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  1. Prince Andrew to present the trophy to Benzema
  2. He shouldn’t have done a lot of things that he has
  3. YouTube really juddering on my TV. Is it a 50Hz stream?
  4. I’d rather be pepper sprayed than sit through that pre-match show.
  5. Has he got some dirt on you too?
  6. I see that the odious Wankleman has stitched up the Wycombe fans by refusing to sell them more than 2000 tickets, leaving tens of thousands of empty seats. In further attempts to stop any kind of atmosphere being created, he's splitting them up and positioning them miles from the pitch. So much for the frenzy of football he promised the FA. He really is a cunt.
  7. Fuck me this is hard. I loved and finished the first (new) XCOM about 10 years ago but this is kicking my arse. I failed the first proper mission three times! It seems to emphasise the importance of setting up an ambush, but this goes out of the window when an enemy wanders into your squad and gets free moves. Plus there's a time limit! I don't think the Epic side of things is great either, the Epic and 2k Launchers sit in the background and modding looks to be a pain in the arse compared to Steam. Also it seems to have done the Alien 3 thing with the plot (lol that was all pointless) which is a turn off.
  8. Better that the Chairboys go up rather than the Franchise.
  9. In my opinion the Realm of Chaos campaign is about as good as the Vortex campaign, but I wouldn't want to replay either of them really. I think the trouble for Creative Assembly is that there are more than twice as many factions in Immortal Empires than Mortal Empires, so testing it will take more than four times as long. And now that people are used to ME, it's all they really want to play.
  10. Of all the teams to get humped by . League One will be strong next year with Derby anyway.
  11. Very close to an even more ignominious end to our league one spell as we were 3-0 down at half time. The team actually turned up in the second half to claw 3 back, let another in, but enough fight to avoid a riot at full time at least.
  12. Creative Assembly have released "the roadmap", to predictably hilarious nerd rage. Immortal Empires slated for the second release of Q2, and even then only a beta. I'm not sure I'll bother playing before then. https://www.totalwar.com/blog/twwh3-roadmap-2022/
  13. An absolute sickener yesterday, we were leading fellow strugglers Fleetwood, then in the 88th minute our goalie had a brain fart when taking a free kick in our box. He either forgot or didn't know it was a free kick, and touched it forwards a couple of time before punting it away. Naturally Fleetwood scored from the indirect free kick to level the match. What makes it even more gutting is that other matches went our way. The first relegation in 22 years stings a lot, but you can't say it hasn't been coming as we've always struggled in League One.
  14. Just as the Crewe fans were singing, we're going down with the Alex
  15. 70% chance of relegation going into today. Pretty sure we need a) to beat Crewe who are relegated but have a new manager, b) Charlton to beat Morecambe, and c) Cheltenham to beat Gillingham to stand a chance of staying up. Tantalisingly possible but not particularly likely.
  16. Didn't lose to the Franchise, there was no large-scale disorder, but it still looks like we'll be in League Two next season (but better than Guernsey as I dreamt). The new manager seems like he's toughened up the side pretty effectively so we're still in with a chance of staying up.
  17. The fucking Franchise are at Plough Lane today. If they win they can go top, meanwhile we’re 1/3 for relegation. Tickets have been restricted so it doesn’t look likely to sell out but there’s still the likelihood of trouble. Should have been at 12 o’clock kick off in my opinion. I had a bad dream on Thursday night that there was loads of one-on-one boxing on concrete terraces and we were sent to some obscure island league as punishment.
  18. Thanks for the write up, I avoided listening on iFollow as it's too depressing at the moment. Pretty sure we'll go down now, hopefully the managers and players will learn something from it and won't be scarred.
  19. Not gonna give him the view count.
  20. I can't imagine enjoying any game after playing it that much. There's so much drama! Tried a bit of the 3 player co-op campaign last night. The simultaneous turns worked well, they've also reduced building and recruitment times to 1 turn to speed things up. In a battle I gave a friend control over my skirmishing cavalry which massively helped, although not having pause makes it a bit more hectic than I am used to. I can see Versus mode being a bit tough, I don't fancy a human controlling every CPU opponent army. That would be carnage.
  21. I wouldn't know his name (yes it is)
  22. I always thought Slaanesh would be my go-to chaos god, but now I'm a bit older it's a shame there's not one for snoozing. I don't mind the rifts, but might be nice to disable the the race for souls next campaign. Maybe I will wait for IE. Actually, the first thing I would mod out would be rebuilding of towers in siege battles. Talking of being old, the forums for this are in a right old tizzy about some stupid streamer being ignored or something. What a vorpal hurricane of chaos in a teacup.
  23. I agree that this campaign is a one-trick pony, much like the vortex in TWW2. The rifts are apparently easy to mod out so will be on the Steam Workshop just after they enable it in an update.
  24. Fucking hell, I just spent 3 hours (I spend a lot of time paused) in the Tzeentch McGuffin battle and lost, even though I pretty much knew what would happen after the Slaanesh one. Autoresolve predicts a win.
  25. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/60560567
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