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  1. I don't understand why people pay over the odds for these or any cards. It isn't like there won't be more made in the future, just wait 2-3 months. I guarantee every one of us has a back log of games that will play perfectly well on our current hardware. Same with people freaking out over the PS5, you will get one in a couple of months if you still want it.
  2. So, so, so many fantastic games on Steam now, especially now the Japanese studios are here to stay. I was just messing around with final fantasy viii and couldn't get my controller to work properly, a quick look at the community profiles, import a configuration and it's perfect. Honestly the more time I spend on other stores, especially console game stores, the more I appreciate all the features Valve have provided for us on Steam. Half the games I look at on Nintendo's store don't even have videos to preview and the videos on Sony's store seem lower resolution or something.
  3. Is it crazy that I am more excited about this than anything Sony or Microsoft have shown?
  4. I picked up a pro controller this morning, so much better.
  5. I bought a Switch earlier as I really want to play the Xenoblade games. I find the default controller to be awful tbh, too small and I get cramped hands if I play for any length of time.
  6. It's also possible that the games they did support didn't sell well?
  7. Are there any whispers about when we can expect a 3060 to arrive?
  8. Mallet

    NFL 2020!

    Yeah, I mean it's so low risk for the Patriots but if he is even 80% of what he was in his MVP season he's a top 10 QB and if it does work well the Patriots cap situation next year is reported to be much better than this year so they could pay him.
  9. So hyped right now, just completed the quest and got my Benediction
  10. I am, i restarted during lock down and for some reason my hands aren't hurting me this time. I went a bit hardcore and leveled a Priest to 60 in 9 days real time, I've joined a guild and we are doing ZG and starting to expand to MC. Absolutely addicted again.
  11. There is a pretty good Capcom bundle available at the moment as well.
  12. Mallet

    NFL 2020!

    There is a narrative passing around the sports media that Tom Brady left the Patriots because they failed to put a team around him capable of winning. Talk about revisionist history! how many super bowls have they been to in the last 6-7 years? how many AFC east titles and AFC championship games have they won?
  13. Mallet

    NFL 2020!

    Does anyone think that the Patriots would have the, I'm not sure what you would say, balls maybe? to just absolutely tank this coming season and grab someone like Trevor Laurence in the draft? Growing up with European sports with relegation and lower leagues I hate the idea of tanking but with the way the NFL is set up I can't deny it makes logical sense in a way.
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