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  1. Closing ceremonies these days = giant cheesey nightclub for the departing athletes funded by poor saps sat in stands Dem butt cheeks
  2. England need 2 medals of any kind tomorrow to break their record. What chances have we got?
  3. Good article by the way " I once asked my good friend Didi Hamann what he considered the biggest difference between German and English football. He defined it to me as follows. “If an English player is booked in a World Cup semi-final, and it means he can’t play in the final, he starts crying on the pitch,” said Didi. “If it happens to a German, he puts it out of his mind and then scores the winning goal. One player is thinking about himself and the other his team.”" "Is Miroslav Klose one of the 11 best players in German football? I would argue not but he fits the system. If we had a player l
  4. 2002 probably? We were quite good in that as well. I liked Gary Neville's comments today - I'm glad someone said it. Yes England need a system in place from grassroots up to Senior level but we have to stop this copycat syndrome. 4 years ago the media called for tikkyfuckingtakka setup across the country and now they will call for a German approach.
  5. Gary Lineker just thanks Alan Hansen (retiring) and also said its been great working with you - and with you too Alan (Shearer) and didn't thank Rio. So is Shearer heading off to work with Chiles on ITV? Please hahaha.
  6. You're talking of Euro 2000. He's talking of World Cup 2002 where they bounced back from Euro 2000 and 5-1 loss in qualification to lose in the final only to a fantastic Brazil. +1 anyway
  7. The funny part is though that us English think that it was our triumphant 5-1 win that triggered the reboot - but it was their shite performance at Euro 2000 that did (such is our arrogance of course)
  8. Player of the tournament? Messi? Bwaaaa haaa ahaaaaaaa
  9. Why I love Germany - "2000 euros" we need to restructure - to fuck with it we want to win (14 years later ... despite getting to a final and 2 semis anyway) WORLD CHAMPS Why I hate us - "2000 euros, 2008 failure, 2010 world cup" - We need to restructure - we need to follow "flavour of the month" - we need to invest in coaching - we need to do this from grass roots up - we need to do this, do that. Days later.... "PREMIER LEAGUE RULES!" Meanwhile at the abandoned England military planning HQ a tumbleweed gets tangled in the answering phone system. Roll on 5 - 10 - 15 years - "We should do bett
  10. How good would it have been? Romero runs off celebrating the save. Refs watch vibrates. GOAL. Everyone goes crazy because nobody really knows the rules.
  11. I think they should drop the losers playoff. Means one loser becomes a double loser and hardly anyone is interested.
  12. Crappy crap my gut says that wont be a good final but big names so you never know
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