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  1. In some cases yes. Dead Space remake is stuck at 30fps on the Series S for example.
  2. There's an Oscar punch card on rewards.bing.com worth doing. Answers to the quiz stolen from reddit Q: Sacheen Littlefeather famously refused an Oscar at the 1973 ceremony on behalf of which actor? A: Marlon Brando. Q: Who is the youngest Oscar winner at just 10 years old? A: Tatum O'Neal. Q: Which movie was mistakenly announced as Best Picture in 2017? A: La La Land. Q: Which actress set a record for the longest acceptance speech? A: Greer Garson. Q: In which year was there a tie for the Best Actress award? A: 1969. Q: Which actor celebrated his win by doing push ups on the stage? A: Jack Palance. Q: In which year did a streaker run naked across the stage? A: 1974. Q: Which actress tripped over her dress while collecting her award? A: Jennifer Lawrence. Q: Who wore the now iconic 'swan dress' to the 2001 ceremony? A: Björk. Q: Which actor sparked outrage by slapping Chris Rock onstage in 2022? A: Will Smith.
  3. Sorry guys, I think I jinxed us all by getting excited and expecting great games.
  4. Has everyone got their snacks in for tonight's games? Good God this should be a good night!
  5. I just got my points for playing AoE this morning.
  6. There was one released recently on game pass, High on Life I think it's called
  7. Nor did I I will try later when I get home from work.
  8. Plus a lot of the time you can't tweak and mod the games the same way you could the Steam version.
  9. Arkane reminds me a lot of Looking Glass Studios, the makers of Thief and Deus Ex, in that they make brilliant games that hardly anyone buys. Then years later every one recognises them as the classics they are.
  10. It's funny. The whole Microsoft points thing almost becomes a game in itself, a little like daily quests in an mmo
  11. I was wondering about that when I completed the monthly quest last night. I was sure it used to be 1000 points but thought I must be remembering it wrong.
  12. Is anyone else starting to get excited for the games this weekend? I can't imagine anything but 2 great games and I honestly have no idea who is going to win.
  13. And this is exactly why companies continue to get away with it. It should be socially unacceptable to be seen with a fucking iphone as well if people truly stood for what they believed in. Instead people queued up to buy the next iphone in their millions including, I'm willing to bet, some of the people in this thread. "awwh it's too hard for me to do anything about those people, it's a company" "You can't expect me to actually put real effort into standing up for my morals" "just let me boycott this 1 individual so I can feel like I'm really doing something and look good to my friends online" Do you know what J.K Rowling is? She is low hanging fruit and the only effort you have to put into this is to boycott a game most people probably weren't going to buy in the first place and post a few tweets! You make your posts then go back to browsing your iphones or playing your Nintendo games which directly enriches the Saudi government who believe gay people should be thrown off the top of a fucking building. What this thread, and others like it, needs is for people to take a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves if they actually want to have change rather than reposting a few fucking hash tags or boycotting a single game, which a lot of the people boycotting say looks shit anyway. If you want to have real change it will take real effort and sacrifice. Not a few fucking tweets I would genuinely fucking love to see what reaction there would be if Rowling had been an investor in Elden Ring or in Tears of the Kingdom. Would there be near as many people calling for boycotts and saying they wouldn't buy the game on this forum? I would bet good money there wouldn't be near as much uproar. Because missing out on those games would mean missing out on genuine masterpieces wouldn't it? We couldn't ask people to go that far for their morals could we? Maybe I'm extremely cynical in my advancing years but what life has taught me is that for 99% of people their morality ends when their inconvenience begins. As long as they aren't too put out by it, as long as they don't have to give up something they really want then they are all smiles and placard waving but the minute they hit a bump in the road supporting their morals? Suddenly the excuses come out, an individual is different that a company etc, etc. You do all realize that Rowling is a multi billionaire right? She most likely has an investment tree rivalling the Saudis and some of these companies and you are most likely supporting her by buying all sorts of different products. No doubt another smart ass person will repost that stupid "but we live in a society" meme as an excuse for why they aren't willing to put real effort into standing up for their morals. Yes boycotting Saudi Arabi would be much harder than boycotting J.K Rowling but you you could fucking do it if you really wanted to, if you put the effort into researching and finding alternatives you may not be able to 100% boycott them but you could significantly reduce your monetary support of them. Of course 1 of the first steps would be giving up Nintendo but I don't think many of the people in here are willing to give up Mario and Zelda to support their trans friends. Oh I know you will in the future, if the Saudis increase their investment, if Nintendo starts making shit games, if I don't have too put too much effort into it. If the Sun revolves around the Earth then I'll boycott Nintendo.
  14. I don't think that is hypocritical. Its when people judge people who don't join the crusade they champion while they themselves ignore other, equally worthy, causes. Its the people who will label anyone who buys this a bad person for supporting shitty people, all the while tweeting from their fucking iPhone.
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