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  1. Portsmouth & Charlton cancelled, Oxford seems to be on then Plymouth have cancelled already.
  2. This universally acclaimed game better be worth £1.43 or I'll hold you guys accountable
  3. I'm enjoying this. The first few hours were frustrating because I was trying to do stuff I was aware of (either from reviews or this place) but it turns out wasn't unlocked yet. I've been thinking about my diabolical final day run, but disappointingly it seems it might be a bit spoon fed from now on. If so it will be a bit of a shame but I can see why they'd do it for hordes who'd get stuck, but I would have welcomed an approach more like Outer Wilds where you have to figure things out. Difficulty wise, once you've found your feet, the NPCs are very easy to kill, especially after a few upgrades, so the only real danger is from invasions or complacency. I have to invasion off when I've had a drink though.
  4. Pompey cancelled our game. Shame as it would have been a full house today, but half empty if moved to some random Tuesday night, so that's a load of cash we won't see. They will probably have spent millions by the next time we see them as well
  5. Bloody hell, Ipswich losing to Barrow in the cup. Also, what have you done to Joe Piggott?
  6. Apparently, this has sold £40,000,000 worth of tokens already. They don't even need to bother making the game now! https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/peter-molyneuxs-next-game-has-sold-40-million-in-nfts
  7. Hamilton could still win if he throws a shoe over the pub
  8. 'Next goal counts double' when one team is trailing, just to keep it interesting at the end.
  9. 2-2 after a late flurry of goals. Thought we won it in extra time though
  10. One up at Wycombe, we're never going to hold that lead!
  11. They're banking on collector OCD preventing people from having gaps between the cynically numbered boxes.
  12. Has anyone seen the site FiveThirtyEight? I've been checking it after every match and it seems quite changeable at the moment. After our last match we have jumped from estimated 16th to 14th and chance of relegation from 20% to 12% which is quite encouraging. I wonder how much our inevitable defeat to Wycombe will change things.
  13. Bloody hell, Ispwich fans are really pissed off with their players https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2vhDwphBHQ&t=1150s
  14. From the outside it seems like he'd done a great job, it's a shame to leave this time of the season and when you're in such a good position. I hope you get the new manager bounce and absolutely wallop the Franchise tonight! We got a very useful 3 points away at Accrington last night. The weather looked horrific but they moved the away fans into a covered stand and also laid on free hot drinks which was a very nice touch.
  15. Cracking FA cup tie yesterday despite the possibly dull draw of a team in the same league. Cheltenham are above us in the league so it was never going to be easy, especially after we lost possession leading to a goal in the first minute. Great fightback from 0-1 to 4-1 and the place was rocking and some away fans started to leave. Then the subs killed the momentum before we almost self destructed. One dodgy pass out from the keeper resulted in a goal, followed by a headed own goal kept things interesting at 3-4. Held them off for the win though so into the 3rd round. Great atmosphere throughout and decent seats thanks to whichever season ticket holder chose not to go.
  16. We were knocked out in the first round of the prestigious London Senior Cup last night by Haringey Borough FC
  17. That is epic! Shared the point with Fleetwood, either they are better than their position suggest (seems to be the case) or the new manager bounce is real!
  18. Our second home six-pointer against fellow bottom feeders in a row, this time Fleetwood Town. I’m hoping for a decent performance like Tuesday.
  19. They truly are the cuntiest team in the division, I can't wait for them to piss off back to the championship.
  20. Wow, that was tense. Started well but conceded a weird unlucky first goal teed up by a deflection. Then controlled the majority of the match, scored three but should have been more, then another Crewe goal ensured a very nervy few minutes, not helped by getting a red card and 8 minutes of stoppage time. Can't argue with 28 shots, 3 points and moving another place up in the table.
  21. It's a massive one for us tonight. Only 2 points above the dropzone and we're playing Crewe who are bottom; annoyingly they've just had a player back from injury and have actually started winning games. It's going to be a night of type-2 "fun" I believe.
  22. I think the official term is the "patrimony". Well I can think of somewhere else to stick it after reading this!
  23. Well we were never going to keep them out with 3 of our first choice defenders out. Sounds like a credible performance at least.
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