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  1. Games that defined this generation Star Wars Battlefront 2 (pride and accomplishment) Sim City (always online) Avengers A Game (please kill me) Radical Heights (bandwagon simulator)
  2. I actually found that painful to watch for Roglic.
  3. 4-4, bloody hell that was exhausting listening
  4. Took the lead twice but got pegged back twice against the newly promoted Northampton. Frustrating, and could prove costly because I suspect they’re going to be one of our fellow relegation battlers.
  5. I suppose I have blanked out the existence of the 2080 non Super.
  6. Possible performance leaks? Not looking earth shattering but hard to tell without knowing the setup. https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-synthetic-and-gaming-performance-leaked
  7. I'm such a curmudgeon that I run the mame64 exe directly to get keyboard searching instead of browsing all the pretty artwork.
  8. Out on penalties to Oxford after 1-1 in standard time (no extra time). Disappointing, but much better than the 5-0 drubbing I witnessed on a freezing Tuesday night this February though.
  9. That’s the last graphics card that I bought brand new!
  10. £12.79 to pre order on Steam. Tempting! I hope they haven’t limited the frame rate to 60fps though.
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