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  1. Our second home six-pointer against fellow bottom feeders in a row, this time Fleetwood Town. I’m hoping for a decent performance like Tuesday.
  2. They truly are the cuntiest team in the division, I can't wait for them to piss off back to the championship.
  3. Wow, that was tense. Started well but conceded a weird unlucky first goal teed up by a deflection. Then controlled the majority of the match, scored three but should have been more, then another Crewe goal ensured a very nervy few minutes, not helped by getting a red card and 8 minutes of stoppage time. Can't argue with 28 shots, 3 points and moving another place up in the table.
  4. It's a massive one for us tonight. Only 2 points above the dropzone and we're playing Crewe who are bottom; annoyingly they've just had a player back from injury and have actually started winning games. It's going to be a night of type-2 "fun" I believe.
  5. I think the official term is the "patrimony". Well I can think of somewhere else to stick it after reading this!
  6. Well we were never going to keep them out with 3 of our first choice defenders out. Sounds like a credible performance at least.
  7. I’m not expecting anything from our trip to Pompey today. The mood at the club is on a bit of a downer at the moment after our loses to Cambridge, Sutton and narrow victory over Guiseley. It seems like a long time since the delirium of a new stadium and exciting attacking play at the start of the season. Its got so bad that the manager and CEO have had to put out a statement pointing out how young the squad are and how negative comments can affect them https://www.afcwimbledon.co.uk/news/2021/november/a-heartfelt-message-to-every-wimbledon-supporter/ Its a shame because we generally had quite an understanding fan base but maybe expectations were raised too high earlier this year. Of course the dickheads that it’s aimed at defend their right to criticism even if it means worse performances.
  8. artz

    Cricket Thread

    Look at the state of this letter sent to Ebony Rainford-Brent
  9. Exeter have to replay their match against Bradford because they brought on a sixth sub in extra time . What a cock up by the manager and officials.
  10. Stockport Bolton was a cracking game. A proper cup tie.
  11. I played Fez for the first time last year and I thought it was excellent.
  12. I can’t see England losing it from here
  13. My Nan had a friend called Elden.
  14. Wait until you see the reception that that Cyberpunk remaster gets!
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