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  1. I see the 64gb version is now listed as out of stock with no ETA, you can't order it at all. Has that happened before?
  2. EA is not working for me either, I got an achievement in Skate 3 that counted as my daily quest but it doesn't count for the EA play
  3. How do you know if something is really 4k then? If you can not trust the listing. Is it just trial and error?
  4. Does any one else have this issue on Prime video. Often I will look at a film and the description will say UHD HDR yet when I actually stream the film all I get is 1080p SDR. My connection is plenty fast enough, 70Mbps, and I never have any problem with Disney or any other service, I also never have the issue when playing Amazon's own shows it just seems to be third party films on Prime. I'm not sure if the shows are mislabeled and are not actually 4k, if Amazon is throttling the connection on their end or if there is some thing wrong with the content delivery not delivering the correct stream. For example I went to watch Speed this evening and it quite clearly says HDR UHD in the description but all I can get is HD, I switched to Disney Plus and it streams Dolby vision no problem.
  5. Aliens 5/5 Still absolutely amazing and one of best sequels ever. Something I have noticed after watching some of these older films again is how real, solid and lived in they look if that makes sense? I find a lot of very CGI films to be far too clean and shiny looking. The places in Aliens look lived in, things were a little battered, a little grubby. Another thing I have noticed is the lighting, unlike a lot of modern films which have colour grading applied it's clear the only real lighting was the lighting used on the set, again it makes things look more real for want of a better term. Godzilla vs Kong 1/5 Absolutely awful imo and nothing looked real, I said to my brother after it was over that I may as well have watched a really long video game cutscene because it was all so blatantly CGI
  6. Another person that watched this after it popped up on Prime, god it's awful isn't it.
  7. With the way the economy is the importance of the low price can't be over stated, especially if you buy used from somewhere like here or facebook marketplace. Combined with game pass it's a superb value proposition. I mean the price of the big consoles is not going down it is going up! Personally I can drop £500 on a PS5 and be fine but millions of people can't. £500 is a lot of money for an awful lot of people in today's economy.
  8. Sicario 2 4/5 Despite the shitty stream quality from Prime video, the dark scenes were ruined with blocky pixelated shadows, I really enjoyed this. I think I'm going to start keeping an eye out for cheap used blu-rays from now on. What is the point of spending £1000+ on a really nice TV but then feeding it shitty, compressed video streams?
  9. I haven't played Mass Effect Andromeda yet but it is on my list, I'm guessing it's impossible to do this quest without seeing spoilers of some kind?
  10. The idea that Fromsoft games are still a niche market is strange to me. The Dark Souls trilogy has sold over 27 million copies, with 10 million of those being for the third game. How can that be classed as a niche?
  11. I played the 3ds remake a few years ago, it really is a brilliant game. I have been thinking the last few days about how well Nintendo games age. Most of their stuff is as playable today as the day they released. It must be something to do with Nintendos design philosophy, where graphics are a means to an end not the primary focus like they are with some other developers.
  12. I bought a pro controller from my local argos the other day.
  13. I felt very uncomfortable doing it as well, but this is coming from someone who can't even do the Thieves guild quests in Skyrim. And yeah the console UI is really awful.
  14. I know a lot of people are eagerly awaiting a new, more powerful Nintendo console and I understand why. But I'm playing BOTW on my 12 year old Panasonic plasma and you know what? That shit looks really good to me, some of the sunsets are just gorgeous and the artsyle just shines through. Metroid Prime remastered looks and runs fantastic. It's amazing what the hardware in the Switch can accomplish when a skilled developer targets the machine. Meanwhile you have games that maybe are technically superior, higher resolution, more effects, better textures etc that are not nearly as pleasant to the eye. Recent examples would be Forspoken, Gotham Knights or even that Saints Row reboot. Not sure if there is a point to this post, except Botw looks amazing even now.
  15. Thankfully I still have my DS copy. I really regret selling my DS Dragon Quest games though.
  16. It's absolutely baffling, especially when it is Jrpgs and the Switch owns Japan. Didn't Square Enix sell a load of studios and ips for a couple hundred of million then the people who bought them sold the Tomb Raider rights to Amazon for like 600 million for just the Tomb Raider rights? How the people at the top of the company survive that I don't know.
  17. O.K wtf? I just realised that Chrono Trigger is not available on the Switch, I don't understand Square Enix because surely porting Chrono Trigger to Switch would sell millions? They are a perfect fit together.
  18. If there is one category of games that is worthy of a pre-order it is Nintendo 1st party games. You know it will be a quality game, very polished and as bug free as a modern game can be. Plus you know the game won't be £20 in 2-3 months so you might as well get it day one.
  19. This is why I stopped caring about my back log on PC, I get free games every week so can anybody be expected to keep up?
  20. For my Oled my desktop is pure black with zero icons on it. I hide the taskbar and I have the screen saver set to come on after 2 minutes of no activity, in fact if I know I'm stepping away from the PC for more than 5 minutes I simply put the screen into standby with the remote. I also tend to use dark themes for websites and browsers but that is more down to personal preference. I'm pretty sure even if I do get burn in after a few years I'll probably just buy another Oled anyway because they look so damn good!
  21. I am holding out for the physical version. I understand why people prefer digital for their Switches but when it come to digital purchases I just don't trust Nintendo long term.
  22. I passed 100k points today, the points really add up if you keep up the searches and stuff for a few months don't they?
  23. 480,000 people playing this on Steam right now with another 500,000 watching on Twitch.
  24. I don't see the Hogwarts legacy thing.
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