter if it's theoretically possible to bypass it. I shouldn't want to. This is what is going to happen here. I can say, "Just because some people enjoy it doesn't mean that it isn't a flaw. I maintain that the game's promise is compromised a priori by its design direction and gameplay features." If I do, then you can say, "Well, the value of these "flaws" is created by the pleasurable experiences of those that do enjoy them. They are thus justified and not flaws." I would have a hard time countering that unless I stick to a priori game design philosophy as my argument's driving force. That would be silly, because I believe that the gamers' experiences are more important. So I would have to concede that, even if it shouldn't work, apparantly it does for some people. So what then? Well people like me who see these game design issues as flaws and who find their enjoyment compromised by them can continue to refine our definition of the problems and begin to discuss possible solutions. People like you who actually like these malignant little birth defects can go and enjoy them; you've justified yourselves simply in that. There's no point in arguing further.
  6. I would not argue that the DND "watch the comp fight for you" gameplay is better. And they can be true flaws; I am saying that they are. They are philosophical game design flaws. The promise of an rpg (or indeed a game!) is not being fulfilled by Final Fantasy or KOTOR and something is wrong. I have explained what some of those things are throughout the thread (don't go on the last page or two, because I've gotten tired of repeating myself and now I'm not even really explaining anything).
  7. But the idea is that the gameplay can be the story itself. The player's approach to a game can be unique. If FF had its heart in the right place it would allow the player's experience of exploration, combat, etc. to feel like his/her own. That's what role-playing means--you can play in different ways and styles, as different roles. FF's gameplay, not its linear script, is my complaint. The script overcomes the gameplay. That's wrong. I know I'm not the only one who feels that FF is tedious and that I'm only playing to continue the story. A game like that should just be a film or a book. They have things called visual novels on game systems, you know. You don't have to waste 40 hours on tedious random encounters that don't add to your experience in any constructive way.
  8. You missed my point, which I've made several times. FF7 does not progress based on your skill and everything is set. It might as well be a movie because the game plays you.
  9. ubisoft: i'm pleased, yes, but please either make it really go beyong good & evil or change the damned title.
  10. Guardian

    KOTOR 2

    Are you all really taken in by Bioware's deception?!
  11. goddamnit have you read anything i've said? they're valid generalizations because all square games share certain design ideas at bottom and these are flawed.
  12. pc games, ie appealing to the dnd nerdy made games My willpower is growing weak. I might deteriorate into a flaming savage if I don't leave right now, so off I go. Twitch.
  13. 1) oh PLEASE. So let's all just sit on our hands and eat it then. 2) continuing nicely from (1)'s easy-peasy dualism market design philosophy. this is trite and ridiculous. And your wording.. actually I don't even know what the problem is but I'm offended. I'm just offended by your attitude in some way. Oh god am I offended. 3) WAKE UP FF7 IS A FILM. And I'm not talking about Advent Children or whatever. You don't have enough tactical power as a player in a game where statistics and tedious level-building are necessary to progress. The story is a script, like Grant said--this isn't a role-playing game. It's a poorly constructed movie. You should realize, by the way, that I liked FF7. I really did. But it's still freaking retarded. I'm too tired to repeat all of my arguments all over again. Sephiroth on a Stick.
  14. You mean you were able to understand that sentence?!
  15. 1) My point throughout the thread has been: No, it isn't. It takes no real skill to fight relatively weak enemies again and again and again. (Note, I'm assuming "relatively weak" because the reason you need to level up is because you can't take on the toughest enemies available to you. See below for more.) 2) That has been my other point. No, it isn't. Not in Square games, not in Bioware games, not even in my beloved Earthbound or other celebrated rpgs. It's not a choice. There is hardly enough room for tactical power on the part of the player, which is a criticism in itself, and certainly in none of these rpgs is there enough room for it to allow for the possibility of overcoming experience-level gaps or handicaps between characters and enemies. You simply can't beat FF7 with your characters at level 10 no matter how clever you are. So leveling-up is a pre-requisite, not a chosen method, for progressing in the game.
  16. We stop piling disconnected layers onto the games and instead revise the genre's core. Back to basics until the basics are working; then you can add as much complexity as you want so long as it does not compromise the core or come off as unrelated to it.
  17. I liked it at first and never finished it. It got boring. I want to sell it.
  18. I don't know. A friend of mine is a very avid gamer and has gone through an unimaginable quantity of rpgs (console + pc) and he really likes FFX. He generally likes Square's games at least enough to play them. Though he ranted for two hours about how Crystal Chronicles blew. We were drinking in this seedy little bar and he was yelling about how much it sucked. That was a good time.
  19. I quite agree with these two paragraphs.
  20. 1) lol, everything. It leads to graceless, convoluted, needlessly unfun fluff that has no real connection to the game. 2) And a damned shame, that.
  21. Someone convince me to try the Suikoden series.
  22. Well, ideally, you would want to, because it would be fun and not a jaggedly separate mode of gameplay.
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