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  1. Yeah, RPG is a bit of a misnomer; in gaming we generally take it to mean stat-based plot-driven game. Someone came up with a snappier acronym in a different thread.
  2. They should make all adverts representative of real life useage of the product. e.g. Average looking person cleans dirty toilet with bleach in fairly small grimy bathroom. That would put a stop to all this nonsense.
  3. My girlfriend absolutely loves ZooKeeper, and she is in no way a 'gamer'. (Her top 3 (before ZooKeeper): Tetris, Pairs, there is no #3). Apparently loads of other gamers' other halves love it too. The last game that had this much unisex appeal must have been Tetris. Therefore, NOE should bundle ZooKeeper with the DS and its success will match that of the original GameBoy.
  4. [1] CounterStrike Source [2] CounterStrike 1.6 [3] CounterStrike 1.5 [4] CounterStrike 1.4 [5] CounterStrike 1.3 [6] CounterStrike 1.1c [7] CounterStrike 1.0 [8] CounterStrike beta 7.1 [9] CounterStrike beta 7.0 [10] MineSweeper
  5. Those mock-ups are far too good to be believable.
  6. If noone can buy a PS2, will sony come 3rd in Decembers hardware figures?
  7. I think Sony have sold all the old fatties and aren't making them any more.
  8. A couple of friends have been trogging aroung town trying to find a PStwo for sale, but it appears to have sold out everywhere. Checking on Amazon confirms it, they say they won't have any until after Chrimbo. Is this the biggest console manufacturing cock-up ever?
  9. I'd put an Olive joke in, but I'm too young.
  10. I get that!! Except it keeps turning istelf off.
  11. Well I'm glad it's not Farah he's calling a bitch. I was just about to swim over to Candialand and stab someone with my homemade Dagger of Time.
  12. It's gonna be bongos in my house this year.
  13. The Big Question: Are they deliberately trying to mislead people into thinking that it is related to N64 Goldeneye? The Big Answer (IMHO): Yes.
  14. Aaah, what a sweet game. There were quite a lot of bloody irritating bits that were a bit demanding, but a bit of perseverance was certainly rewarded with more excellent maps. I remember it fondly.
  15. I dunno what it is about this game that winds me up so much, it could be the chavness, bland racing model, EA-ness or its popularity. I acknowledge that I'm being a twat.
  16. Good work fella'. Only several million more worldwide to educate.
  17. You mean that lovely display is going to be ruined by interlacing? Yuk.
  18. How do you get on the bums? I think running around mounted on tramp-back might be the best thing ever.
  19. International Karate or Inverse Kinematic?
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