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  1. Never before has a machine needed hardware scrolling quite so badly. I wonder how much it would have added to to cost/delayed the launch? I can't believe they were still making these in 1990! With cassette drives!
  2. Shame they don't do Elite ships, I would love an Asp Explorer.
  3. After getting no points over the Bank Holiday, I did not see a victory today at Accrington, especially not such an emphatic one. Moved us out of the relegation zone and did wonders for our goal difference. We've got Ipswich twice in the next few weeks and I'd settle for 0-0 draws each time.
  4. I've been trying to build that for my Retropie but the patcher doesn't like the ROM version https://github.com/originalgrego/FinalFightAE-Source
  5. Holy shit, what a CV! Was this the April Fool's edition? https://www.pressreader.com/uk/retro-gamer/20180222/281685435312402
  6. Ashley Cole has had a shocker tonight, this was his chance to stake a claim for the team but he's blown it. I can't imagine he'll be on for the Poland match.
  7. Wow that was tense. 1-0 up against fellow relegation battlers The Cobblers and the ref blows for a penalty in the 97th minute. Which our goalie saves! Still in the drop zone however, it would be a really good time for everyone else to start losing.
  8. Another draw, now we're bottom of the table. It looks like we'll be playing each other next year for a local derby if we don't win our games in hand. Not much chance of sharing our ground though because I think the London Broncos* have got there first. * Why 'Broncos'? Does London have some history of rodeos that I'm not aware of? There are thousands of more appropriate names!
  9. I agree actually, but I wouldn't have last night!
  10. Absolute disaster last night. We lost a longship, the rescue boat, the rescue rescue raft and all our bronze armour and weapons. And this was only in a swamp! It seemed much tougher than our previous swamps. Does the difficulty scales with how far from the start point you are? Our quest for iron is not going well, we've got 2 pieces of armour between 8 players.
  11. Has anyone built Final Fight Anniversary Edition for retropie MAME versions? 3 player Final Fight would go down a storm here.
  12. Yeah we could have done with you winning that one. Picked up a point at Shrewsbury, still in the drop zone though.
  13. That makes me think of Beavis and Butthead's review of Creep by Radiohead.
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