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  1. Thanks for the write up, I avoided listening on iFollow as it's too depressing at the moment. Pretty sure we'll go down now, hopefully the managers and players will learn something from it and won't be scarred.
  2. Not gonna give him the view count.
  3. I can't imagine enjoying any game after playing it that much. There's so much drama! Tried a bit of the 3 player co-op campaign last night. The simultaneous turns worked well, they've also reduced building and recruitment times to 1 turn to speed things up. In a battle I gave a friend control over my skirmishing cavalry which massively helped, although not having pause makes it a bit more hectic than I am used to. I can see Versus mode being a bit tough, I don't fancy a human controlling every CPU opponent army. That would be carnage.
  4. I wouldn't know his name (yes it is)
  5. I always thought Slaanesh would be my go-to chaos god, but now I'm a bit older it's a shame there's not one for snoozing. I don't mind the rifts, but might be nice to disable the the race for souls next campaign. Maybe I will wait for IE. Actually, the first thing I would mod out would be rebuilding of towers in siege battles. Talking of being old, the forums for this are in a right old tizzy about some stupid streamer being ignored or something. What a vorpal hurricane of chaos in a teacup.
  6. I agree that this campaign is a one-trick pony, much like the vortex in TWW2. The rifts are apparently easy to mod out so will be on the Steam Workshop just after they enable it in an update.
  7. Fucking hell, I just spent 3 hours (I spend a lot of time paused) in the Tzeentch McGuffin battle and lost, even though I pretty much knew what would happen after the Slaanesh one. Autoresolve predicts a win.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/athletics/60560567
  9. So are England going to boycott playing against "Football Union of" Russia?
  10. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. 2-0 up playing well, then let it slip. Absolutely sickening, although I think we should have been down to 10 men quite early. Brother-in-law-to-be said at half time (1-0) "as a neutral I don't see how you can lose this". Hospitality was great, it was really nice to be able to sit around and drink with table service instead of being cramped up in a corner of a cold concourse with a plastic cup and queues. We had one of the stand sponsors on our table who turned up 10 minutes before the match wearing shades, didn't get any chat out of him. There was a bit of an awkward moment when we turned up at our match seats and one of our best player's family were sitting in them. I'm glad my dad made it home after 7 pint of Guinness. This season has shades of 2000 when we were clear of the relegation zone for the whole season apart from the final day.
  11. WH2 was ok, Mortal Empires started great but took the Norsca and Bretonnia updates before it became amazing. Riding into battle against mammoths with the Reiksguard supported by Grail Knights was exhilarating. Then they reworked the Empire to be even better! The only addition I wasn’t sure about was the Vampire Coast, it seemed a bit stupid when they appeared and started dominating the High Elves. Some of the features in WH3 will make ME even better, like being able to trade settlements with allies, and building outposts full of allied troops.
  12. Now this might be my point of no return! Katarina has just been attacked in Nurgle land by the first army there, and the balance of power is so against me that auto-resolve gives me a total army wipe.
  13. The Bad Couldn't even beat Gillingham No win in the last 15! Only two points about the drop zone Our next opponent (Doncaster) have started winning The Good Assal, Woodyard and Rudoni back for next match Morecambe lost
  14. I've found out that losing the Orthodoxy vote does not end your game, so I'm pressing on. Also, the way around the supply lines bug is to get your Lord killed instead of disbanding him, which is a bit of a waste of his levels but not game ending. I'm very probably going to have to start again anyway (on medium difficulty this time!) but have got a morbid fascination with pressing on as my cities get besieged while my Katarina is barely scraping Pyrrhic victories in the Chaos portals against mere inhabitants, not even bosses.
  15. Yeah, I'm taking brutal losses when capturing towns, whereas in TWW2 I came through relatively unscathed. I prefer it in a way, but it's so stressful looking how my boys are massacred.
  16. Properly fucked by Notlob yesterday. Having 5 starters suspended or injured didn't help, but that was still worse than expected. Two vital six-pointers next week against Gills and then Doncaster which probably make it the most important of the season, but it's come at a really, really bad time for us. I've booked hospitality seats for my Dad's birthday for Donny
  17. Yeah I think the same. I don't mind the rifts, but the ticking clocks are just too much!
  18. I think I've bitten off more than I can chew as Katarina on Hard. I've eked out a decent territory despite constant raids and sieges by angry Scandiwegians, but am massively trailing by about 5-1 in the Orthodoxy vote and had to run away with my ursine tail between my legs from my first attempt at a Chaos raid so am behind on souls as well. I'm guessing those two conditions are game enders so don't have the luxury of time to consolidate. I've no idea how the CPU Konstantin is getting all these points with fewer settlements. Maybe I'll have to go and invade the sod. For the Chaos attack I chose Khorne, managed to win one battle then noped out because the other armies were way too hard for my early game army. I could possibly deal with one or the other, but having two simultaneous races against time is too much for me. Also it seems there is a bug where disbanding an army doesn't relinquish the supply lines penalty, and having just confederated with someone who it turns out was rather extravagant, this has left me in the financial dumps. Yeah I think the same. I don't mind the rifts, but the ticking clocks are just too much! You can move the camera and issue orders while paused, so it's not especially dependent on fast mousing skills and quick reaction times.
  19. I like the stutter when working out the opponent moves, it shows it's not wasting any CPU time. It's amazing how much quicker one of the WH2 patches made it.
  20. I've got "Kislev strikes again" (to the tune of The Smiths) going around in my head; hopefully I can pass this earworm on and be rid of it.
  21. I'd say the Prologue and then one of the main campaigns in this should prepare you enough for Immortal Empires when it is released. There's no need even to install the other two.
  22. The gimmicks behind the campaign sound even worse than Vortex campaign for Total Warhammer 2, especially action set pieces based on Tower Defence of all things. I really don't think that RTS-style micromanagement suits the game at all, it just looks ridiculous seeing units moving so game-ily across the battlefield (and it's also hard making yourself not do it). Like if there was a single unit of body poppers jerking around in one of the epic battles in Lord of the Rings. I'd prefer some sort of system where commands were rate limited, or more maybe possible orders had to selected from a list defined before battle. There are already behaviour modes you can set on units (avoid combat, fire at will, don't advance) so maybe just an extension of these. Anything would be better than move to this exact square inch NOW, this one NOW, this one NOW, shoot, My other problem with (and I admit that this is just me) it is that I played Warhammer when I was a kid, and anything released after the mid 90's doesn't have that nostalgic connection and looks like absurd power-creep. I tried to not using any newfangled stuff as Skaven (no artillery or the aptly named Abomination, probably the laziest design I've ever see) but it made things way too hard. So I guess I'll have to venture beyond my Kislev comfort zone of Katarina, horse-archers and winged lancers, and embrace the bear cavalry. At least the computer-based nature of it will mean that Toby isn't always pestering us to use the old hit chart because the new one doesn't reflect the true martial prowess of elves. The asynchronous co-op mode sounds amazing though, and will be perfect for Mortal Empires when it's ready. Mortal Empires is so replayable and generates such great drama. There's been many an occasion when I couldn't sleep because I was stressing about something pivotal such the build up of troops outside Praag. I've got plenty of friends to play co-op campaigns with (although sadly Toby doesn't have a PC) but never even contemplated it because of how much time you'd be spending looking at someone else going through menus. Having several of us in the same campaign could really be dangerously addictive.
  23. 11 yellow cards today at home to the mackems (& @gingerling). 1-1 is a good result considering the standard of opposition (Jermain Defoe!) and new manager bounce (Alex Neil!), but we're still only 1 point clear of the zone of death. Another decent performance, but one bad day and we'll be leapfrogged by Morcambe who do not seem to be losing much.
  24. On the other hand we've recently spunked matches against Morecambe, Shrewsbury and Cheltenham. We've gone from 10% to 24% in a few months on the predictor https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/soccer-predictions/league-one/. Better 24% than 76% I suppose.
  25. Another loss, this time against leaders Rotherham. Leaves us one point above Morecambe plus goal difference and a game in hand (which wouldn't seem to be worth much). We've been in this position for weeks and it's nerve racking knowing that we could be leapfrogged at any point. It's frustrating seeing how we started the season so well but turned awful after the cancellations before Christmas.
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