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  1. I have several favourites: The Namco Neg-Con controller for Playstation! Controlling Wip3out 2097 with it is pure bliss. Dancemats. Maracas. Steering Wheel. Pure controller perfection...
  2. Can the PC version be played with two keyboards?
  3. Otaku

    Burnout 3

    Well, I'm not on manual. The whole game runs like those first lessons on Gran Turismo 4 Prologue. Every car goes superslow and when I boost I skid out of control... Hmm. Bad torrent maybe? At the moment it's very unBurnoutish...
  4. Otaku

    Burnout 3

    Let me rephrase: I can run Burnout 3 from the hd and everything seems normal except all cars are super slow... Any hints on how to speed things up?
  5. If they would make a game where you had to talk on the phone all the time my wife would probably be playing it a lot. But seriously, there are games that appeal to wider audiences out there, check out DDR with dance mats, Samba de Amigo w shakers and Singstar. Also Eye Toy is a good bet.
  6. Obvious... Go for Rez with trancevibratorthingy...
  7. OutRun 2 (Arcade) WarioWare (GBA) Ikaruga (DC/GC) BG&E (XBOX)
  8. You could also connect the drive to a PC, copy ISOs and then put the drive back into the PS2. ------------------ None shall pass
  9. I'm looking for a decent racer on the GBA to bring outside this summer. I've tried Karnaaj, which is an okay top down racer. Any recommendations?
  10. Unlike moviestars and popstars, videogame makers rarely have exciting personalities.
  11. Has anyone here played Pinball of the Dead for the GBA? Any good?
  12. I would say Tempest and possibly Vib Ribbon.
  13. The DC version has mouse support. Damned pirates! They have put self boot DC Rez here: http://www.suprnova.org/
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