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  1. More Star Wars is usually bad.
  2. I've had a quick look at differences between Super Bomberman 2 vs Bomberman 93. (Speed & power glove pickups, adjustable COM level, 4 players) vs (bomb line pickup, 5 players). I wonder why there were only 4 players until the 3rd edition on the SNES. I would guess that they were stuggling for CPU cycles rather than limiting for gameplay reasons. Interestingly there is a debug CPU monitor in SBM2 using Action Replay code C100BF01.
  3. I'd guess they are talking about the Mist (which came from the Minimig) and it's successor the Mister.
  4. Holy shit, look at the US Box art Serious game
  5. Thanks all, it prompted me to do some digging. For simple matches PCE Bomberman supports 5 players and looks like the best bet. For a few more options it looks like Mega and PCE 94 are the same except the PC Engine supports 5 players. Mounts but no special character moves or player throwing or that sort of guff. Seems like SNES is not the way to go which suprised me, I had it in my head that they were the definitive versions (except Saturn which will remain a distant dream!). Next question: which battle stage? Personally I can't stand anything ot
  6. In our house Bomberman in Battle mode has proven a big hit recently and we seemed to have settled on Super Bomberman 2. We have a translated version of SBM4 and like the 5-player mode and graphics, but it feels like they've added too much with the custom moves, eggs, and player throwing all detracting from the classic bombing action. It's not just me (who was a fan of Dynablaster on Amiga back in the day), the young 'uns also agree. I've yet to patch SBM3 to see if it's a happy medium. How do you prefer it, simple or maximalist? We're playing on a Raspberry Pi so sadly have
  7. I think they should have aimed more for Resident Evil and less for Destiny. I can't see any reason why not to.
  8. Just finished this. I'd say it was pretty good and nearly great. I found the start extremely creepy. It was nicely building up with some unnerving concepts and an oppressive atmosphere, but sadly the tension seemed to get undermined by the 'gaminess' (enemy levels & health bars, disassembling upgrades for resources) getting more prominent as things went on. I'm not sure the side quests added anything, although in fairness maybe some of them might have been DLC and not messed up the pacing of the game as it was originally released. I gave up halfway through the
  9. Sounds like Joey Barton and Ched Evans have been sacked by Fleetwood for fighting. How out of character! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/news/inside-joey-bartons-fleetwood-sacking-as-ched-evans-bust-up-proved-final-straw/ar-BB1ctOmd
  10. Anyone else bothered by the aliasing in the ‘EFL iFollow’ graphics? Unwatchable
  11. God I felt so dirty doing that last time.
  12. Pretty happy with a point away to Sunderland. I didn't watch it but apparently we were pushing for the win!
  13. Bloody hell, I thought we were doing badly with 2 defeats then another likely one at Sunderland tonight. I've been too moody to post here
  14. Has anyone tried the Ryzen hex edit hack (that works around Intel’s cunty compiler) yet?
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