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    Oculus Quest

    How do you do the suplex?
  2. Some great pressing against Lincoln last night, their passing was really wayward under pressure and the weather conditions. We didn't have our finishing boots on though to convert the 1 on 1s created though.
  3. Another RLLMUK derby tonight, how confident are you @Gigawatt and @filecore? I'm not massively confident myself, we had a great start to the season but our form dropped off recently. Hopefully Pressley is fit otherwise we'll have to start without a centre forward again seeing as Palmer is out for months.
  4. artz

    Oculus Quest

    Have any PC-only users taken the plunge of stripping out the Facebook requirements using Oculess https://github.com/basti564/Oculess ? I guess Oculus Virtual Desktop won't work, is https://alvr-org.github.io/ a decent replacement? I dunno why I'm bothering looking at all this, my room isn't getting any bigger.
  5. Quick, register NeoReset before someone else does.
  6. Absolutely gifted Burton a goal, then pushed well for the equaliser. Pretty gutting as they didn’t look like scoring anyway, but at least it ends the losing streak. Two weeks off now because of 3 national team call ups!
  7. artz

    Outer Wilds

    Bollocks to the ships log
  8. artz

    Outer Wilds

    Reading this thread makes me sad. I think I got pretty close to the end but then couldn't work out where to go. As it's so non-linear I don't know how to find the solution to the specific bit I'm missing in a guide without spoiling everything else that's left.
  9. I'm feeling a bit more nervous about our trip to Shrews after hearing big Ollie Palmer is out. It turns out he wasn't fit to play Arsenal after all and injured his calf. Our replacement target man Aaron Pressley (on load from Brentford) is ok but hasn't quite got the same presence yet.
  10. They put out a really decent squad and the first 15 minutes we were frighteningly outclassed. Shame we gave away the unnecessary penalty because we recovered a bit after that. Ramsdale didn't play. Saka looked absolutely unreal when he came on. He got a nice round of applause from us when he did as well.
  11. We’ve had some decent ones recently @neoELITE, Marcus Forss banged in 4 for Brentford last night, and of course Aaron Ramsdale who I’’d guess we’re facing tonight, but I get your point that they’re the exception. Anyway, on the train and surrounded by Chelsea fans.
  12. Well it's one up from the the EFL trophy! 45% of the ticket sales means it should be a decent chunk off the stadium debt. 30/1 seems good value if it is an Arsenal U23 side, their substitutes finishers should get them out of trouble though. Lol, thanks transfermarkt.com
  13. I'm hoping we dust ourselves off after the defeat to the temporary League 1 leaders () and put up a good fight against the almost-as-scary Arsenal tonight. We've not played them for a while! A few of our players who were last-minute withdrawals on Saturday seem to have miraculously recovered. There's a nice article about us in the Grauniad.
  14. Morecambe 3-4 AFC Wimbledon, another ridiculously high scoring match with us coming from behind. We don't know when we're beaten, but also don't know when we're winning! Goals are coming from all over the squad, and we actually look better without our top scorer last season (Pigott).
  15. First win at a populated Plough Lane yesterday, and to do it against bogey team Oxford and their ex-franchise arse of a manager was all the more sweet. It’s looking like this is going to be a good season after the last few which were a struggle. It’s looking so good that fans are worried how long our players are under contract.
  16. We're only opening one stand for our Papa Johnson's Paint Pizza Trophy match!
  17. artz

    Pokemon Go

    Can I have 3 new friends? PM your codes please. I need to prove I’m better than a child!
  18. On recent form I fancied us to get something from the Tractor Boys, but it wasn’t looking likely after their second went in. Thats when we actually started playing and the comeback was on.
  19. As @neoELITE predicted, niggly Gillingham played up to their strengths. I actually wailed when they got a scrappy deflected 97th minute equaliser. Apparently we played a nice musical selection including Fatty Bum Bum and Fatman Scoop for Evans at half time. I'm feeling pretty confident for the season though, we've play a different lineup each game and they've all looked good.
  20. Ha ha, fatty Evans is already notorious amongst our fans, I’m sure he’ll get an appropriate reception @neoELITE
  21. Really wish I could go back tomorrow night for Gillingham, only the 5 hour travelling time putting me off (that and it's sold out again). I keep remembering new things about Saturday like the most of the hardcore all being together in the standing terrace behind the goal apart from a small section who were right next to the away stand. I wonder if they bought season tickets there? Best match I've been to apart from playoffs.
  22. I went to our first proper home game (i.e. actually in Wimbledon) for 30 years yesterday and it was amazing. Old Plough Lane, had atmosphere but was ridiculously 'old school'. I remember standing in those cages you used to get at football grounds not being able to see a thing. Selhurst Park was a really horrible experience all round, Kingsmeadow was better but small and cramped and quite a trek from central London, and not much to do when you're in the area. Location wise Wimbledon is a great place to visit, a choice of stations and a full range of pubs from ropey as arseholes to swanky. Seeing a small gang of Bolton lads chanting 'you can stick you tennis up your arse' looking around Earlsfield made me realise how much new business the nearby places are going to get. I was chatting to a young guy who lives in the stadium ground flats and he said it's the first time he's seen Northeners for years. The actual stadium is nice, it feels small but compact with great views. The TV cameras don't really do it justice because they're in the main stand which is by far the most impressive, the other 3 are 'semi permanent' and will hopefully get upgraded in time. There are bars all over the stadium concourse in the mains stand and loads of street-food and beer trucks parked behind the others. The safe standing section in the South Stand really helps to atmosphere. The match was great, a real rollercoaster. Great to see Nightingale, who has been with he club since he was 8 years old get the first stadium goal. Bolton's penalty was handled ok but the crowd started getting a bit nervous when they took the lead. Their third just after half time seemed to spur The Dons on however. The crowd got behind the attacking and sustained pressure made the penalty seemed inevitable. Then the equaliser sent the crowd through the roof. Walking out I had ringing in my ears which won't help my tinnitus one bit. I'm feeling pretty good about the club now despite the shoestring budget. The team are young but have shown character and we've got a lot of good attacking options off the bench. The academy teams were handing out thank you letters to the fans. Doubling the capacity of our home matches will help balance the books, the matchday experience should lead to some new fans, and will hopefully spur on the team.
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